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Copy Paste Pips – A Scam? : See Review

Copy Paste Pips – A Scam? : See Review

Today we are looking a new forex signals service that is about to break into the trading market.  We have been very happy with most of these services lately so hopefully the same goes for Copy Paste Pips.

Have a better trader trade for you!

Well why not, if you can’t trade for yourself use copy paste pips and grow your forex trading account with someone else doing all the work.  This is the concept, and it is a great one as long as the forex trader on the other end has the knowledge we are led to believe.

All the copy paste pips accounts have been verified as you will be able to watch a video that takes you in the process of the forex signals.  It will show you exactly how copy paste pips will provide you with winning signals.

Results Added: 1/19/2010

There are a lot of elements in place to help you succeed here.  This is what we like about this system at first glance.  If you go check it out now you will get the copy paste pips free forex megatrend software and some other goodies for stopping in.

We expect this system to be pretty big.  There are a lot of people excited about copying trades and we like that they will be providing us with full proof that it works ad advertised before purchasing.

At this point we do not believe that copy paste pips is a scam, and we will continue to update our review with the information that we find about it.  If you have any information on the copy paste pips system that you would like to share please leave a comment below and let us know your feelings on this signal provider.

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  1. I bought CPP and Noloss on Jan 19th. Since that time I am in profit by $1,9011. I have not used the NoLoss just the CPP. There was a problem, however, when two trades were taken with the USDCHF I cancelled them and followed on demo. Collectively they lost around $3000!

  2. I got my money refunded for CPP and CCPNoLoss with no hassle.

    I may revisit this service in the future after they’ve worked out the bugs, and if I have a way of verifying it… Surely the idea is super, namely to have an expert and successful trader call trades for you or trade your account with small drawdowns! And the NoLoss concept is almost unbelievable! Oh Well… I’ll keep checking this site for updates anyway.

  3. My brother purchased CopyPastePips also and he received a trade today but I did not. My MT4 has been on continuously with “working… Version 3.3” and a smiley face and no outages so obviously there are problems here that need to be addressed.

  4. Is there anyplace we can monitor trades that go through so we know we are no missing anything?

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