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Forex AstroBot Review ($129 EA)

Forex AstroBot is the latest automated trading product by Rita Lasker and the Green Forex Group. Rita claims that this exclusive trading robot allows traders to “gain up to $16,000 in a month,” with little to no effort from the trader. She’s made promises like these in the past, and has historically failed to come through. Let’s see if it’s any different this time, and if she’s decided to start providing verified trading results or not.

The creator of the service is Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Group. They are located at 1531 Concord Pike #303 0, Wilmington, DE, US. This team is very active in the development of new trading products, but spend little to no time updating them once they are released. The systems they produce appear to be one-off programs that need to be successful in the short term, because they are not re-adjusted to active market conditions after the initial release. The most recent products developed by this group include Forex Olympus, Forex Avia Robot and Forex Hercules system.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the sales page.


Forex AstroBot Review

The Forex AstroBot sales page provides different trade examples, introduces the community to their features and includes a short frequently asked questions section. There are currently five features that the Green Forex Group feel sets this robot ahead of their competitors:

  1. It is 100% automated, and takes only a few minutes to start trading after installation.
  2. It includes trailing stop to “maximize the positive trade outcome which, in its turn, leads to inevitable profit.”
  3. They use built in money management that will automatically decrease the lot size when the market conditions aren’t stable. You would think that the software would just avoid these conditions altogether, but they must want to keep their trading frequency high.
  4. The team offers 24/7 support.
  5. They promise profitable trades thanks to a “unique trading algorithm.”

There is really nothing in these top five features that really stands out to us. It’s a pretty generic list that we expect every robot developer to provide, not just the best Forex robots. We are sure they are trying to keep this list seem simple, but this market is able to deal with intricacy.

Trading Strategy

Sadly, the sales page doesn’t include very much information about the Forex AstroBot trading strategy. There are brief statements about their trailing stop and money management settings, but nothing that gives us the details that we are looking for.

They tell us that the software can work for new traders, experiences traders and even traders looking to scalp. So, by that notion you would think that this is a scalper, but the trades certainly don’t look short enough to be scalps.

We are unsure why they aren’t telling us any information about their strategy, but do hope that they add a section after reading our review.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $99-$228
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: M15, M30 and H1
  • Pairs: All Pairs

Rita tells us that the Forex AstroBot works on all pairs and three different timeframes. Though, in her trading results she only trades NZDJPY, AUDJPY, CADJPY and EURJPY so we recommend sticking to those. Figuring out which pair and timeframe combination is best can be very difficult when there are so many options available.

The software is being sold for $99, and the “Ultimate Version” is going for $229. So, there is a built in upsell of over $100, which is something we despise in any market. We would rather just see one price and deal with it that way, as it’s much more trustworthy.

Trading Results

The issue with every Green Forex Group robot is their trading results or lack there of. There are no verified Myfxbook accounts provided.

The only trading results offered u are screenshots and a single trading statement from 3 months ago that only covered a single month of trading. Every other robot vendor in this market provides verified trading results, so they are all a step ahead of Rita’s development team.

We find that it is the developer’s responsibilty to prove their software works before we purchase it. In this case, we don’t believe that they have done enough to prove anything.


At this point in time we are unable to recommend the Forex AstroBot to any of our readers. Until we know more about the software and see some verified trading results, we will not be changing our minds.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments below the article now.

Forex AstroBot $99-$228
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


Forex AstroBot is a Rita Lasker robot that is built to make $16,000 in a short period of time.

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24/7 support
Well-known development team
Trailing stop strategy


No verified results
Limited strategy insight
Upsell at $228

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