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Signals Review: Pipster FX

Pipster FX is a new service promising “profitable signals you need.” The offer has some pretty aggressive claims, saying they’ve had 100% profitable months, with a guarantee of 300 pips per week. In fact, they promise that if they don’t make 300 pips in a week, or 500 pips in 3 weeks, then they will extend your membership free of charge. With claims like these, it is important that we provide a full review, to let you know what is true, and what is false.

The website was first launched on July 26th, 2018. The vendor provides no information about where they are located, or who they are outside of dropping a single name “Mrs. NekykovaFX” which seems more like an alias. They mention in the FAQ that they have expert trade analysts with over 10 years of experience, but do not introduce us to those analysts. For transparency sake, this information should be provided to the community, especially when it comes to signal services.

To get in touch with support, traders can email via a contact form on the website.


Pipster FX Review

The Pipster FX website is slick, professional and aesthetically pleasing. Yet, it is lacking in terms of content. The vendor provides very little detail about the service and leaves a lot of information to our imaginations, which generally isn’t a good sign. The best Forex signals in this market, usually come from vendors that are verbose and transparent.


The vendor claims to utilize a strategy based on market moving mechanisms, market flow analysis and inter-market analysis. They use this approach to provide 5-7 low risk trade setups on a daily basis. The minimum target per trade is 20 pips for short term exists, and 100 pips for long term exits.

Signals are sent exclusively for the EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD and USDCAD currency pairs.

The Pipster FX strategy is not discussed in any real detail outside of the few vague buzz words that we reiterated in the first paragraph. We expect more, especially when their competitors like AIMS Stress Free Trading, and Perfect Trend System give much more detail.

Hopefully they can provide some trade samples in the near future with analysis to give us a better idea of their overall methodology.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $45-110 per month
  • Strategy: Market flow analysis
  • Signal Frequency: 5-7 per week

The Pipster FX pricing model makes absolutely no sense. According to the website, they have a 1 month plan for $45 per month, a 3 month plan for $75 per month and a 6 month plan for $110 per month. This is likely a typo of some sort, but it’s hardly professional.

With each package traders get access to telegram alerts, 4-7 signals per day, 1-3 targets per trade, 1500-200- pips per month and money management tips.

Signals are sent 9AM-11AM GMT +3. So make sure you don’t purchase this signal service if that’s in the middle of the night in your country.

Trading Results

Much to our disappointment, the Pipster FX team does not provide any trading results. This makes it incredibly difficult to believe in any of their guarantees.

If they truly hit their expectations of 300 pips per week, there would be nothing stopping them from showing us these numbers, and even using them to sell their service.

This is a major red flag, and one that needs to be resolved quickly, if this group wants to compete in the hyper competitive Forex signals market.


The Pipster FX signal service comes across as professional initially, but it’s not without its warts. There is a real overarching lack of transparency, whether that be via their lack of trading results, vague strategy or unknown trading analysts. Most of the elements we find negative can be easily resolved, and it’s up to the vendor to do so, before we consider this a viable service.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please comment now.

Pipster FX $45-110 per month
  • Pricing
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Pipster FX is a Forex signal service that promises up to 7 trades per week.

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Slick website
Big guarantees


No results
Mistakes on website
Vague strategy insight

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  1. This is my honest review after using their service for 3 months.

    From what I had see is they are faking their results. Every signal come with 3 layers targeting 20 pips, 50 pips, and 100 pips. They will show all winning TP’s but for lost signal, they will show only for single layer.

    For example, a signal with stop lost of 50 TPs.
    Results for winning will be TP 20, TP 50 & TP 100 = +170 TPs
    If lost, they will show -50 TPs. It should be -150 TPs

    In conclusion, they performed 60-70% from their advertised results. However, 1000-2000 TP’s weekly is guaranteed which is still better than other service. So no harm to try and I have no problem to renew my subscription with them.


  2. this service is bad …
    in inflate their result and mask some losses.
    I use their service gratui…

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