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Signals Review: PipPhenes

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex signal provider that centers their products around setups, advice, insight, support and education, PipPhenes. Despite offering a multitude of different products and platforms, the website is surprisingly thin of content and material, which makes it difficult a review, and determine any potential viability. Regardless, I will do my best to look through the information provided, let you know if this is a professional service or just someone sitting in their mom’s basement.

According to the about me page, the creators of this service have 25 years of combined experience in the Forex marketplace. They propose that they care about their members, and this makes them different from many of the other signal providers in this market space. Yet, there is no real information about the traders themselves, so it’s hard to verify if they have any experience or not. As for the location, the main headquarters are located at 714 California Ave, Venice, CA 90291, USA. Support can be contacted via, or the contact form on the contact page.


PipPhenes Revieww

The developers of the PipPhenes signal service take a hard line when it comes to their impressions of the Forex market, and “want to be a refreshing new vision of what this industry has to offer.” They believe that the best way about going about this initially, is by offering traders premium trading signals sent via Telegram. Depending on the market, the signal providers send anywhere between 1 to 10 signals per day, in every session, utilizing every single pair available.

One of the more impressive details about their signal service, is the fact that they provide traders with insight on each alert provided. The only issue here, is that the vendor has not provided us with an example, or an explanation of what type of insights are provided. I’m going to assume that the developers provide traders with analysis on the trade, and what to look for as the trade plays out, but again that’s just an assumption.

We do know that the developers provide a stoploss and take profit on every trade, while promising an average weekly return of 900 pips. This is a pretty aggressive claim, which is quite common in the Forex signal marketplace, as I’ve noticed in my recent reviews of Pips Alert, and FX Profit Signals.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $97-$497
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

Another similarity between the PipPhenes signal provider, and many of my other recent reviews lately, is the real lack of strategic methodology. While the vendor makes promises of insight in the main headlines of the website, they failed to provide this insight on the signal services themselves. I’ve emailed the development group requesting more information on their strategy, and hopefully this is responded to an added to their website in turn.

There are currently 4 options available for traders interested in signing up with the PipPhenes signal service. A one month license is going for $97, a 3 month license for $180, a six-month license for $297, and a 12 month license for $497.

PipPhenes Trading Results

With very little information provided about the development team, and the trading strategy, there is a lot of pressure for the PipPhenes service to provide stellar trading results. Much to my disappointment, this isn’t really the case. I do commend the team for putting together an Instagram account where trading screenshots are posted regularly, but it’s very difficult to work through these disjointed images and get a clear picture of the service. With this type of method, it’s easy for the vendor to cherry pick the winning trades, and cut out the losers. Keeping this in mind, here are a handful of the claims being made by the signal service provider.

  • 3000 plus pip weeks
  • Average 900 pips per week
  • 50% gain weeks
  • Just under 90% accuracy
  • 5200 members

I’m not saying that this vendor is unscrupulous, or trying to deceive the community, but without the use of statement sharing services like Myfxbook or FX Blue, we can’t ever rule out this possibility. As is frequently the case in my reviews, my number one recommendation to this signal service provider, is that they start using statement sharing services to verify their trading accounts, and give us the transparency we deserve.

Pro Trader Course

Aside from the signals, the PipPhenes team also provide traders with an 11 module e-course at $297, built to help teach any level of trader to become profitable. There is also very little information about this service. We are told that there is 2 GB of content to learn from, which includes videos, readings, examples, charts, group chats and illustrations.

Surprisingly, there is no specific detail about any of the 11 modules, and there are no customer reviews available either.


I’m not exactly sure where to land when it comes to the PipPhenes services. On one hand, they come across as very professional with many different products, including peripherals like sweatshirts and cell phone cases. On the other hand, they offer very little detail about their products and services, which makes signing up with them a bit of a gamble.

I hope that you will leave a comment or review with your experiences, so that I can get a better grasp of how the service works, and what we can expect from a signal provider with over 5200 clients.

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  2. Pipphenes I don’t have anything experience what is it ? I can’t believe that there team who is reliable for product accurate signals because, as before one’s cheated me and my money has stealed as scamer why? Because. I believed him and He only took my money and gave me signals wich blowed my real account balance. Now how about this one’s forex signals provider the pipphenes?

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