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EA Review: Loss Recovery Trader

Today I’m looking at both an EA, and a tool that can be utilized with external expert advisors to help better the outcome of trades, Loss Recovery Trader. The system takes advantage of a “zone recovery algorithm,” which pretty much hedges losing trades with a grid trading strategy. The robot is sold by Michalis Phylactou through MQL5, and his personal …

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Robot Review: FX Hunter EA

Today have looking at a subscription-based Forex expert advisor the claims to provide traders with a successful trading strategy since 2008, FX Hunter EA. This trading software has been around for some time, as their website was registered in mid 2013. This is not the 2008 number that they claim, but the 2008 is likely a reference to back tests …

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EA Review: Smart Forex Robot

Today I’m looking at a new EA built to automatically adapt to current market conditions, Smart Forex Robot. The developers of the system believe that they have created the most stable system in the market with over 15 years of consistent profits. I’m going to assume that 15 years is heavily reliant on back tests, because there are no long-term …

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Fey Cox Review: Long Vision FX

Today I’m looking at one of the most followed trading accounts on Myfxbook, Long Vision FX. This trading system is intended to provide traders with mid-to long-term growth “using strict parameters and a wide diversification of currencies and trading styles.” One of the main aspects of their trading methodology, is to keep a very small drawdown without sacrificing account growth. …

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EA Review: Lion FX Trader

Today I’m looking at a Forex EA that is currently the number one most discussed system on Myfxbook, Lion FX Trader. With over 700 comments made about this expert advisor, I believe that it’s time we take a closer look and provide the community with an in-depth analysis. During this review, I will take a look at the Myfxbook account, …

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Robot Review: Lucky Pound EA

Today I’m reviewing one of the most popular trading systems on the my FX book website, Lucky Pound EA. This system utilizes the my FX book auto trade feature which require traders to deposit funds with a Forex brokerage, and then copy the trades of multiple different systems. Despite being advertised frequently, this function of their website is not used …

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Robot Review: Securza FX

Today I’m looking at a new automated Forex trading system the claims to provide traders with high profit levels in very low risk, Securza FX. The creators of the system tell us that their “main goal is to be totally transparent and to show real account results.” They also want to ensure that their software is compatible with every single …

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Free Indicator Review: Quantum Breaker

Today I’m looking at a free Forex indicator that claims to provide traders with buy and sell signals with an 87.73% accuracy rate, Quantum Breaker. The entire purpose of the website is to provide traders with this tool, and in the process acquire emails so that they can advertise services to these traders at a later date. As long as …

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Signals Review: Cash Cow Signal

Today I am reviewing a Forex signal service built on the combination of custom algorithmic trading strategies and mean reversion, Cash Cow Signal. The creators of the system look to gain their clients a monthly return a 5% while limiting the floating draw-down to a maximum of 5%. This is a conservative strategy that looks to take advantage of strict …

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Binary Today Trader Review

Binary Today Trader is the most flexible and well thought out binary options strategy to hit the market. This system is developed by John Kane and the people at Binary Today. Traders get access to John’s personal trading strategy that sends an abundance of reliable trading signals throughout the day. This signal system is now #1 in the Binary Options …

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