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Copy Paste Pips – A Scam? : See Review

Copy Paste Pips – A Scam? : See Review

Today we are looking a new forex signals service that is about to break into the trading market.  We have been very happy with most of these services lately so hopefully the same goes for Copy Paste Pips.

Have a better trader trade for you!

Well why not, if you can’t trade for yourself use copy paste pips and grow your forex trading account with someone else doing all the work.  This is the concept, and it is a great one as long as the forex trader on the other end has the knowledge we are led to believe.

All the copy paste pips accounts have been verified as you will be able to watch a video that takes you in the process of the forex signals.  It will show you exactly how copy paste pips will provide you with winning signals.

Results Added: 1/19/2010

There are a lot of elements in place to help you succeed here.  This is what we like about this system at first glance.  If you go check it out now you will get the copy paste pips free forex megatrend software and some other goodies for stopping in.

We expect this system to be pretty big.  There are a lot of people excited about copying trades and we like that they will be providing us with full proof that it works ad advertised before purchasing.

At this point we do not believe that copy paste pips is a scam, and we will continue to update our review with the information that we find about it.  If you have any information on the copy paste pips system that you would like to share please leave a comment below and let us know your feelings on this signal provider.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I bought CPP and Noloss on Jan 19th. Since that time I am in profit by $1,9011. I have not used the NoLoss just the CPP. There was a problem, however, when two trades were taken with the USDCHF I cancelled them and followed on demo. Collectively they lost around $3000!

  2. I got my money refunded for CPP and CCPNoLoss with no hassle.

    I may revisit this service in the future after they’ve worked out the bugs, and if I have a way of verifying it… Surely the idea is super, namely to have an expert and successful trader call trades for you or trade your account with small drawdowns! And the NoLoss concept is almost unbelievable! Oh Well… I’ll keep checking this site for updates anyway.

  3. My brother purchased CopyPastePips also and he received a trade today but I did not. My MT4 has been on continuously with “working… Version 3.3” and a smiley face and no outages so obviously there are problems here that need to be addressed.

  4. Is there anyplace we can monitor trades that go through so we know we are no missing anything?

  5. Well I got this copypastepips 1 1/2 weeks ago and so far just 2 trades for a +255 pip profit. Happy for that but I must say I’m disappointed at the scarcity of trades….they showed records at the initial adv site of trades every day….must have been hype just to get sales, as usual. Will wait a little longer to see what happens but if it doesn’t pick up somewhat I’ll be asking for a refund. By the way,,,for the guy who keeps saying he hasn’t received a license key….it’s your Clickbank receipt #.

  6. JJR Better get your refund as soon as possible their words doesn’t tally to the reality, I don’t know what went wrong, I can’t rely such kind of service for my trading life, ridiculous!!! why people are always lying?


  7. Currently I have 3 active trades with combined loss of about (-500) pips, and 4 pending trades. I am not sure how accurate the results are, considering that last night we had a power outage for several hours due to the Chicago storm. But also, I’ve seen CPP and CPPNoLoss go into an ERROR loop from which they can’t recover except by reloading them; perhaps following an Internet connection loss for a second. These outages do happen and we know nothing about how CPP/NoLoss are affected or are able to recover and continue managing the trades… From my short experience, it’s too dangerous for me to use this service on my home computer… We need to hear from someone who’s running it on a dedicated server.. Additionally, trades do not seem to be picked so brilliantly! I had real hopes for this one following their sales pitch, but unfortunately it did not work for me, so I am going to request a refund. I’ll let you know how that goes… Good luck

  8. Two heavy losing trades which were cancelled. ( I don’t know how Colmer did it?.) One win of $103 and one loss of $211 so far sums up the first week. I think they need to brush up their trading skills to deliver the goods as I could do better blindfolded. What do you say???

  9. I have not recieved licence for more than 15 days. I have been writing.. Look at there reply
    I did that and it still does not work.
    (As we have made certain authorization changes, please now try your Clickbank order number in your license field.
    We are really sorry to keep you waiting for so long. Our dedicated support and technician staff is working really hard to deal with all of your inquiries and current issues. As our server is overloaded now and the interest to our program is just enormous, we kindly ask you to remain patient knowing that every question will be eventually answered and nothing will stay undone)
    I will give them till Monday, if i do not get my license i will demand for my full refund.

  10. Well….I almost put down my CC to purchase the 7 day trial….glad I checked here first.
    I see very limited support and some license activation issues which could be from minimal server hardware and staffing (read no budget intended for this aspect of the program/business)
    The sales pitch was all about how successful he is at Forex and how everyone has been burned by faulty EA’s and empty promises but he would ‘deliver the real goods’.
    It seems every time you turn around you see a similar structured web site pushing a promise and 10 or 20 plus ‘core’ affiliates pounding the product via email…sigh
    I should have googled him to see if the guy even looked like the guy in the video or if he was a actor (I’ve seen that before)…..hopefully I’m wrong about all of this but I’ll check back to see if any of you have success
    Good luck All

  11. Some updates on my demo account:
    1. I still have a short eur/usd trade running since Jan 24 04:57. It’s negative (-34.10) pips. It seems to me that it could be preventing the system from taking another trade on this pair??? It’s unfortunate since eur/usd moved nicely today. I think I might manually close it come Monday, but I am reluctant to interfere so I don’t pollute the service performance result… I read on a different site that Yomi has realized +75 pips on a eur/usd trade, but not me. Any thoughts on this anyone?
    2. So far 2 winning trades have been closed. Both on gbp/usd with 60 and 105 pips profit.
    3. So far 2 trades have been initiated by the noloss client, one still pending but not filled, and once cancelled. No profits from the noloss version yet.

  12. Sell gbpusd was cancelled before reaching Stop Loss@59449. No profit/loss recorded. Waiting and watching for further movements.

  13. Aslam… it sounds like your order is pending but has not been filled yet. If it were filled, you would see your profit/loss in the trade tab.

    gpp/usd trade was closed with 60 pips profit.
    The ongoing (several days) eur/usd trade is -175 pips, and close to hitting the S/L.

  14. sell gbpusd trade is still open and is heading for the stop loss @ 1.60900. There is no profit or loss showing our trading position. What to do??

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