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Indicator Review: Alfa Scalper

Alfa Scalper is the latest “next gen indicator” by Karl Dittman and his team. This software is built using an adaptive scalping technology that they believe will help take their clients trading accounts to the next level. It’s promoted as “a new easy way displayed cash in the Forex markets.” In our review today, we will analyze just how easy it is, and also provide historical context as Karl Dittman has released over 20 different Forex indicators over the years.

This indicator is owned and operated by the Karl Dittmann Forex Group (KDFG). It’s good to see that Karl has finally ditched his old sales page design, and entered 2019. For years, every product he released had the exact same design, with a bright green background busy with text and money symbols. Now that is using a new design, does that mean the product is going to be more impressive as well? That remains to be seen. There is no location of the business, but they can be contacted via


Alfa Scalper Review

There are a handful of aspects the Alfa Scalper promotes their service on. Their next level trading algorithm, user friendly interface, profitable signals, trend power detection, multiple trading stypes, takeprofit technology, and compatibility with major currency pairs. Each of these aspects sounds quite impressive, but none of them include much additional detail or elaboration. With thousands of words on the sales page, they should certainly be providing much more information about their strategy.

All of the best MT4 Forex indicators do provide detailed analysis of their methodology, which does seem to be missing here.

Trading Modes

The Alfa Scalper signals, come in three different modes to suit different types of traders, and their risk profiles.

The conservative mode provides maximum safety, normal signal frequency and standard trend detection. The medium mode provides optimal safety, high signal frequency and sensitive trend detection. The aggressive mode provides low safety, extreme signal frequency and highly sensitive trend detection.

Each of these modes likely follow the same basic strategy, with the conservative having to follow the most rules, and the aggressive following the least. Thus, with less rules to follow, the aggressive mode will signal frequently.

With systems with multiple modes, our recommendation is to generally utilize the safest, at least to start. You can see this recommendation in other indicator reviews, like FX Venom Pro and Fibonacci Golden Zone.

Indicator Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $147
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: M1-M5
  • Pairs: All Pairs

At $147 the Alfa Scalper is on the more expensive end of Forex indicators, as most are priced in the $79-$99 range. With the purchase, clients receive 1 real live account, 24/7 email support, reliable signals, a detailed user guide, and a full 30 day money back guarantee.

There is some FOMO marketing being used as well, as the website has a “today price” and claim that there are “only 2 copies left.” Yet, I’ve been on the website for a couple days now and these numbers don’t seem to be changing, so I wouldn’t be concerned about waiting if you are interested.

Client Feedback

There is no real client feedback at this time. There are a few affiliate reviews, but nothing from actual customers as of yet.

Karl Dittman History

Karl is always busy creating Forex products, his most recent releases are as follows:

It’s clear that scalping has been his favorite approach in recent years based on this information alone.

Trading Results

The Alfa Scalper indicator doesn’t have any live or demo trading results. Karl provides us with multiple screen shots of the software in action, but there are no long term trading statements or verified trading accounts.

Obviously, it is much more difficult to provide verified results with an indicator because a trader has to manually place the trades. Yet, in 2019, we don’t see this as an excuse for vendors any longer. They should certainly open up a Myfxbook account, and at least prove that the signals are viable for 2-3 months. Or else, we are purchasing something that we have to figure out, and make work on our own.


Karl is respected in the Forex community, because he’s released many systems, but that doesn’t mean his Alfa Scalper indicator is a winner. At this point, we aren’t sure if the software is viable because there are no verified trading accounts, no strategic discussion, and no client feedback. We are in a holding pattern with this product until more information is released.

Thank you for reading the review and please leave any comments with your experiences now.

Alfa Scalper $147
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Alfa Scalper is a Forex indicator by Karl Dittmann that works on two different timeframes, M1 and M5.

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History in Forex
Money back guarantee
Many trade examples


High price
No verified results
No detailed strategy explanation

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  1. Please can a real user of Karl dittman software verify his claims cause I am thinking of getting one

  2. I bought Alfa Scalper forex indicator by Karl but the result is not as they promised.

  3. Khulekani Mavimbela

    I’m interested to test this robot

  4. its best of the world i think thanks karl . market is not your friend so maybe some dayes you have loss but not much but when you lokk after one month you have great profit thanks karl

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