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Robot Review: Scalper EA

Today I’m looking at a newer trading robot built to earn 50 – 5000% growth per month, Scalper EA. The EA utilizes stop loss, trailing stop loss and take profit on every order that it executes. Traders are given the option to pay monthly, or buy a lifetime license. It’s unknown who the developers are of this system, and where their …

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Indicator Review: FX Heavy Hitter

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex trading product by Dan Knight, FX Heavy Hitter. Dan claims to be a 41-year-old managing director of a hedge fund in New York who now believes that he’s mastered the hidden logic of the Forex trading markets. I’m not sure why a hedge fund director would have any advanced Forex trading knowledge, and that …

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TulipFX Review: Rocket EA

Today I’m looking at new trading software developed by TulipFX, Rocket EA. The last time I reviewed a trading system from this company was all the way back at the beginning of 2011, so it’s quite nostalgic to be back at it again. It’s certainly a pleasant surprise to see any company still kicking in the Forex robot market. So …

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Robot Review: FX Maximal EA

Today I’m looking at a new trading robot that’s focused on bringing traders stable profits, FX Maximal EA. This trading system is built to make the right decisions on behalf of the trader. The developers believe that this is a quick and efficient solution for every person who wants to make money easily as the robot is “pure magic in …

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EA Review: Trading Manager Pro

Today I’m looking at an interesting opportunity for Forex traders to build their own strategies with Trading Manager Pro. According to the developers of the software, they provided over 1000 customizable strategies that can all be automated and used as a Forex robot. The software also comes with default settings, and built-in strategies of other robots that can be picked …

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Forex Review: Signal Steps

Today I’m looking at a new Forex trading system promising to beat the Forex market 93% of the time, Signal Steps. The developer of this service is Lance Hunter, and his system is built to grow traders accounts exponentially using a simple rubber band strategy. It’s built for any level of trader, even the risk averse and there is a …

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EA Review: Forex Major Bot

Today I’m reviewing the latest expert advisor from Anna Monti, Forex Major Bot. This new trading system comes with a profit statement of over $12,000, auto money management and auto profit trailing. Anna believes that this, her latest robot is capable of providing stability and increased accuracy. Anna is always extremely busy creating new trading systems, so I’ll be sure …

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Robot Review: TSFX EA

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex robot that utilizes a mathematical two–martingale algorithm, TSFX EA. While martingale is inherently risky, the developers feel that they have implemented a way for traders to escape the dreaded drawdown. “The internal martingale operates to maximize profits, depending on the percentage of the established risk, the external martingale equalises and limits the internal martingale …

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MT4 Review: Forex Analyser

Today I’m looking at a new automated chart analysis tool that provides traders with effective signals, Forex Analyser. The software is built to automatically analyze “using technical indicators and price action patterns to assist you with your trading.” Traders are alerted by either a popup window, an email, or an SMS alert when a trading signal is available. There is …

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Maria Maxxus Review: Forex JokerBot

Today I’m looking at a new automated trading software that took “a few months of hard work” to develop, Forex JokerBot. This is from a new developer, Maria Maxxus, who launched a landing page for Forex traders in October 2016. I’ll make sure to go over this new developer in detail, and let you know everything that you need to know. …

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