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Copy Paste Pips – A Scam? : See Review

Copy Paste Pips – A Scam? : See Review

Today we are looking a new forex signals service that is about to break into the trading market.  We have been very happy with most of these services lately so hopefully the same goes for Copy Paste Pips.

Have a better trader trade for you!

Well why not, if you can’t trade for yourself use copy paste pips and grow your forex trading account with someone else doing all the work.  This is the concept, and it is a great one as long as the forex trader on the other end has the knowledge we are led to believe.

All the copy paste pips accounts have been verified as you will be able to watch a video that takes you in the process of the forex signals.  It will show you exactly how copy paste pips will provide you with winning signals.

Results Added: 1/19/2010

There are a lot of elements in place to help you succeed here.  This is what we like about this system at first glance.  If you go check it out now you will get the copy paste pips free forex megatrend software and some other goodies for stopping in.

We expect this system to be pretty big.  There are a lot of people excited about copying trades and we like that they will be providing us with full proof that it works ad advertised before purchasing.

At this point we do not believe that copy paste pips is a scam, and we will continue to update our review with the information that we find about it.  If you have any information on the copy paste pips system that you would like to share please leave a comment below and let us know your feelings on this signal provider.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Well I got this copypastepips 1 1/2 weeks ago and so far just 2 trades for a +255 pip profit. Happy for that but I must say I’m disappointed at the scarcity of trades….they showed records at the initial adv site of trades every day….must have been hype just to get sales, as usual. Will wait a little longer to see what happens but if it doesn’t pick up somewhat I’ll be asking for a refund. By the way,,,for the guy who keeps saying he hasn’t received a license key….it’s your Clickbank receipt #.

  2. JJR Better get your refund as soon as possible their words doesn’t tally to the reality, I don’t know what went wrong, I can’t rely such kind of service for my trading life, ridiculous!!! why people are always lying?


  3. Currently I have 3 active trades with combined loss of about (-500) pips, and 4 pending trades. I am not sure how accurate the results are, considering that last night we had a power outage for several hours due to the Chicago storm. But also, I’ve seen CPP and CPPNoLoss go into an ERROR loop from which they can’t recover except by reloading them; perhaps following an Internet connection loss for a second. These outages do happen and we know nothing about how CPP/NoLoss are affected or are able to recover and continue managing the trades… From my short experience, it’s too dangerous for me to use this service on my home computer… We need to hear from someone who’s running it on a dedicated server.. Additionally, trades do not seem to be picked so brilliantly! I had real hopes for this one following their sales pitch, but unfortunately it did not work for me, so I am going to request a refund. I’ll let you know how that goes… Good luck

  4. Two heavy losing trades which were cancelled. ( I don’t know how Colmer did it?.) One win of $103 and one loss of $211 so far sums up the first week. I think they need to brush up their trading skills to deliver the goods as I could do better blindfolded. What do you say???

  5. I have not recieved licence for more than 15 days. I have been writing.. Look at there reply
    I did that and it still does not work.
    (As we have made certain authorization changes, please now try your Clickbank order number in your license field.
    We are really sorry to keep you waiting for so long. Our dedicated support and technician staff is working really hard to deal with all of your inquiries and current issues. As our server is overloaded now and the interest to our program is just enormous, we kindly ask you to remain patient knowing that every question will be eventually answered and nothing will stay undone)
    I will give them till Monday, if i do not get my license i will demand for my full refund.

  6. Well….I almost put down my CC to purchase the 7 day trial….glad I checked here first.
    I see very limited support and some license activation issues which could be from minimal server hardware and staffing (read no budget intended for this aspect of the program/business)
    The sales pitch was all about how successful he is at Forex and how everyone has been burned by faulty EA’s and empty promises but he would ‘deliver the real goods’.
    It seems every time you turn around you see a similar structured web site pushing a promise and 10 or 20 plus ‘core’ affiliates pounding the product via email…sigh
    I should have googled him to see if the guy even looked like the guy in the video or if he was a actor (I’ve seen that before)…..hopefully I’m wrong about all of this but I’ll check back to see if any of you have success
    Good luck All

  7. Some updates on my demo account:
    1. I still have a short eur/usd trade running since Jan 24 04:57. It’s negative (-34.10) pips. It seems to me that it could be preventing the system from taking another trade on this pair??? It’s unfortunate since eur/usd moved nicely today. I think I might manually close it come Monday, but I am reluctant to interfere so I don’t pollute the service performance result… I read on a different site that Yomi has realized +75 pips on a eur/usd trade, but not me. Any thoughts on this anyone?
    2. So far 2 winning trades have been closed. Both on gbp/usd with 60 and 105 pips profit.
    3. So far 2 trades have been initiated by the noloss client, one still pending but not filled, and once cancelled. No profits from the noloss version yet.

  8. Sell gbpusd was cancelled before reaching Stop Loss@59449. No profit/loss recorded. Waiting and watching for further movements.

  9. Aslam… it sounds like your order is pending but has not been filled yet. If it were filled, you would see your profit/loss in the trade tab.

    gpp/usd trade was closed with 60 pips profit.
    The ongoing (several days) eur/usd trade is -175 pips, and close to hitting the S/L.

  10. sell gbpusd trade is still open and is heading for the stop loss @ 1.60900. There is no profit or loss showing our trading position. What to do??

  11. With Zig Zag on my chart I can see some logic for opening trades and putting in TP. I have had all my trades showing profit so far but I am only using the normal CPP product. The customer service is slow but I went online and tracked my open tickets by loggin in, I changed the Priority to Critical and got a quick response.

    Thy software update to v 3.2 was seamless.

  12. the cpp places the trade, the sl and tp itself, it adjusts it has it deems fit. Presently, it has closed out the GBP/USD with 60 pips profit. the EUR/USD is still running and its presently at -40 pips.

  13. Hi there folks,
    Installed CPP as instructed on $ 5000 demo account on 1hr chart on trial for 7 days. I have one sell trade for 0.10 gbpusd pending after two days. But am unable to understand why this EA has to be loaded only on one chart only as per the instructions? Can someone enlighten me?

  14. Greetings to all- quite a few posts since my last. I e-mailed click bank and got a refund on all three of the purchases I made with CPP. The way I see it unless you’re a MetaTrader whiz kid ,you have a huge learning curve ahead of you trying to figure out how to adjust, set, test, optimize, etc. etc., the software applications. Too bad their support is so pathetic. It’s good to have this experience in my rearview mirror, fading fast. All my best to the platform whiz kids out there ,with the patience of Job.


  15. got the cpp on the 20th, did not get a licence until 23rd which was a sunday, none of my complaint was responded to until 24th. thruout 24th, there was no trade. i got a pending order for GBP/USD(buy limit) on the 25th which was triggered after the news and the trade went negative to like 75pips before retracing, presently its 9:52 p.m (GMT + 1) , its positive at 62 pips and still running. another sell stop order (EUR/USD) was opened few hours ago, and its presently down with 41 pips.

  16. hi people,
    I think it is still too early to decided, the CCP work or not, we have give a chance to show, how is it really work and make money or not, in this business we need a cool head and a lot of patience. I bought the CCP as well and I look forward for better trad. Good luck to all

  17. Re. your many Clickbank concerns, I just received my refund for all four products. Its in my account this morning, but I had to contact them by phone to get a response. So, for some
    reason they were not responding to emails. Haven’t figured that out.
    Final frustration for me was not getting the License number, so I always had that
    message on the page that the account could not be verified. I noticed that the systemn
    slowed down the normal MT4 pages as well ie. when I would switch from H1 to H2 or
    elsewhere, it would take some time. Never had that problem before either. As soon as
    I deleted the account that problem went away too. Although I never had any specific
    trades I did monitor the ones mentioned above , the GBP/USD and EUR/USD which were
    not profitable or even possible to open. So, I’m glad to have put this problem behind me.
    Onward and upward from here. Good luck to you all.

  18. I signed up for the 7-day trial period and am now glad that I did not put down more for the monthly service initially. Installation of the software went smoothly for me as did the license entry and acceptance. Currently, I have three trades open and all are losing money. Additionally, the overall selection of market direction is badly miscalculated. None of my documentation details instructions on how to “check-up” on the trades being placed by our Forex expert. Maybe I have overlooked the method but I searched the .pdf files carefully. Unfortunately, this will be my last attempt at trading the Forex unless I can teach myself a solid trading methodology (with the help of some GOOD books). I plan to post this reply, go to Clickbank and cancel my subscription, then return to trading options, which has proven much more profitable. Good luck to you one and all.

  19. I currently have 2 running orders. sell eurusd about $-106 in the negative running for a few days now, and buy gbpusd about $-29 in the negative running since last night I believe. I’ve also had 3 cancelled orders, one of which was issued by the no loss client… Overall so far, not a very impressive service, considering the lack of responsiveness of the support team (still waiting for a response to an inquiry issued 4 or 5 days ago), the lacking manuals, and the loosing trades… Will I be able to trust my real life account to this service? So far I doubt it… but will give it another week or two.

  20. Managed to get a refund from Clickbank but I only had the 7 day trial version.

  21. the GBPUSD trade opened even though I had those messages so it seems to work. Just think the size is too small. It opened a 0.04 size on a $6k account, thought it would be 0.40.

  22. 2011.01.25 03:50:55 CopyPastePips_Client EURUSDFXF,H1: Expert successfully activated
    2011.01.25 03:50:38 CopyPastePips_Client EURUSDFXF,H1: Error: Could not get signals, no connection to server. Trying to reconnect

    I get this messege every 2 or so hrs, anyone else have this? This one I run on a MT4 hosted on a VPS.
    I run the NoLoss directly and not through the VPS and it does not give the message in the Experts Tab

  23. Greetings to all — well, looks like it’s time to break out the old voice recognition software as I think I’m developing — hunt and peckitus. I just accessed the site here to check the posts and to see what successes and challenges exist. One thing for sure, if I would have known that the support was going to be so terrible and the software is so difficult to figure out I definitely would have let this one pass by. I have managed to get the software installed and operating and had the same trades going as JJR(above). The Japanese yen trade closed out with a .92 cent loss and as of the time of this posted I’m still in the British pound/US short trade. Have been spending time in the help section of MetaTrader trying to educate myself on how the MT4 platform operates as it relates to CPP. Trying to figure out how to test, optimize, figure out all the settings options, and strategies quite the challenge. I haven’t tried any of the configurations Sutan initiated much else seeing where the program has initiated five trades. I have the CPPNL sitting on my desktop but am hesitant to install it as I haven’t even adequately figured out how to really use CPP and know and understand what I’m doing.Has anyone experienced or heard of, what Henry mentioned, about not being able to get a refund back from click bank? I really hope this isn’t the case as this whole deal has become quite the time sponge.

  24. I just installed it a few minutes ago and working after the above settings were set in MT4.

    Already have setup 2 pending orders, we’ll see????

  25. I noticed that I needed to always press o.k. for popup boxes to allow certain .dll’s to function. CHecked the settings when double-clicking Expert Adv. Cpy Pips, it would not hold its settings. I needed to go to Tools then Options and set the same thing in the experts tab as the expert advisor and now there are no more popup boxes to achnowlegde the .dll’s

  26. Hello… I am new to Forex, but have purchased this service to test it out on a 5K demo account. Since Jan 22nd, the basic service has generated 2 pending orders:

    Order 1.
    sell limit size 0.15 gbpusd for 1.60250 with S/L 1.61300 and target 1.57550
    **Question**: is the risk here 1050 pips? which is equivalent to $10500 on a mini account?
    Please enlighten me as I am new to this market… but if this is the risk, it would be quite high for me, and I will promptly seek a refund and spare the time wasting… Even if the risk is $1050 it is still substantial for a 5K account.

    Order 2.
    Buy usdjpy size .10 for 82.500 with s/l 81.100 and target 84.600
    Is the risk here 1400 pips? or is it 140 pips ($1400 which is still sizeable for a 5k account)

    Thanks in advance

  27. so far i have learned more from this review how to set it up thanks i will let you know how the trades are lionel

  28. Sutan Morgan - LOVE LLC

    Hello All,
    I just figured it out. You have to put these EAs on the 1 hour chart and then 2 separate charts, ie….EURUSD and GBPUSD. If your EAs are in the Custom Indicator folder, you should remove it and place it in the Expert folder. What I did was copy and paste the platform in 2 separate drives, ie…C:Drive and E:Drive. I put the files in both C & E Drives. Then I opened CPP on C Drive and CPPNL in E Drive. After I did that the EAs are now working. So there could be a mistake perhaps in the instruction manual as Doug stated above, but thats why we are here, to figure out whats going on as much as possible before trying to refund. I admit I was getting a little frustrated myself, but I think this is a great program and I want to see it work, so I’m standing that it will be a great tool to add to my trading. I have now gotten a response to all 4 of my support tickets and now everything seems to be working ok. So I can’t wait until next week to see the trades and hopefully I can match Wilfred’s trades. I will post any new findings. Thanks to everyone who have posted their findings. Peace and Love to Everyone !!!


  29. Wifred, Thanks for your reply and help with the loading method..I am unable to to get anything to show up under EA under the Navigation…all the files are in the correct files of the MT4 but only show up in the Custom indicators… all you guys..this is not first time we have loaded this type of software into a MT4…why is this all so tricky? as you say political …jazz……..Hear from you soon….Regards, Chris Howes.

  30. Friday, asked for my $10 refund from Clickbank. Can’t think why they bother to design their jazzy but fallacious website when they put no effort to their backup and PDF manual. They must collect all our money put it into a bank and by the time they have refunded it, have made a nice little profit on the interest

  31. Hi
    Vincent&Chris I just did as many tried to do here I placed all dll files into Program file/Broker file name/experts/library and the CPP_Cllient into Program file/ Broker file name/experts that’s what I did, Then you will open any chart and link to it, make sure to allow DLL import lastly you gonna have a pop up window for license key that’s obvious. Make sure all charts to be in the same Timeframe i.e 1H

    As I said yesterday Chris I have all five trades are now closed but still facing the same problem waiting for responds from this guys because mathematically all trades went in their favour for more than 3000 pips now, But In experts below it shows they are all deleted not closed! Hope you have understood what I mean, so far Still Politics!!!


  32. Hi Wilfed, You seem to be the only one here that has any signals…would you mind giving your installation and operating method in a brief format so we can all check our own set-up procedure…many thanks…….Yes the support is pathetic…..good trading!

  33. I just got a pending buy limited USD/JPY order. Has anyone got this? Wilfred you said you had 5 trades? I only got 1 pending. how does this happen?

  34. Hi
    I would like to thank all past comments and reviews, I also went for $67 subscr, all settings went very well, started working on 18th, It has picked five trades so far, four of them already closed in profits over 1800 pips in total, The problem I had it doesn’t records profit or swaps charges just remained blank, I sent them an email still waiting for reply. I’ll come back to close the case!! Thank all.

  35. hi everyone i think we all having the same problem with those guys and we all haven’t received any support of them (24 hrs support) or signal yet how we going to get a signal if the EAs not working probly in MT4 and keeps crash it. Also clickbank is refusing a refund any money (60 days money back guarantee) so if anyone get any signal just let us know (i adoubt i really i think they are a scam) also none of their product is working i got the 4 of them (2 indicators were working for two hours and that is it the licensces not matching any more.
    thanks guys

  36. Greetings Sutan- Thanks for your input, your information concerning the CopyPastePips_Client.ex4 was correct notwithstanding the instructions in the download pdf It states (quote) –
    “Example: If your system drive is C and you are using MetaTrader Alpari terminal, you need to copy ex4 file to the following folder: C/Program Files/MetaTrader Alpari/experts/indicators”. Thier words/instructions, not mine.How anyone is figuring out to leave off the /indicators part is beyond me. Right after I read your post I finally received a short email stating : “1. Exit your MetaTrader terminal if it is running. 2. Copy your .ex4 file to the following folder:[Drive/Program Files/Meta Trader Folder/experts/], 3. Copy your dll files to the following folder: [Drive/Program Files/Meta Trader Folder/experts/libraries].
    Best regards,
    CopyPastePips Team
    Whatever! After placing the file in question, where it belongs I reopened MetaTrader 4 (alpari U.S) and the EA is in the right place but it is grayed out. I have one pair open
    (EURUSD,H1) and when I double click on the grayed out CPP EA icon I get a CPP_Client window- not sure what to do here, (some vendor instructions would have been helpful) so I just click “ok” and, on the chart I get a CPP_Client frowny face and the right while on the left I get- ” critical error- trade not allowed for this expert”. As far as “little boxes” don’t remember seeing those and have not seen any place to put a license in, much else a button to save only to not save, leave the (license/ sign-in) box on the screen along with
    “(something in the ) left corner of the chart it says “Contacting server to activate Expert”.

    Sutan am I understanding where you are at ? I sure hope the posters discourse here helps others (including ourselves) out so they don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out this stuff out. O still can’t believe they don’t have knowledge base or troubleshooting info at the support center (the place I generated my request tickets-
    (Duet Internet Projects), apparent the company handling (or hosting) the CPP support. If anyone has better fortune than I getting the troubleshooter or knowledge base to wor would you please share your expertise. Gotta run – it’s time to generate another ticket.

  37. Sutan Morgan - LOVE LLC

    Ok just got a response back that said (It was the free offer. Unfortunately, it has expired already. But you can purchase your soft with a 60 day money-back guarantee.) Anyway they haven’t addressed the license issue, but have responded. The guys name is Damian Smith.

  38. Sutan Morgan - LOVE LLC

    Hello Doug & Bob,
    Thanks for your input. My experience is that I have installed the EAs in the correct place, but the little boxes(just for the EAs), when I put the license in and hit save, it will not save, it just sits on my screen and in the left corner of the chart it says “Contacting server to activate Expert” and thats on both CPP & CPPNL. Now on the other hand the Blade Osc & the Infinity indicators both have activated with no problem. I put 3 tickets in but have not heard a thing and actually 2 of them just disappeared from the view tickets section with no response to them. Those two tickets were because of the login access before purchasing that read (“I finally decided to go all the way and make my exclusive signals service available to the
    public — for a limited time and FREE to try:”). It gave a password and login details. So I sent a reply back about how to use it and what it was for, however I had already purchased it. Anyway I really liked this one and hopefully we will here something soon. As for as your install Doug, the EA should not be in your Custom Indicator folder, it should only be in your Expert Advisor folder. Just close the Meta Trader and go to the root files and right click it, then hit cut, then paste it into the Experts folder. The only indicators you should see in the Custom Ind folder for this system is (BladeLevel & BladeOscillator). Hope this helps.


  39. Bob- appreciate the reply. I had already installed the mata 4 .dll in the expert/ library folder- I thought you may have been indicating a file that was not part of the download. I can’t even get the copypastepips to show up in the navigation/ EA tab. I did notice however that it is listed in the custom indicators, for whatever that’s worth. Still have not received a response to my “trouble” ticket left at thier internet trouble shooting/ knowledge base (empty by the way) site- Duet Internet Projects which was listed on the download page. Appreciate any input you or others may provide.


  40. Hi Doug,
    The 3rd dll file is” MT4 Tool” which should be next to the EA and other dll file. You should copy it into your Meta Trader Expert/Libraries file. The file also appears with the Cloner if you purchased that but I don’t think you have to load it twice into the same platform. You should then get a box requesting your receipt codes when you have loaded the EA or cloner on to two separate charts.
    Regards, Bob

  41. I have subscribed copypastepips on Jan 18th, but so far no trade. Nothing has happened..

  42. Bob- Is the 3rd dll file for copypastepips? Support has not got back to me and I can’t get said EA recognized/ installed (with the 2 opened dll’s from zip file) in meta trader. dll source?

  43. Nothing has happened then I discovered that you had to load a third dll. file into Meta Trader. See what happens now.

  44. By refusing to purchase the prduct a couple of times, I got CPP & CPP no loss for $4.95 each on a 7 day trial. So far no trades but will keep you informed. It will have to make a good few winners to pay for the monthly subs. Methinks I may be asking for a refund in six dys time!!!

  45. I have signed up for $4.95 for 7-day free trial then $47.00 per month for signal service

  46. I have just signed up, but was very dissapointed with the huge number of upsell pages before you can get to the base product download. This really does put you off. They would be better to let you get in on the ground floor without any fuss and then offer some futher options as time goes on. Anyway I have the base copypastepips installed and running so will see how it goes. We always have the money back guarantee if for any reason the system fails to deliver, but one would hope that I will be surprised with the performance and won’t need to use it.

  47. Sutan Morgan - LOVE LLC

    Hello All,
    I have purchased this one and hoping with the content shared on their site, it will be a good one. I have had problems with the EAs(COPY PASTE PIPS & COPY PASTE PIPS NO LOSS). Put a ticket in but no response yet. However, I think their set up for handling support issues look to be promising and may just be overloaded with the rush of folks joining today. Anyway I will assist with postings for this System.


  48. Yes..I agree with Vincent..I have also purchased and set it up…the fees are monthly…$67 as well as $97 ….found the info provided misleading…it has an EA….they are unreliable when setting S/L and T/P settings….your MT4 will wipe you out if all the S/L are set by an EA system. I have mine setup on as real trading account…..who wants an EA controlling the trades…you the trader should be making the final in and out decision…..scam material …also no reply from the famous support team …. so far not great…a pending Refund is looming…..

  49. Vincent would you let us know daily your results rather than just wait for the month to pass this will see whether it is performing thanks

  50. There is $97 per month after $67 for no loss signal. It is okay if it produce good result. I will have it test for a month and see what happen, will post result later.

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