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Forex Robot News Updates

Forex Robot News Updates

Hey everyone, I know you are pretty excited about a lot of the new releases coming out so we thought we would update you on the dates so that you are one step ahead.

Today there are two large forex systems hitting the market.

This is the latest system from Bill Poulos.  This guy puts a lot into his systems, we have learned so much about him and his forex trading strategies over the last little while.  We hope that this portfolio prophet is a real winner and we will be checking it out ourselves today and buying a copy, despite the large price tag.  So we can keep you all updated on our forex progress.

Also being released today.  We are getting a lot of people on our website learning about this system.  We hope that it has a lot to offer as well.  I am not sure exactly who is the developer of this one but they seem to have a bunch of instructional sales videos that have been prepping people for release.

That is it for today.  I will be making updates to all the posts, especially the forex pip alerts and portfolio prophet reviews to keep people up to date on whatever is being exposed today.  If you are interested in these forex trading systems then just click on the forex robot names above and check out the reviews.

If you have anything to add to this post or those reviews then please leave a comment and join in on the discussions and forex robot news updates.

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