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Signals Review: Golden Option Trading

Golden Option Trading is advertised as a VIP Forex signal service, where all traders need to do is “copy, paste and profit.” It’s a catchy little tagline, and it’s accompanied by an emoji of a smiley face with money in his eyes, so you know it must be serious. Okay, all jokes aside, today we will provide you with a full analysis of the service, and let you know if they are providing enough verifiable data, to prove that their signals truly work or not.

The golden option team is located at 3200 Desserte S Autoroute 440, Laval, QC, Canada, H7T 2S4. The members of the team are introduced which is a good sign. The main way to get support seems to be through telegram @hustle_mindset.


Golden Option Trading Review

According to the signal providers at Golden Option Trading, over 90% of traders fail, but all of their students “are in the top 10%.” Whether this is just marketing, or not, it is a very aggressive claim, and one we would like to see proof of. The vendor does provide many video testimonials from clients, but all of these testimonials are either coming from their website or hosted on their YouTube channel, so they aren’t exactly from a third-party source.

Our extensive research, found they do provide Google reviews as well. This is helpful, and most of the best Forex signal providers, do have a fair amount of outside reviews. The reputation for this vendor is still new, but growing.


The Golden Option Trading signal service is managed by NickFX10 (we removed the twitter link, due to a complaint from the owner). A trader who focuses on medium-term periods, with a swing trading methodology promised to “bring home an average of about 800 to 1200 pips monthly.”

There is a strategy video, which we haven’t seen, but apparently it elaborates on the approach in much more detail. We will analyze this in the future.

In terms of the provider, the team doesn’t have an extensive reputation in the Forex marketplace, but it is a positive that we are provided access to a real person. At least this way, we know who is behind this service, and then we can make our determinations from there. This is better than signal providers that don’t provide any information about their traders.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $100/month
  • Strategy: Swing Trading
  • Signal Frequency: 4-10 Per Week

There are currently 3 plans available for traders interested in the Golden Option Trading signals. Each plan is essentially the same, with what it had signals per week, signals sent and all sessions, and an average 200 pips per week promise. The only difference, is the length of term and the associated price. The one month package goes for $100, 3 months goes for $200, and a lifetime membership goes for $997. With the lifetime membership, the signal service comes with a full Forex course as a bonus, but this bonus is not explained in any detail.

Trading Results

With promises of 200 pips per month, we expect much more from the Golden Option Trading team when it comes to trading results. As it stands, the only trading results provided are screenshots of Myfxbook accounts, and trades in the MT4 app on someones phone. None of these results show an extended sample size, and only one of the images shows any activity in 2019.

Vendors who rely on Myfxbook screenshots are very hard to trust. With the types of screenshots they are providing, they could easily be taking these images from anyone’s account, and just claiming it as their own.

The only way we can truly trust any of these results, is if the vendor upload their personal trading statements to their own Myfxbook account. This action literally takes under 15 minutes to complete, so there is no reason why the vendor can’t do that for us. This is the same request we have for many providers as you can see in our recent reviews of FX Premiere, and FXStrikes.


There are some compelling reasons to sign up with the Golden Option Trading service, but they are lacking in the one area which is most important, and that’s the trading results. While the majority of the website is professional and well put together, the trading results section provides zero transparency, and comes with more questions than answers. We won’t be able to recommend the service, until they upload their trading statements and truly give us a transparent look at their trading history.

If you have anything else you would like to contribute, please leave your questions and comments below the article now.

Golden Option Trading $100/month
  • Pricing
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Golden Option Trading is a Forex signal provider that sends all their trade alerts through the telegram app.

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Good support
Forex signals via telegram
Simple trading process


No verified results
Little insight into trading methodology
Can’t find real user testimonials

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  1. I paid $200 for their trade copier service. Within 1 weeks trading they had blown over half my account. There was only 1 winning trade.

  2. Hello,
    What’s the update on the Golden Option Trading review? Is it legit or not?

    • Aburto Pedrassani

      Of course not dude. How can they be legit if they aren’t even certified nor registered on the AMF Québec?

  3. joined them this week. Lost 2 trades and on my way to loosing another one. Wish there was a refund. They sent a signal today gbp aud sell at 1.90 when it was already at 1.75!! they have 3 TP so 3 SL and they count only one time when it reaches SL. Will update here at the end of the month.

  4. Any updates on this review?

  5. Please who can I contact about this reviews. I am co-owner. You clearly not do your proper research. We have 37 positive reviews om Google and 150+ results and review at GoldenOptionTrading.Com/Reviews….We also have a trading log with all our signals results at

    Why are you claiming all of this without proper research.

    Every single signals is re-posted in the free channel and we make a weekly recap video covering all the trades took.

    You did not mentions the fact that we are given a free course and a 67% discount on the first month.

    You are also talking about the facts we don’t tell who is behind the brand…And we don’t on the sales page because at this point…. People that got there know us from our social Media. Please this review is border line ridicule and I am willing to get on the phone or skype or whatever to talk about this.

    Also Sam ovens is a successful entrepreneur owner of Consulting.Com . I have invested close to 10,000$ in his program and our webpage template came from his program. We might have forgot to change a footer link… Which commenly happen.

    Talk with me and help be more transparent. I take this review very hard and I will do my best to not have reviews like this again but make this right as much As I want to and let me show you some things you might have missed.

    • I appreciate your feedback Joe.

      Thank you for pointing out some aspects we have missed in our review.

      That being said, the trading results you provided are not verified. Please upload your trading results to Myfxbook, and then we can consider improving that rating.

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