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Portfolio Prophet | Bill Poulos Software Review

Portfolio Prophet | Bill Poulos Software Review

Bill Poulos is back and he is coming out with new software to help all traders, whether forex or not.  This page is going to be dedicated to our review and the opinions of the forex robot nation users on the Portfolio Prophet.

How can I PROTECT the money I already have, and make even MORE money, more consistently and more safely in LESS time?

So this program is generating a lot of interest from our users.  The portfolio profit is not just forex, stocks or options, this is a new type of strategy that anybody can use.

As we enter the web site for the first time we had to enter our email and then we had a few training videos that tell us all about the portfolio prophet strategy.  Then there is a little description below about the video and then below that there are comments from people excited about this portfolio prophet.

As more information is revealed we will have it for you so make sure that you come back to see our full portfolio prophet review.  If you have any information about the portfolio prophet that you would like to share you can email us or leave your comments below.  Maybe you want to just discuss the experiences you have had with Bill Poulos and let our users know what to expect from his products.  Any help is appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you about the portfolio prophet.

Come check us out again soon, in the mean time see our best forex robot and if your tired of trading on your PC get a forex vps.

Portfolio Prophet

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Oh a little more

    they only interested in the marketing even when everyone was losing money Bill just kept advertising forex profit multiplier full and trades were going wrong every where
    and you could tell from the weekly live seminars there were real problems which lead to redesigning the software
    but the marketing never stopped
    of course i tried to get a refund



    This program is the same thing as this new program portfolio profit except it for Forex Trading
    I must say the the $2000 price tag which gives a years subscription to the trade alerts
    Seemed like a great deal when i bought it
    But in reality
    I have wasted my $2000 as far as i can see
    when he released this program he had such hype and an amazing amount of good trades last november
    however since we purchased it
    the trades are not working and generally i have lost money on most trades
    this week there has been some trades that came through 5 of 6 would have worked
    but they came when i was in bed asleep this is the best result i have seen since we purchased it
    4 months ago
    SO my advice is tread carefully

  3. His stuff is ok and actually, usually, quite robust. His son, however, is the marketeer and it is he that gets Bill to repackage and make spin-offs from the core concepts.
    I had some run-ins with the Profits-Run outfit but I bear them no malice because I follow the dictum that it is not the rat that is all that bad but rather the fleas on its back!
    By the way, I found their support to be excellent.

  4. Thanks for all the feedback so far on this system.

    I have had some pretty good success with Bill in the past. But I will wait until Monday to come for a determination on this system. I will be adding more information to the review shortly though.

  5. I have used many of Bill’s systems, they work well. As for not reading the page RER you shouldn’t be blaming him because you don’t pay attention when your spending money.

    You can make money with Bill’s systems but their support needs work.

  6. I agree. I purchased one of his products for a one time fee. I was charged every month the same charge. I called and questioned his people and they said that when I bought the product, I was enrolled into his monthly fee group nad that I had to Uncheck that option at the bottom of the page when I brought the other product. I cancelled that BS. His new name to me is “Steal Bill”.

  7. Thank God. There is at least one person who speaks the truth about Mr. Bill Pulos saying that he is more interested in marketing and selling his new products rather than geniunely helping people.
    Thank you.

  8. Bill Poulos – I purchased one of his promo CD’s a few years ago and seen him release after that many more. The follow up service was non-existant. His entire operation is about selling and selling more. He takes segments of trading knowledge and packages each up into a so called “new system” to promote education. Why does each system he sells have all the hype and rave reviews that its the best thing ever and just what you need, when in a few months he has yet another. There are a lot of people who like him. But the way he promotes systems that are freely available if people spent the time to learn lacks integrity.

    When Bill releases a new system of trading, you get many website affiliates from everywhere spaming his new video, from Steve Nison to Mark McRae. Bill has gradually morphed into systems signals that he devises based often on some common trade systems that are free, but because of the black box he uses, it is unknown what he has produced.

    Great for the lazy and untrained, but dont expect to learn how to trade properly, as he otherwise suggests. I think he is a great marketer, but ponder why he spends so much time selling education resources and systems, rather than trading to make a pocket full of money. The reality is he makes more from up-selling and hype. You need only look at the way he markets to see there is no absolute definite trading skill he is promoting. Otherwise he would be up front and honest. The proof is in the pudding! Finally, if you leave a comment or question on his comment blog, and it is not favourable to his marketing, then he selectively deletes it (censors comments) to give solely the appearance of a great system to come. It is this selective forum censorship that really erks me, as it is not transparent and it prevents anyone with complaints from being seen.

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