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Robot Review: Prince FX EA

Today I’m looking at a new automated trading robot that’s built to work with all brokerages on the MT 4 platform, Prince FX EA. The software is built to be compatible with all currency pairs and commodities, even gold, silver and oil. There are quite a few questions being asked about the EA, so I’ll be providing a detailed analysis and review to answer every single one of them.

The company is located in Islamabad Pakistan, but we are not given the full address to their offices. Traders can get in touch with the development team by emailing, calling +60-102758026, or messaging them via their Facebook page.

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Prince FX EA Review

The creators of the Prince FX EA software tell us that “consistency in profit,” is one of the most important aspects of their system. They believe that because of the advanced features they’ve implemented, that they have no issue in providing a high profit in return on investment for their clients. While this is all well and good, there is very little information about the strategy, or the affirmation features that are supposed to be the key to unlocking the consistent profits.

The closest the developers come to giving us any insight about their methodologies, is that they are FIFO compliant, and that the software works with all brokers. There seems to be a shroud of secrecy around many aspects of the system, and in their trading results as well, which I will get to in a bit.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $2500
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: Any

So, it looks like we are faced with another automated trading system with an exorbitant price tag. What the creators are dubbing as the Prince FX EA starter plan, is going for $2500 and provides traders with 20 live accounts and unlimited demo accounts. This is a really odd way of selling an expert advisor. As far as I’m concerned, the developers of this system should be selling one or 2 live licenses at a time at a much lower price. The majority of traders in the Forex robot market are not interested in running 20 live accounts.

The price increases to $3900 with 40 live accounts, $5900 with 80 live accounts, and $9900 with unlimited live accounts. Again, I have no idea who would want this many live accounts, and this doesn’t fit the markets needs very well at all.

Trading Results

The Prince FX EA creators provide us with one Myfxbook account, and a video of a back test. They don’t provide the actual back test, just a video.

As for the vendor Myfxbook account, it’s showing a 90,000% gain, but the absolute gain shows a loss of -1743%. This account is a very strange, as the trading privileges are not verified, and even the entire history is set to private. It’s hard not to believe that the vendor is trying to hide something with this account, because it comes across as too good to be true. Also, I would like to know how it’s possible for the gain to be so large, while having the absolute gain at a loss.

There is a big part of me that feels like we just can’t trust of this account.

Client Feedback

On the sales page, we are told that the Prince FX EA currently has 1000 clients, but for some reason there aren’t any client reviews of the software anywhere online. There are a handful of reviews on the vendor website, but these can easily be fabricated by the developer.

If this system truly has 1000 clients, there would be a lot more information about it online, including actual client feedback.


Even after completing the review, I still have a lot of questions about the Prince FX EA, and what it has to offer the market. In my findings, it is quite apparent that the trading results are coming across as too good to be true and this only creates more questions, instead of providing answers. There seems to be a real shroud of secrecy around this product, and this is frequently the case with systems that are doing something illegal or untoward. Hopefully we get more information on the system, and some comments from real clients that help answer some of these questions that we need answered before even considering the system.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Wow the most of the Systems in MyFxbook are getting a very high Drawdown. Also the Owner of the System Deleting always bad reslults out so you see always that accounts there are not broken. i didnt buy it.but the system at all i think so is a very risky way to earn money because once the trend isnt change you will broke the account . i saw some YouTube vids where where the ea was adding higher lots if the trend dont change. thank you all for youre comments so i personally will not buy this ea i think they are better ea out there.

  2. I purchased the ea on october 2017, it is a grid system but the time to recovery the grid cicle can take too long if your account is small (500 usd). the prince fx ea team tell you at first you can operate the ea with small account but i could see it is wrong because if you operate with small account the ea wont open all its features like “the multiplier” but this the ea team doesnt tell you. I think the ea team must to tell exactly how the ea works and the conditions to take in account.

    i operated THREE accounts with 500 usd each one with THREEE pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD) and i losse all the money in December when the USD was very weak.

    To operate with this ea you must to know the operations can take much much months to be closed if operate with small accounts

    • Dear Sir

      Thank you for your valuable output about PRINCE FX EA. Just to say sorry about your comment, as you said above that you had operated the EA on three Accounts $500 having three pairs set with the EA. This is also very strange that we no where in the installation guide recommend three pairs to be run on such a small account, that means when you do not follow the instructions given by the Creator of the System, then it happens. Otherwise there is no point for this to happen. You may claim for the refund incase if you think that everything was ok at your end and the problem was only with the system. Please read the refund policy and send us the required details in order for us to review your case.

      Thank you

  3. This robot is a 100 % scam tried to refund they say i needed a clean new account i would never purchase something like this again Forex steam is my future income when i loose my job.

    wish i put it on my 10 k account then

    • Dear Mr. Daniel

      We are sad to see you posting irresponsible comments and considering our EA as scam. First of all our Team is going to suspend your license and you will be no more able to use PRINCE FX EA in future.

      Secondly we have responded in details about the reason behind your losses, you didn’t started with a fresh trading account with our EA, and did not manage the risk, did not follow the instructions properly, you withdrew an amount form your account while there were many positions running, which is totally out of mind, We advise all our clients not to withdraw any funds when there are positions running, as the EA places orders based on the account size, when you suddenly withdraw the funds this happens. otherwise the next the market was immensely dropped and all your trades were supposed to be closed in profit.

      Refund policy is all about customers who follow our instructions, its not about that you keep violating the terms of our service and product and expect for the refund. There are thousands of happy clients using our EA for the past two years, there is no reason for the EA to make profit on dozen of live verified accounts on our myfxbook and fail to work for you. Its not a quick rich making matchine but a system which works properly only when you follow the instructions properly.

      We will publish your emails and our respond with your accounts details if need. Your license will be cancelled within 7 days, if you didn’t apologise for your unethical statements and misleading comments which have nothing to do with reality.

      Thank you


      • Lol, this is a big scam look like an angry kid write this answer.

        • I think your words too simply consider your ability and manners, You simply label a product as Scam even you haven’t used it. The issue is that having words like that using Fake ID is a common bad practice these days, you will definitely face the legal process if you could come up with your real data here and then prove us as fake, we will appreciate your evidence and good doing. But we know its not going to happen, just blind statement without any facts and figures, most of the losers do have the same mentality as what you show here. Thank you

  4. HI,

    This robot has lost 1 account and if the gbp usd does not come down will wipe out the rest am i entitled to a refund or at least a robot that will actually make funds not lose them please?

    I have truly traded this and its gone bad small wins major losses for a product i paid a armful for what can the boss of this robot do for me i would love to know.

    Thanks Daniel

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Hi Everyone,

    I decided to purchase this robot as the price dropped 50 percent.

    You may see it in action here see how it rolls i let you see everything in the myfx book

    Here is a link to my myfxbook for the robot v2 prince fx ea see it in action on my account

    This has been in use before but just watch from now

    Thanks Daniel

  6. Dear Web Owner/Admin

    This is Shehzada Behram (Owner to kindly inform you that the review of our product PrinceFxEa was reported today on your website. We therefore want to know from you that had you been in contact with any of our company officials/support representative before placing the review on your website?

    I notice that you have placed some negative lines about our EA performance and the Clients, I would advise you for the correction of your info, there are dozen of live accounts all verified why do you not take any of them for review or if you have taken any account of your choice then you should contact our support to get your desire information before writing strange words on your page.

    Kindly made correction about our MYFXBOOK Accounts and clients testimonials.

    Finally i was trying to respond to the comment of Mr. Danial below the review comment section unfortunately your website is having error and blocking me to submit the comment. kindly place my reply on behalf of me below his comment.

    Dear Danial
    Prince FX EA has nothing to do with MT5 and MT4 robots, we have tested above 500 EAs for the past 6 years to reach out this stage and to develop our very own trading system based on our our own pure wining strategy. We guarantee that among millions of trading systems you may not find even a single piece to compare and declare as the copy of someone’s , hence its requested do not simply link our system with all other so called fake systems, as you are not one of the users of our system and ofcourse you know nothing about that, so commenting about something which you do even not know about is not fair.

    We do have dozens of track verified trading accounts with complete trading history of more than one year, if you still have any confusion kindly contact our support team by email or livechat, they will provide you all the info you require.
    Thank and Regards

    • Hi Shehzada Behram,

      This is Daniel here i have purchased your trading robot and have it on a few accounts i have looked into it more closely and like what i see.

      I hope you don’t mind if i let people see it in action on my account as it might sell more if we see how it actually works because so many hide it.

      My account is real i am running on 3 from memory i would like your robot to recoup my 100k losses in total from forex hope this is possible.

      I like the trading thing but i cant do it on my own you would have thought by this day and age someone out there would have a system that could do this.

      Thanks Daniel

      • Dear Daniel

        We appreciate that you have decided to make your myfxbook publicly available but we noticed the account seems previously damaged and if you run PRINCE FX EA on it, viewer may not be able to analyse its safety measure.

        Its kindly to advise you to run PRINCE FX EA on a fresh trading account having no trading activity previously, so that viewers may better understand its accuracy and other necessary points Like DD etc.

        if you require any further assistance, feel free to contact our technical support to assist you in this regard


  7. This looks similar to the mt5 robot which was a LOOSER and no refund.
    I also checked in the terms and conditions of the website they don’t give refunds similar to mt5 robot which was LOOSER.


    THIS IS SCAM UNLESS SOMEONE CAN PROVE ME WRONG also try posting a negative review you cant.

    • We are sad to come across your statement, You must meet the terms and conditions of our refund policy, submit the required info, your account statement for review. While we haven’t even received your refund request, and you are labelling us s scam, its unethical. You will no longer be able to access the license unless you submit the required details in order for us to review the EA progress in your Account. This is mandatory to know that either you operated the EA as per the given instruction or not and where did the things go wrong. Kindly contact us at

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