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Forex Pip Alerts – See Review: Scam?

Forex Pip Alerts – See Review: Scam?

So here we go again.  Looks like we have another forex launch coming out.  This is going to be an accurate profit generating signal program called Forex Pip Alerts.

Start making money in the forex market using signals.

The forex pip alerts system is generating a lot of hype, and it is set to be released on Thursday March 24th.  This product has a 60 day money back guarantee through Plimus.

There is limited information on pip alerts at this time but we will be getting more as we have sent a few emails to the developer of this system to get more news for you.  If you have anything to add to the review, then you should leave a comment below.  If you feel that this is a scam or if you think that it is going to be a winner then you can leave information about that as well.

We will be adding more information about pip alerts in the next few days, as well as some results so please check back soon for more updates.

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  1. Hi all
    I have signed in the system, earned 50+ pips in demo a/c,
    last week there were signals; this week 11th and 12th there are no signals

  2. I have asked twice for a refund – twice got the vendor trying to keep me on board, so went direct to Plimus who said “they have cancelled my future subscriptions” but this does not mean I will get a refund on my initial purchase – how can I insist I get a refund when it clearly doesn’t work – any suggestions !! If it was clickbank I kknow u would get the refund, how do we make Plimus honour the offer of a full refund guaranteed in the sales literature !!
    Who else can we complain to or escalate this to !

  3. I think it’s a scam too. When I reported my difficulty in down-loading the software I bought, this is the reply I got over and over again to my complaints:
    “Hi Steve,
    Please let me know if you encountered any problems with trading the
    Forex Pip Alerts or if you have any questions. I am sure you can
    enjoy the best results this software has produced for a very long time.


    Brian Sampson”

  4. Don’t touch it!! Rec’d 2 signals- didn’t act on them but checked them out at the end off day. These “SHORT TERM” signals are NOT from a “Day Trader”. Rec’d a call from the U.S. asking if I needed mentoring. Told him what I thought of the signals (constructively). No more signals rec’d.. 2 e-mails sent. No reply. It’s a SCAM. Just asked Plimus for a refund.

  5. NEWS NEWS!!
    I have been using the signals for about 2 weeks now. I have been logging into the site because their email system doesn’t work. I have had correspondence with another person using the EA and upgrade and both don’t work.
    BUT NOW THE SITE IS DOWN! For the past 2 days I have tried to log into the members site but am getting a 404 internet error. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!
    I requested my money back today and got a computer generated reply will keep tring and hopefully will not have to esculate, but knowing these sites I probably will.

  6. As a brand new (demo acccount) forex trade I’m a tad overwhelmed at the by the crazy amount of opportunists out there. Still there has to be a diamond in the rough out there somewhere. I paid the entire $1 for the Forex Pip Alerts system and of course they try and up-sell you ( multiple times) before you finish the sign up process. In the members are there’s no documentation and the buy now links in the members area page are non-functioning. A few signals so far and 2 of the 3 seemed very legit and I I had real or fake money on the line I’d be smiling. So it’s a wait and see. The premise of the system makes sense – just follow a winning trader with all the experience.

  7. Purchased the 3 day $1 trial – guess what got an email from a Paul Libbard stating it would take up to 48 hours for the a/c details – WAIT I’ve only got 72 hours – Also the moment you purchase the trial you get transferred to a page that states that not all features included – so how then can this be a proper trial?
    I would lean towards HUGO’s opinion – Still am keeping me eyes glued to you guys – keep the comments rollin.

  8. I purchased both service and EA two days ago. I received notices from sales, but I did not receive the licences. I sent emails to support and message via Plimus and I ask they to ship the licence codes. I did not receive any response for 2 days. Avoid this seller. My opinion is they are a huge SCAM.

  9. Had 8 trades , profit on 5 , loss on 3, Eur/JPY was a bummer – saw close to stop loss so modified higher (wanting to see a change to profit) but ended with 436.40 losss. But 3 earlier trades were were 1k up !! I did notice the target profit on the Eu/USD was wrong so traded till made 102.39 and closed. Iam a newbie & feel you still have to watch the trades & mange them or you will end up in problems. Still early days & time to trial.

  10. Down quite a bit on 5 trades, .Just now an EURJPY trade, very small Pt, crazy big SL is going down, and one trade I didn’t take because the PT was at the wrong side, which didn’t do an awful lot for my confidence in Brian. I’ll give him 4 more trades with reduced lotsize to shore up my faith. and then it is back to Clickbank.

  11. Hi All, I have received 4 trade alerts so far, won 2 , lost 2 , but still up overall. I am in Spain, noticed last 2 emails came thru very early morning so actioned when got up. I have entered all 4 trades at better positions than the original @price , but 2 losses hit stoploss. Closed other 2 trades early to take profits – will be very intersted to see how everyone else is doing . I am a newbie playing on a demo account, but how long are you meant to keep these “short trades” going ? – will they hit the take profit levels, if not how long do you wait ?? -days etc..what is classed as short versus long ? All feedback appreciated !

  12. Yeah i bought into it too.
    Sales pitch almost lost me tho’ but hey its pretty low if the signals hold up – and 60 days “trial”, im givin’ it a go. Signals look good – EUR/USD signal is looking very good (near TP at the moment) – EUR/JPY is a bit more behind right now (a little in the red)

    it’ll be interesting to see what ppl say about this.

  13. ummm.. my welcome email signs off from a Paul Liburd – isn’t he the chappie responsible for Transformer and Conqueror? – one hit wonders? – Might be a co-incidence… First impressions and all that stuff … my email function doesnt appear to be working no notice of the trade although i did put on system i wanted emails? Downlads page for robot – link doesnt work – teething problems? oh – and i’m hacked off – I opened the link twice in error to purchase..I purchased nad then when I closed the other link itoffered me $10 off… So far – I am not really amused!! – although I see one trade in action – has a sop loss so will let it run its course and see what it does.Questions still left unanswered for me.

  14. I have signed up for signals too. The upgrades wern’t offered to me at time of purchase (was interested in the trade copier) and the download page on the site wont let me purchase the 2 extra’s (copier and upgrade). I disagree with comment above both signals eurusd + usdjpy are relevant to technical anyalisis especially eurusd which could be in for a large drop (possibly upto 200pips). The email alerts don’t seem to be working and I am going to have to contact them. I have already contacted their support and they do live which is a good start. This has a long way to go to prove itself yet. Dam the B/S sales of these things is really off putting… when will they learn that these types of sales techniques puts people off rather than want to buy, they think we are idiots. As long as the 60 day guarentee is there though I don’t mind giving it a go.

  15. two signals today , (usd/jpy looks fine) – but 1st signal on eur/usd looks long way off at mo, we shall see

  16. I also signed up for Forex Pip Alerts with Brian Sampson. I sent an e-mail asking some questions and the answer took two days! I wanted them to recommend a broker to use with the program and they refused! So far I am not impressed. They also tried to “up sell” several other items to me as well. The sales videos with Brian Sampson make it sound like getting big money from this program is a sure thing. After I bought into the program, Brian congratulates me on joining and then says I have to be patient, as the profits may not come right away. Wait a minute! The sale pitch says I can make money now, and the congratulations video says it may take some time for me to see the money rolling in. What’s up with that!?

  17. Hi All,
    I have registered for this new service, but was surprised after the initial £37.11 I paid, that they tried to get me to pay MUCH more (included in this – a robot). I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now, the video says full refund in 60 days – if service poor I will test this refund out & report back !!

  18. Ask your self this, where is the access to a live account? Even then, it could be one of several where the trade shave been going well this week!
    I have joined some other services like this lately, just to test them out, only to be quite disappointed with the results. This was not actually unexpected.
    I could put an actor to read from queue cards and tell you that I am a great trader but as my granddad always said, “self praise is no recommendation”.

  19. Ken, no sales pitch… no details… just the truth ?
    so what should be written in the website, it would be…. none…. ha ha ha…
    Anyway, the video looks the same with several others forex launch lately.
    Probably from the same person.
    They always use actors… who did not know anything about forex.

    • Yea, definitely fits the usual outline. I have been trying not to judge companies on their sales strategy.

      I know it can be difficult though, and your thought is certainly relevant and critical.

  20. Ken:
    Interesting, but your comments totally ignores the point of my post. I’m not interested in a sales pitch or details about their offer. I want the truth, no sales pitch, no details about their offer, just the truth.

  21. Very interesting Ken, we don’t have any new information at this point but should be adding to the review shortly, thanks guys.

  22. The ForexPIPalerts presentation is selling their signal service for $47. If you cancel the presentation they come back with a $10 discount making it $37 for their service. If you cancel that offer then they come back with an offer of “free instant access to a gift valued at $197. If you click on that offer they come back with a full page to collect profile information (ie Name, Email etc.) then want to charge you $57 for the service. I could not see any free gift offer to click on or accept. So what does this say about this site? straght facts test it yourself see what you think. NOT for me!!!

  23. I would love to know if this is for real, or just another scam.

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