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Indicator Review: Rapid Trend Gainer

In today’s Forex review, I’m looking at another recent product release from Karl Dittmann, Rapid Trend Gainer. This product is being advertised as a “unique indicator with easy powerful signals.” According to the sales page, the indicator is utilizing a special secret algorithm that is built to earn traders anywhere from 200 to 300 pips on a daily basis. In my analysis, a let you know if this is possible, and if this is the type of trading system you should be taking advantage of in your daily endeavors.

This is another product by the Karl Dittmann Forex Group (KDFG). Karl has been producing trading systems in the Forex market for as long as I can remember, but I’m still unsure of where the head offices of his company are. Regardless, if traders need to get in touch with support, they can email via Make sure that you specify the product in the subject line, as I’m sure this email gets flooded with many different requests from the different products Karl has released over the years.


Rapid Trend Gainer Review

The sales page for the Rapid Trend Gainer indicator, is more of the aesthetic we are used to from Karl Dittmann. Just over a week ago, I reviewed his latest release, the X Scalper, and for this indicator, he updated the look of the sales page.

So, it does look like I’m doing things a bit backward here, as I am reviewing an indicator that was released in late November. This does mean, that Karl has released 2 indicators within the last 2 months, which means he is certainly hard at work. Hopefully, he has multiple developers and coders working on these projects, so that they can be thoroughly tested and analyze properly.

This indicator provides traders with real-time notifications to all devices, with buy and sell signals with the exact directions.

We are sure that the software doesn’t repaint, and that it works on all currency pairs and multiple time frames. One of the issues that I’ve had in the past with Karl’s indicators, is that they require quite a bit of work from the trader. In order to figure out what works, and what doesn’t, the trader has to do a lot of testing on different currency pairs and time frames. Generally, I prefer that the developer does this work in advance, and just tells us that the system works best on one timeframe and a couple of different currency pairs.

I’ve come across quite a few indicators like this recently, such as the PipBreaker and the EFC Indicator.


  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Developer: Karl Dittmann
  • Price: $87
  • Strategy: Secret
  • Timeframe: M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1
  • Pairs: All Pairs

I mentioned above that traders will have to do their own research with the Rapid Trend Gainer indicator, but Karl does mention on his sales page that he will share the best pairs in the members area. This does provide me with more confidence, but I still believe that the trader will have some sort of responsibility in terms of figuring out the best time frames and best times to trade.

It’s hard to believe that anyone indicator, will be fully profitable with many different time frames, pairs and trading sessions.

The indicator is priced relatively low, at $87, with a guaranteed 60 day moneyback guarantee provided the clickbank.

Trading Results

As much as I hate to beat a dead horse, the only real issue I ever have with Karl Dittmann products, is in the trading results. Despite there being incredible statement sharing service websites like Myfxbook and FX Blue, Karl still relies on trading screen shots to prove the worth of his products. This is the same strategy he is using with the Rapid Trend Gainer.

While I appreciate what I’m being shown, these type of screenshots show us such a small window of trading opportunity, that it can’t possibly indicate the software is viability in the short or long-term.

I would much rather see full trading statements, with months of trading activity using this strategy on a verified account. Essentially, I want the vendor of every product released to prove to us that they can grow when account with their own software. With the amount of experience Karl has had in this market, I’m sure that he’s able to use the systems adequately and provide us with this information. I hope one day that he does.


At its current price point, the Rapid Trend Gainer is in the realm of possibility. It isn’t my top choice, but with a 60 day moneyback guarantee, if you are interested, I don’t see the risk in giving this a chance. That being said, I won’t be signing up until I see some verified proof with the real statement sharing websites. The only reason I say this, is because I have limited time, and I don’t see myself going through a full testing process for a system that doesn’t have full trading statements.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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  1. Hello sir! I did read your review about Rapid trend gainer. May I ask you what good working product you have been test and works good?

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    Ivan Ivanov

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