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Signals Review: Copy Trade Profit FX

Copy Trade Profit FX is a Forex signal service that promises to provide “fast, premium and real-time trading alerts.” They believe that the best way to trade is by copy a team of professional traders that have over 6 years of experience “making consistent profits from the Forex markets.” This group of traders claim that they are in the perfect position to help you achieve your goals and grow your trading accounts.

Thee CTP team tell us that they are a group of traders with several years of experience in the financial industry. They utilize their knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis to provide accurate trading signals. Yet, despite their claims, they don’t really provide any actual information about their identity, location or trading history. Ideally, we would like to know much more about who they are, because the success of the client is directly tied to the success of the trade analyst.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email or phone +447724221682.


Copy Trade Profit FX Review

There are 3 reasons why the development team believes that traders should choose the Copy Trade Profit FX service. Their simple pricing, professional service, and secure payments. These are common reasons that many Forex signal providers utilized, so it doesn’t exactly set them apart from their competitors.

The website itself is middle-of-the-road. It fails to provide much detail about the service, and lacks professionalism especially in their Instagram section as it’s only loading a few of the images. Our first impression is mediocre, and it’s likely that this service won’t qualify for our best Forex signals rankings.


In terms of strategy, the Copy Trade Profit FX team makes lose mention of fundamental and technical analysis. These are two very common approaches, but they are very broad and the vendor fails to provide much intricate detail about either.

They do tell us that they use “numerous amounts of data to assure the best direction within the market.” They use business fundamentals, technical analysis to provide “pinpoint entry and exit points within the financial markets.”

It’s clear that the vendor is trying to tell us something, but they are taking a vague approach, and not giving us any real information about their methodology. This type of approach is very common in the Forex signal market as you can see in our most recent reviews of Easy Forex Pips and BulletProof Traders.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: £50 – £75
  • Strategy: Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  • Signal Frequency: 2-8 per day

There are two different packages available for traders interested in signing up with the Copy Trade Profit FX service. The premium package goes for £50 per month, offering to do a alerts per day, and averages 600 pips profit per week, updates throughout the day, traders worldwide, stoploss and take profit levels. The VIP package goes for £75 per month, offering 1 to 8 alerts sent daily, lot size advice, larger take profit targets, chart analysis, updates, worldwide trades, stoploss and take profit levels.

The vendor claims that the VIP package provides more signals that the premium package despite the fact that claiming that the VIP package provides 1-8 alerts per day when the premium provides 2-8. This is a little bit confusing, and not line with their discussion points.

Client Feedback

There are currently 14 reviews available for the Copy Trade Profit FX service, with an overall rating of 2.1. Based on reading through the reviews, it does seem as if the majority of the positive reviews are fake, and the negative reviews are much more realistic in their detail as well as overall length.

Here is one of the most recent reviews from a disappointed client that has left multiple 1 star reviews for the service.

Trading Results

The vendor doesn’t provide any trading results outside of a few phone screenshots uploaded to the Copy Trade Profit FX Instagram account. This type of trading result is unverified, unproven and generally not the type of trading result anyone should be relying on in 2019.

If the vendor wants to claim they are making 600 pips per week, they need to provide a verified Myfxbook account, to prove that they are doing so. They need to do much more in terms of trading results, and much more in terms of transparency.


As it stands, we won’t be able to recommend the Copy Trade Profit FX signal service at this time. While the promise of 600 pips profit per week is hard to pass up on, the negative client feedback and lack of verified trading results makes it very difficult to believe that the vendor is being truthful with their claims.

If you have anything else you would like to add to the review, please leave your experiences and remarks below the article now.

Copy Trade Profit FX £50 - £75
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Copy Trade Profit FX is a Forex signal service providing up to 8 signals per day.

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2-8 signals per day
Worldwide trading hours
SL / TP provided


No verified results
Unsubstantiated promises
Bad client feedback

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  1. hi Rick iv encountered the same problems that you have. Have you come across someone else better that you can recommend

  2. hi.
    how are you

    i want good signal forex

  3. They are famous for horrible Risk Reward Ratio, cold customer service and poor attention to details, when it comes to client service.
    I don’t know how many times a month they will contact me to ask me for a proof of payment, when I’ve already provided it several times. It’s like they either have too many clients and can’t keep up, or don’t keep records.

    Most of their trades will be sent out when price is LITERALLY at TP1 level, or 2-4 pips before it. Then, when it is hit, they will claim ”TP1 HIT” as it looks good to advertise. What you don’t see though is the 90-100 pips Stop Loss which is always 60-100 pips away. Horrible R:R.
    They will then claim that they have 80-90% Success rate, again on social medias, but what they don’t say is that one SL Hit will completely decimate your account, compared to those small gains that certainly won’t matter. They obviously only advertise their TP hits on social medias via Screenshots to attract new customers.

    Speaking of which, most of the screenshots they advertise on Instagram are from clients who use INSANE OVERLEVERAGE – talking Several Standard lots on a $1000 account. This one guy runs $2500 in profits, good for him, CTP will claim ”You don’t need a big account to profit with us” and share that, with that caption. But the hundreds who blew their accounts trying the same methodology won’t be advertised, obviously.

    I didn’t have a positive experience with them. I find them ”flashy” and ”fxlifestyle”. Promoting a dream rather than proper education and risk management. They do, however, provide Instagram Live sessions at times with very little education, which is very quickly replaced by selling the service and showing how to subscribe.

    I had been with them for a while, and I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me.

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