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Forex Robots vs Manual Trading (Analysis)

What’s better? Forex robots or manual trading?  It’s actually not that black and white. And in this video, I’ll show you that you can use manual analysis in conjunction with Forex robots to get both short and long-term results. Let’s get into it. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Trade with Pat (@fxtradewithpat) Forex Robots or Manual …

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Robot Review: Forex Cyborg

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex robot by a company the claims we’ve seen the rest and now it’s time that we see the best, Forex Cyborg. The developers of the system advertise it as “the most innovative multicurrency Forex trading robot on the market.” It is built to work with 14 currency pairs simultaneously on 15 minute charts. It’s …

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Forex Diamond

Forex diamond is a Forex robot that boasts an amazing 40+ recovery factor that can take your trading to the next level. This product is from the creators of the Wall Street Forex robot, a system that was active in the market for over two years. Today I will be providing an in-depth review of this software and updating this …

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My Live Forex Trades in 2021 (Video)

Hey guys, not doing a big writeup for this post, just want to let you know my latest video is now available. In this video I go over a new approach I’m using with Forex Fury V4, and walk you through my live trades for the past month. My Live Forex Trades Video I hope that you enjoy the video. …

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Smart Charts 2 Review (Greg Secker)

Smart Charts 2 is a Forex e-learning and trading platform built to help traders achieve their goals. The service comes with, trading signals, a market scanner, a trading course, the platform, coaching and 1-on-1 setup instructions for $1999 per year. This is a very high price, so it’s important that we provide a complete review and let the Forex Robot …

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The Profit Goldeneye by Element Forex

Have another review on a new product by Element Forex that they have dubbed The Profit Goldeneye. Element Forex claims that you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands to have success with Forex systems if you just follow their advice and use their software. This new Forex system is and alert software that will tell you when to place …

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MT4 Review: EFC Indicator

Today I’m looking at new Forex product promising to find a winning trade opportunities for its clients in less than 60 seconds, EFC Indicator. The purpose of this indicator is to help traders find more accurate trade entries. The creators of the system believe that it is an easy, fast and clean indicator that is “proven to make you money.” …

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NCM Signal Review (Trade Copying)

NCM Signal is a new Forex copy trading service promising to be transparent, reliable and stable, all leading to client success. They believe in providing a safe trading experience for their investors. This is an important line for them to take, as they have complete rights to “execute trades on your trading account.” They do not have any direct access …

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Forex Review: Social Trader Tools

Today I’m analyzing a new web-based platform built to help traders manage an unlimited amount of accounts from any MT4 broker, all in a single platform, Social Trader Tools. The entire platform is hosted in the cloud, and doesn’t require traders to utilize a virtual private server, any special software or complex configurations. All traders have to do, is upload …

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Review: Forex Robot Academy / Factory

Today I’m reviewing a new EA development platform built to help traders create profitable robots without the knowledge of any coding, Forex Robot Academy, or now known as Forex Robot Factory. I’m unsure as to why the developers decided to change the name of their service, but the website domain remains the same, while all the marketing on the website …

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