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EA Review: Worthy FX Trader

Worthy FX Trader is an expert advisor that promises professional metatrader 4 performance by “creating something special for each trader.” They feel that their robot makes Forex trading really worth it, because of their immense focus on accuracy and helping their clients use their program to contribute as a reliable investment.

The website provides no information about the development team, their trading history or where their head offices are located. Generally, before signing up with a Forex robot, this information is very important, as it helped us build trust and confidence between the trader and developer. Hopefully the developer will add this information in the coming weeks, especially after they see our review. In order to get in touch with support, and ask these pertinent questions, traders can email


Worthy FX Trader Review

The creators of the Worthy FX Trader EA believe that frequent algorithm updates set them apart from their competitors, and makes sure that they “stay in the right side of the trend.” This means that their clients never have to manually intervene with the trades, which they believe makes their software a practical solution for every level of trader.

In terms of strategy, the vendor tells us that the software doesn’t use any scalping or hedging, but focuses on long-term investment concepts. Sadly, none of these concepts are made clear throughout the sales page, as the intricacies of their trading strategy are not shared with the community which will hold them from the best Forex robot testing page.

We do know that the robot trades and all sessions, comes with stoploss, take profit, works with all currency pairs and works best on the H1 timeframe.

Their Services

The Worthy FX Trader group claims to provide 8 different services to make the lives of their clients easier, and more rewarding.

  1. The robot includes automated protective spots to lock in profit, like a trailing stop loss.
  2. It is simple to set up and utilize.
  3. The robot creates a log which backs itself up. The purpose of this log is not explained.
  4. Trades completely automated.
  5. The system will automatically plot price points on your behalf.
  6. The EA can be customized to fit the preferences of the trader.
  7. Built-in money management gives traders full control of their risk.
  8. Can trade multiple pairs simultaneously in order to create more profit.

The majority of these aspects are common in the Forex robot marketplace, as you can see in our recent reviews of PipHiker EA, Forex Armor EA, and Happy Martigrid.

Worthy FX Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $109
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Pairs: All Pairs

Currently, the Worthy FX Trader is being sold for $109, which comes with 2 real accounts, and 2 demo accounts for life, along with free upgrades.

As a side note, it’s worth noting that the website is very poorly put together. The image elements aren’t aligned properly and it comes across as quite unprofessional, despite the vendor advertising their service as the stark opposite. Changes to the website certainly need to be made in order to give the community a higher sense of confidence. It is difficult to utilize an expert advisor that is developed by a team that can’t properly develop a website.

Trading Result Analysis

The Worthy FX Trader vendor provides us with a single FX Blue account that has been running for approximately 130 days. During this time the software showing an overall return of 163%, with a drawdown of just 8.9%. These stats are very impressive, but we would certainly rather see them on a Myfxbook account, as it’s a much more reliable platform.

During the 130 days, the software has traded 31 times, with an average trade length of 29.1 hours. This goes to show that the software doesn’t trade frequently, but it is quite successful when it does. The risk reward ratio is also very positive, with the average win coming in at 165 pips, and the average loss coming in at -18 pips.

The results are very strong so far, but we would certainly like to see some client trading results and some Myfxbook accounts to ensure the validity of this performance.


At this point, it’s unlikely that we will provide a recommendation for the Worthy FX Trader, but it is definitely an EA to watch moving forward. In order to get a recommendation, this vendor is going to have to fix their website, provide a Myfxbook account, give us more strategy insight, and tell us who they are as well. When all these aspects are completed, we will consider changing our mind.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments below the article now.

Worthy FX Trader $109
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Worthy FX Trader is an MT4 Forex robot that runs on the H1 timeframe.

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