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Goldbull Pro

goldbull-proGoldbull Pro is a new Forex robot that is starting to draw some attention from the community. The developers behind the software tell traders that they can gain more than 60% profit every single month just by utilizing their advanced automated strategy.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at the software and providing a detailed analysis and review.

Goldbull Pro Review

The goldbull pro website consists of a heavy dosage of trading results from both back testing and live trading. The 3 back tests are run on the EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY pairs from 2010-2015. During this period of time the back tests showed drawdowns around 8% and the average total trades placed is around 3000. Underneath the back tests is a statement that says this is the number one selling Forex robot of all time. While I appreciate all the results being provided here there is no reason for this developer to lie to us about the popularity of their software. This system is very new and I’m sure that it isn’t close to the top rated robots that have been selling copies for over 5 years.

The live results provided by the goldbull pro developers are hosted on FXBlue. The account has been running for just over a month and shows large returns with over 500% in the first month. In looking closely at this account I can see that this is a super fast trading scalping software. The robot is taking around 10 trades a day and most of them are being closed out within 60 seconds. The system looks to gain pips and get out fast. The only issue with this type of software is that if you are paying commission or there is a decent sized spread these 1.6 pip wins won’t be very appetizing.

Today I won’t be providing a full recommendation for the goldbull pro robot. The system looks impressive but as I mentioned above it won’t work with a broker that has a large spread or takes commission on your orders. This is a very difficult thing to find in a Forex broker. If you have something you would like to contribute to his review now would be the time. Thank you for reading my review and I hope you look around Forex Robot Nation to see what works for the community here.

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    It’s a complete scam. I bought it a few days ago and it only lost my money.

    Also, I asked for a refund just 3 days after buying it and I got this response,

    “Thank you for your email!

    Unfortunately we do not provide refunds because of some past abuses. For further information please read the Goldbull Agreement that you agreed by purchasing the EA.

    It is really important to have a broker which meets our requirements.

    We are trading at Roboforex for a while (on ECN Pro NDD account) and we are satisfied with their services. After our experience their execution is one of the fastest and their trading fees are also low. The brokerage also meets all of our suggested broker requirements, which you can find here: 5 digit price feed, ECN broker with raw spread + commission, maximum stop level 2 pip, min. leverage 1:100.

    Also, please note that this is a long investment. The EA needs at least 6 months to really show its performance and strategy. There are many things which influence the EA’s performance and they are independent from the strategy.

    If you need more assistance, feel free to contact us!

    Kind regards,



    • Actually, to be somewhat fair to Gold Bull it was slightly profitable.

      But very random in its trading. But it was somewhat if a coin toss.

      I am just very annoyed there is no return policy as it was advertised on a different website.

      So, if you want to make some very small profits on some very sketchy trades then go ahead.

      Over the long run I wouldn’t trust it. And I don’t trust a company that has no returns policy.

  2. whats the name of the broker that this works with

  3. I bought Gold Bull PRO.
    Here is my FxBook since the beggining.

    im very dissapointed with him.


  4. You got to get the correct settings to get it to trade profitably. There’s no recommendation or guide telling you what setting to use or what do they mean. After sale support is not good. I have to send reminders to remind support to reply and finally support provided me the settings. Here it is ..

    EU : Use Aggressive for LONG. Normal for SHORT.
    GU : Use Aggressive for LONG. Conservative for SHORT.
    UJ : Use Conservative for LONG. Conservative for SHORT.

    I haven’t been profitable in my trades so far using this EA. For 12 days now. Some wins and some losses. Overall still loss but not huge amount though. Hopefully with the new settings provided by support, my trades will improve and change my perception on this EA.

  5. This EA really makes me real money, its GREAT!

  6. Have any update of gold bull pro ? Or any user that can confirm that this robot is worth it ?

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