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Target Signals Review (Live Trading Signals)

Target Signals is a service that’s been providing trading alerts since 2011. They promise “accurate trading signals, independently verifid results and much more.” Today we will provide a full review, and let you know if the vendor is living up to their expectations.

According to the about us page, the team formed in New York city, made up of big data specialists and mathematicians. Despite being formed in New York, they are not located at Prudential Singapore PTE LTD | Guoco Tower, 1 Wallich Street, 078881 Singapore. Despite providing a fair amount of information about their vision, and history, they do not provide any detail about who they are. They should be a bit more transparent about each team member, so that we can verify their trading experience. Otherwise, we are going in blind, and simply trusting that they are telling us the truth. In the Forex market, this is a very difficult thing to do, as we have all been burned many times.

To get in touch with support, traders can email or phone +65 313 83 757.


Target Signals Review

The Target Signals website is professional, made up of many sections including performance numbers, testimonials, an about us page and more. They provide a handful of quick statistics, claiming that they’ve been in business over 9 years, offering over 10 signals per day with an 80+% success rate. We will analyze this a bit further in our results section of the review.

They also mention that their clients should “follow the trades of a professional.” This is noted multiple times on the website, which we find a bit strange given that they never introduce us to any of their trade analysts. The service comes across professional, but there is nothing to prove that it is, because we don’t get to meet any of the signal providers. This is common even with some of the best Forex signal providers, but we prefer to know who is sending us the signals. It doesn’t really feel like it’s much to ask either, given that they are charging upwards of $500 a month.


There appear to be a bunch of different Target Signals strategies available. The top 5 strategies include “the Pop ‘n’ Stop Trade,” “Momentum Rider,” “Trend Capture,” “Smart Violation Margin,” and “Range Trap.” While we are happy to see they have different approaches for traders to choose from, we would still like to know anything about them. The developer does not provide any in-depth detail about any of their methodologies.

If they want to compete in the signal market, they are going to have to provide more detail in general. This developer appears to only be skimming the surface. At this point, they provide no information about their strategy, and no information about the analysts proviidng the signals. This is a problem with other signal providers we’ve reviewed like MegaMind FX Signals, Easy FX Signals and Trade Pulse, but that’s no excuse. We expect more from Forex service providers.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Signals
  • Established: 2011
  • Price: $199-$499/month
  • Strategy: Multiple strategies
  • Trading Time: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 9-36 Depending on plan

At a price point of anywhere from $199-$499 per month, the Target Signals service is one of the most expensive that we’ve ever come across in this market. In fact, the best trading systems we utilize cost around $199 for lifetime access.

The price goes up, based on the plan you choose. The starter plan is $199 per month, offering a single trade session with 9-12 signals per day. The premium plan is $349 per month, offering two trade sessions with 18-24 signals per day. Lastly, the ultimate plan is $499 per month, offering three trade sessions with 27-36 signals per day. There are other benefits to the premium and ultimate plans as well, including personal trading feedback and exclusive long term Forex signals.

Trading Results

The Target Signals performance page provides a monthly PDF file that shows how the signals have been performing all the way back to 2011. The numbers are very impressive, but despite the developers promise of “independently verified results,” that is not what they are providing. The results they show us are simple PDF’s, that are not verified by any third party. The vendor can easily be cherry picking trades, or just fabricating all of the numbers, as nobody is holding them accountable.

If they want to truly provide verified results, they should upload their accounts to Myfxbook. This takes less than 5 minutes, and would give them the credibility that they aim to achieve.


While we appreciate the professional aesthetic, and 9+ years of service, we aren’t willing to jump on board with Target Signals at this time. We really need to see improvements in their overall transparency. They need verified results, explanations about their strategy and introductions to their professional trade analysts. Until all these boxes are checked, we will not be able to recommend this service to the Forex Robot Nation readers.

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Target Signals $199-$499/month
  • Price
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Target Signals is a Forex signal service claiming to have 6 months of trading history without a single losing day.

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Dedicated account manager
6 months without a losing day
Short term signals


Little strategy insight
No verified results

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