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Signals Review: Blue Mind FX

Blue Mind FX is a Forex signal provider that promises to average 300-500 net pips per week. Along with the signal service, members get access to an exclusive group chat where traders share “ideas, charts, analysis, education and so much more.” Today will be providing a full analysis, and letting you know if the vendor is living up to their promises, or can prove that they are truly hitting the numbers that they claim to be.

The company was first established on October 10th, 2018. Outside of this information, all we know is that the head trader is named Richard, who aims to “provide quality Forex signals at the lowest cost.” There are no details provided about Richard, so we have no insight into his trading history, or reliability when it comes to the Forex marketplace.

In order to get in touch with support, traders need to cite the service, and then that will get access to telegram. Richard claims to provide all the support on his own.


Blue Mind FX Review

It’s quite apparent that the Blue Mind FX signal service is a one-man outfit. This makes Richard from Eastern Canada, a trader who claims to have 4 years of trading experience extremely important to your personal success, if you are using the service. That being said, we do believe that Richard should provide much more information about his trading history, and provide examples so that we know more about this trading approach.

Signals are provided via telegram directly to your phone. While Richard doesn’t tell us when the signals are provided, we would have to assume that due to his Eastern Canada location, that he trades the New York session. This information would be valuable before signing up, but there doesn’t seem to be a contact page on the website before purchasing.

Trading Strategy

Richard doesn’t provide us with any real detail about the Blue Mind FX methodology.

All we are told, is that the signal service provides “between 1 to 4 signals every day, again, depending on market structure and opportunities.”

Obviously, we would like to see much more information than we are seeing, as the best Forex signal services in this market generally delve into much more detail.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $20/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 1-4 Per Week
  • Pairs: XAUUSD

So far, the best part of the Blue Mind FX service, is the low price of $20 per month. Richard advertises his signal service as one that is simple, and straightforward. While he may not be the most experienced trader on the market, he is not charging an exorbitant price. So, it’s worth noting that he is pricing himself adequately within the market.

This isn’t a recommendation, but it’s good to see that the vendor isn’t overvaluing what he brings to the table. This is rare, and not something we’ve seen recently in our reviews of Golden Option Trading and FX Premiere.

Trading Results

In terms of profits, the Blue Mind FX sales page aims to safely increase their clients trading accounts by 20% per week. This is a very aggressive claim, which is certainly in line with their other aggressive claim that the service averages 300 to 500 net pips per week. So, while Richard is honest with his pricing, he doesn’t seem to be as honest when it comes to trading results.

The reason we say this, is because the vendor provides no trading results. There is only one image of a trading screenshot from Aprtil 10th, 2019, where Richard won 8 XAUUSD in a row.

If this service wants to be taken seriously, they need to upload their trading statements to Myfxbook and prove that they can truly hit the numbers they are promising. A single screenshot from a few months ago just doesn’t cut it, even with the low price.


At this point in time, we simply are able to recommend Blue Mind FX to the Forex Robot Nation readers. While we do appreciate the simple nature of the website, and the $20 per month price, but these aspects don’t make up for the lack of transparency when it comes to trading results. All we request, is that Richard uploads his trading statements, so we can see the signals that he is providing. When this is completed, we will reconsider our position in this review.

If you have anything you would like to add, please do so now.

Blue Mind FX $20/month
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Blue Mind FX is a Forex signal provider providing up to 4 signals per week.

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Low monthly price
Dedicated owner


No trading results
4 years trading experience
No strategy insight

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  1. Hello,

    No one answered my comment, so here I go in wider details:
    The first amendment I’d like you to do is that people need to cite my service to contact me. This is not true. Anyone (ANYONE) can contact me on Several Platform (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Even by Text Message from my telegram profile to contact ME directly. I do not hire admin assistants, I do the entire support myself. And I do it well, and swiftly.

    Furthermore, I do believe that my website was incomplete and I thank you for the review as it allowed me to amend a few things on it, such as strategy, and more details about myself.

    The pricing you have mentioned is correct,
    HOWEVER, the signals I send are not to the count of 1-4 Weekly, but up to 5 DAILY. This is clearly advertised on all my platforms, including the website you reviewed.

    My pricing includes the signals, charts, analysis, access to an active group chat (made of members, and myself) where we all communicate together, share ideas, discuss news events and much more. The value, as you claim it is, is good. Thank you for that.

    Now when it comes to trading results, I do agree that I’ve never linked MyFXbook. This will be done very shortly.
    The results of my trades are evidently absorbed by myself and the clients who subscribe to my service. They share several screenshots to my ”Trading-Results” channel under discord, both good and bad. These are available to anyone who subscribes to the service (or upon demand, where I can forward them to you).

    Regardless, thank you for the review. I’m proud of my work, I’m proud of Blue Mind FX. And you can communicate with me anytime for any clarifications.


  2. Hi! Thank you so much for the review.

    Hit me up on Instagram or Telegram – I’ll gladly answer questions you may have.

    While I appreciate the review, I do believe it is incomplete. I’d love to provide answers to the questions which remain unanswered, such as results, strategy and such.

    Best regards,

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