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Forex Olympus Review (Rita Lasker)

Forex Olympus is a new robot developed by Rita Lasker and the Green Forex Group. This system is built to help traders “reach the top of trading” by giving traders access to an automated system that requires “almost no effort.”

The software is owned by Rita Lasker and the Green Forex Group. They are located at 1531 Concord Pike #303 0, Wilmington, DE, US. This group is a long-term development team that we find focuses too much effort on producing new products, and not enough on updating their current line of systems. So, even if you hit it big with one of their products in the short-term, it won’t last. They’ve created over 30 different systems, with the latest being their Forex Avia Robot and Forex Hercules System.

While we appreciate their consistency in the market, they should do more to keep the systems profitable in the long-term. In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the sales page.


Forex Olympus Review

The Forex Olympus website consists of a single long form sales page, with insight into the features, trading examples and different modes. They appear to be using a slicker template which is much more aesthetically pleasing and professional than their previous releases, which is good to see.

They advertise the product first as a Forex indicator, then explain that they also offer access to a robot as well for an additional charge. Hopefully they use the robot to provide us with trading results.

The group boasts 6 different “amazing features” which helps their software “stand out from all the other trading tools in the industry.” These features include trend power detection, profitable signals, different types of alerts, no repainting, three trading modes and 24/7 support. This all sounds good, but will they qualify as a best Forex indicator or best Forex robot? Stay tuned to find out.


The developers don’t divulge any real details about the Forex Olympus trading strategy. They mention three different trading modes, so that the system can be adjusted to a client’s trading preferences, but that’s it.

These modes include moderate mode, which is built for low risk traders. Neutral mode, for those who want profit and safety. Lastly, intense mode which removes most of the filters and provides a lot of trading signals.

While it’s nice to see the software can be utilized in different ways, the Green Forex Group don’t tell us anything about their methodology. We don’t know what the software is looking for from the markets in order to provide opportunities, which is something they should provide.


  • Type: Forex Indicator & Robot
  • Price: $129 – $228
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: M15, M30, H1, H4
  • Pairs: All Pairs

The Forex Olympus software is currently offered in two packages. Traders can purchase the indicator alone for $129. Or get the complete kit, which comes with the indicator and robot for $228. The robot offers automated trading, different exit options, 100% autonomy and one on one assistance.

Trading Results

The trading results aren’t what we were expecting. Rita Lasker provides 4 screenshots of the software in action, and that’s it. There are no trading statements, and no verified results whatsoever. This is actually a step back from the Green Forex Group, as they used to provide a single month statement with every product. While that statement was never verified, at least it was more than 4 screenshots.

If they truly want to compete in this market, they need to make a major adjustment and quick. There is no way clients are going to purchase Forex Olympus without verified results, when every other product in this market has them. We always state, that it’s the vendors responsibility to prove that a product is viable before they release it to the public.

This is not being done here.


The Forex Olympus presentation is lacking in the two most important areas for any trading product. They give no insight into their trading strategy, and offer no real verified trading results. While the website is aesthetically pleasing and more professional than past iterations, it’s not enough to look past these major flaws.

Until there are some trading results, we don’t feel this product should be on the market yet. If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments and remarks below the article now.

Forex Olympus $129 - $228
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
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Forex Olympus is another automated robot from Rita Lasker without trading results.

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Indicator and robot
6 amazing features


No strategy insight
No verified results

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  1. Please kindly contact me.
    I really need to seek your guidance as a newbie in the forex industry.

  2. Its a scam. All trades given were losers. I did not have one positive result. The worst part is that when I have requested a refund as per her money-back guarantee she just ignores my emails. I have even tried contacting her on Facebook and Twitter but to no avail. Is rather upsetting how some peolpe try to scam one out of hard earned money!!

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