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Review: Traders Academy Club by Vladimir Ribakov

The Traders Academy Club is a Forex educational service with live trading webinars, signals, guest traders, daily market analytics, videos, downloads and trading career opportunities. It’s an all encompassing product that goes for $197 per year, and looks to help turn regular community members into real traders.

Owned and operated by Vladimir Ribakov, this long time trader has been a very active guru in the Forex marketplace for over 11 years. He is behind many different projects including Vladimir Forex Signals, my Forex club, SRS Trend Rider, Forex Triple B and Forex Crystalball. His company is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, and support can be contacted via


Traders Academy Club Review

The reason the Traders Academy Club spreads its focus over many different areas of Forex understanding, is because Vladimir wants his product to be “a one-stop shop for all of your trading needs.” The most popular aspect of the offering, is the live trading webinars that occur on a daily basis providing traders with Forex signals, and detailed analysis. The live trading sessions span 30 to 50 minutes, and breakdown the mechanics behind every single trade that they recommended during that time. Obviously, you want to be available during the webinar in order to take advantage of the trading opportunities, but if you miss it, you can still go into their media zone and review the data afterwards. The live webinars take place during European and American time zones exclusively, which makes the service inaccessible to traders in the Asian session at this point in time.


Vladimir Ribakov explains that the Traders Academy Club education center has thousands of trading videos, guides and tools for every level of trader. The website specifically states that “if you are completely new to the Forex market, we have everything you need to hit the ground running.” For experienced traders, the team has included hundreds of detailed reports that provide sample trades and explanations to help traders better identify trade setups.

In terms of strategy, the education is focused on technical analysis patterns


There is a section of the website that is labeled service. This section claims that Vladimir and other guest traders will demonstrate the best way to utilize his algorithmic trading programs:

  • Forex Triple B 2.0
  • SRS TrendRider 2.0
  • Forex CrystalBall
  • Du Trading

Vladimir goes on to explain that each of these Forex trading programs consistently scans the market for profitable trading opportunities. There doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to whether or not this collection of Forex software comes with the membership or not. Considering the Forex Triple B software goes for a one time payment of $297, I am leaning to the thought that these products will need to be purchased additionally. It would be good to see this information cleared up, because at the current price point of $197 per year the Traders Academy Club is quite affordable. Yet, if you are required to purchase 3 or 4 different systems at around $300 per copy in addition, then the affordability certainly comes into question.

Trading Results

Despite a breadth of knowledge, and quite a few trade examples, the Traders Academy Club doesn’t provide verified trading results. On top of the trade examples, the group also provides screenshots of trading statements from their clients, but they are missing a Myfxbook account or two.

In most cases, this is extremely detrimental, but with the large amount of information being provided by Vladimir and his team, I find it difficult to chastise the service completely.

It’s my recommendation that they provide some sort of verified trading results in the future in order to increase their level of transparency.

User Reviews

The client feedback for the Traders Academy Club is very positive. The website contains screenshots from Skype, emails, Facebook, their internal system and their FPA rating is 4.7 stars with 86 reviews.

Honestly, I don’t know how they have such incredible feedback, because most Forex products have competitors in fake reviews popping up left right and center in order to ruin reputations. Generally, anything around 3 stars is pretty solid in my eyes when it comes to FPA, so I’m certainly impressed by this 4.7.

Here is the most recent review:


For $197 per year, the Traders Academy Club provides a fully formed Forex service by a trader that has been serving the marketplace for a very long time. My preference is always automated trading, so this isn’t exactly for me, but for traders that are looking for a manual trading approach, that want to learn the markets, I think that this is worth a flyer.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments below the article now.

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Vladimir Ribakov’s Traders Academy Club is a live trading room, education center, signal service and more.

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  1. ribakov I know him for 4 years – he is professional crook

  2. Vladimir once claimed that he used an EA to verify that the trades initiated by Triple_B had a statistical edge.
    When asked to show his EA so I could verify the performance, he couldn’t show anything and claimed that an edge is only had by only taking specific trades that Triple_B Gives.

    Clearly if he made an EA, it would have the logic to take specific trades which proved to him a statistical edge. He wasn’t able to show this when asked.

  3. I’ve been looking at this lately wondering if anyone who’s used it has any thoughts they can share? I only trust readers of FRN, so that’s why I’m asking here!

  4. Hi there!

    Few Qs:

    Would you recommend this course above the rest you have reviewed? You seem quite impressed by Vladimir.
    In cons you have put no verified results. Is he generally respected within the community?
    Is there any other courses you would recommend for someone starting out?

    Also I was actually looking to join Falcon, but the comments, from supposed users of the product, on your review (more so than the review itself!!) left me very sceptical.



    • Hi Mike, yes many of those comments were clearly from the developer trying to sway opinions. I am impressed with the Traders Academy Club so far, but I would like to see this review breathe a bit, and get some more client feedback before I make a final judgement.

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