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Forex EA Review: Arteon Robot

Arteon Robot is a new Forex expert advisor for meta-trader 4 the claims to be the greatest robot on the market. This EA is focused on being profitable, reliable and stable while providing customizable parameters and verified trading results.

Today we will be analyzing this robot and providing the community with a well-balanced review and an area for questions and user feedback below the article.


Arteon Robot Review

The Arteon FX Robot is built to work under every market condition on multiple currency pairs. The software is being sold at $149 for a single license and $199 for a double license. The average trade duration is over 6 hours so this is not a scalping strategy, which is what we see frequently in the Forex market.

On the sales page there is a 50% off special Christmas discount but the price is still $149 so I guess they are trying to say that the regular price is $300. It does seem a little late for a Christmas special considering we are approaching February in a weeks time. It feels like the developers of this robot are the people on your street that still have their Christmas lights up. Time to take them down.

The Creators

The developers of the Arteon Robot has been very busy in the Forex market over the past couple of years. While they don’t tell us about their association with other robots, they’ve actually created quite a few. Here is a list of product by the same creator:

The comments for some of these robots have not been very positive which is cause for some concern. In the past people have attacked this development team for focusing mostly on FX blue but they have included a my FX book account this time.

Myfxbook Results

In taking a look at the my FX book accounts we can see that they’ve been running for approximately 2 months. The software trades the GBPUSD, USDJPY, and EURUSD pairs and hasn’t even risk reward ratio. The average win is 40 pips and the average loss is 38 pips. The statistics for all 3 accounts are quite similar using USD cent accounts with RoboForex.

The only concern with the Arteon Robot results is the large drawdowns percentage. The 3 accounts range from 35 to 65% with the 65% account being an issue. Considering the robot is running on the same brokerage it be interesting to find out why one of the accounts has such a drastic drawdown and risk of ruin potential.


The Arteon Robot is not going to receive our full recommendation at this point in time. We have some reservations because of the feedback we received about this developer the past but more than that we would like to hear more community feedback before giving a final determination. Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on this robot and whether or not you believe that it should be trusted by the Forex robot nation readers.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to peruse the rest of our website and communicate with our talented readers.

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  1. I am extremely disappointed with Arteon robot. Firstly, their website does not work. I tried clicking contacts and almost every other option. None of them work. I think they built a robot, made their money and left the site with just enough capability that one could retrieve their serial number if need be. That is the ONLY thing that works on their site! You also have the ability to change your password. My feeling is that these people are scammers plain and simple. If their product was so great as they claim, they would be around to boost it and be involved in its success.
    The robot continually gives me a message about a ” cent ” account. I have no idea what it is referring to. They are not around to give information about ANYTHING !!!!!!

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