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Davinci FX Review (Automated Trading Systems)

Davinci FX is a Forex service provider that offers scripts, signals, managed accounts, indicators and expert advisors. Their main focus is on their automated expert advisors, and so is ours, so that will be where we put the majority of our efforts during this review. They believe that their services utilize “the most relevant algorithms in the world of trading.” Today, we will be providing a complete review and letting you know if they meet today’s market standard when it comes to trading services.

They do not provide a location of their head offices, but our research shows that their servers are located in Russia. The team is made up of Vitaly Nemykh, the lead tester and Roman Starostin, the lead software developer. Vitaly’s been trading since 2006, with expertise in “managing low risk investment portfolios.” His partner Roman’s been trading since 2013, and developing in the MQL5 trading language since 2015. They actually provide their personal email addresses as well,, and This is more transparency than we’ve seen from most developers lately, and they deserve credit for that. It’s always good to know who is behind a system, and this group appears to be more than willing to provide us with that information.

In order to get in touch with their actual support, it is best to email We doubt that the vendors want to be emailed on their personal emails unless it’s something incredibly important.


Davinci FX Review

The Davinci FX website uses an old design style that looks like it was developed 10-15 years ago. This takes away from their professionalism slightly, as most automated systems have much more aesthetically pleasing designs.

The team currently offer 5 different Forex robots, the Night Hawk EA, Zodiaq EA, Sakura EA, Trade Helper and Breakeven Definer. Three of the systems are automated robots, and the other two are helpful tools to assist in the trading process. The best Forex robot they offer is the Night Hawk EA, which also happens to be their most popular. The key benefits of this system are that it’s completely automated, universal, reliable, multifunctional, secure, innovative and built with integrated money management.

Trading Strategy

Each of the three Davinci FX trading systems utilizes a different strategy innovated by Vitaly Nemykh. The Night Hawk EA uses multiple indicators “(Bollinger Band, Commodity Channel Index, etc.),” in conjunction with candle stick patterns to find opportunities. It also includes customizable filters to assist with drawdown control, news, currency pairs and the maximum amount of transactions held open at one time.

The Zodiaq EA is built on the foundations of support and resistance. It also looks to identify the market mood and impulse strength in order to better predict future market direction. The software uses pending orders to enter the position, keeping their trades all around 38-33 points whether they are wins or losses. The system also uses an “intellectual capital management ability.”

Lastly, the Sakura EA is a counter-trend multicurrency robot that trades exclusively during the Asian trading session. The system opens positions when their is low market volatility based on specific triggers like going outside of price channel boundaries. Then, checks a number of filters to ensure the entry and exit are efficient. This strategy goes even more in-depth but we won’t bore you with the details. If you are interested in learning more about each strategy, please go to the developers website.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robots
  • Price: $129-$199
  • Strategy: Multiple
  • Timeframe: Multiple

For traders interested in any of the Davinci FX systems, they range from $129, $199 per license. They don’t specify exactly what you get when you purchase the robot, but we assume it comes with a guide, the software and installation support. These are the most common promises from all vendors, as you can see in our recent reviews of FX Fortnite EA, Life Changer Bot, and Forex Trading Robot DAVE.

Trading Results

Each Davinci FX robot comes with a handful of backtests and a single live account running on Myfxbook. This is a positive sign, and the results for the most part are quite impressive.

The Nighthawk EA account is showing a 185% gain, with a 41% drawdown, since December 20th, 2018. It’s traded 1350 times during that time, with a risk reward ratio of approximately 1:2. The average trade length is 2 days and the win rate is 76%.

The Zodiaq EA is showing a 326% gain with a 4% drawdown, since March 28th, 2016. It’s traded 3292 times during that time, with a risk reward ratio of approximately 1:2. The average trade length is 7 hours, 23 minutes, with a win rate of 73.5%.

Lastly, the Sakura EA is showing a 19.66% gain, with a 4.30% drawdown, since December 22, 2019. It’s traded 159 times during that time, with a risk reward ratio of approximately 1:1.75. The average trade length is 9 hours, 19 minutes, with a win rate of approximately 69.5%.

The results as a whole are impressive. They provide accounts for each system that have been running for extended lengths. None of the accounts appear to be providing anything more than just a few percentage points per month in 2020, but do remain consistent.


The Davinci FX robots aren’t aggressive, or going to make major gains for your accounts in recent times but they are all winning consistently. We do feel the best days for these robots seem to be a couple of years ago, but the development staff seems more than capable of keeping up with current market conditions.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments below the article now.

Davinci FX $129-$199
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


Davinci FX is an automated robot developer providing three different trading systems to the public.

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Three robots available
Myfxbook accounts
Transparent team


Smaller gains in recent times
Old looking website

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