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Smart Charts 2 Review (Greg Secker)

Smart Charts 2 is a Forex e-learning and trading platform built to help traders achieve their goals. The service comes with, trading signals, a market scanner, a trading course, the platform, coaching and 1-on-1 setup instructions for $1999 per year. This is a very high price, so it’s important that we provide a complete review and let the Forex Robot Nation readers see all sides of the story. There are many premium services like this in the Forex market, but it’s important that you only pay what is absolutely necessary. There are many vendors that will bundle a bunch of free information found in forums and sell it to you as a trading course. That’s not what’s happening here with, but it’s important that you recognize this as something you may need to avoid in the future.

The creator of the Smart Charts 2 service is Greg Secker, a well known Forex trader with an active Facebook following of over 40,000 traders. He’s created Learn2Trade, the original Smart Charts, and handful of other Forex trading products since 2010. He also does seminars, live trading sessions and many helpful YouTube videos on his channel. There are hundreds of articles and pages about Greg and his influence in the Forex marketplace. He has both good reviews and detractors, but that’s very natural for any product producer with as many clients as he has.

Smart Charts 2 Review

The Smart Charts 2 website is very professional looking, with information about the service, some testimonials and pricing details. Greg promises that his “award-winning training and unique market scanner enables you to learn how to find and place trades in minutes, from anywhere in the world.”

Greg believes that the Forex market can be beaten by anyone, as long as they have the right support and discipline. This is what he promises to deliver, and he shows us multiple awards to back up those claims, that he’s received from the Global Banking & Finance Review.

In terms of evidence or proof, Greg doesn’t really provide us with what we are used to. It’s clear that he’s a skilled trader, offering an advanced trading platform, but we prefer to see verified trading results and clear cut examples. We’ve done a few searches on Myfxbook, and have been unable to come across any trading accounts.

This does not mean that the Smart Charts 2 program isn’t viable, it just means that we have yet to see verifiable proof that it is, outside of user testimonials. Which it is worth mentioning, that there are many positive user testimonials, and we can’t discount that fact.

It would be very beneficial to see some trading accounts from Greg Secker, or from some of his clients, to see what type of approach they are using, and what type of results they are getting.

Smart Charts 2 Scanner

One of the main draws of Greg Secker’s Smart Charts 2 platform, is the inclusion of “The Scanner.” According to the sales page, this tool cost millions in development, and is one of the most powerful features of the service.

The scanner “scans thousands of markets in a faction of a second to find patterns and indicators setups that you can use in your technical analysis.” This shortens the trade setup portion of the manual trading experience by giving traders quick knowledge they can apply immediately to their charts.

Greg relates the scanner to a professional golf caddy, helping traders finding the suitable golf club to make the shot. So, the trader still has to make the trade, but they have the right information at their fingertips to do so profitably.

The Smart Charts 2 Platform

The most unique aspect of the Smart Charts 2 program, is the platform itself. For someone like myself, I don’t think I could move away from MT4 or MT5, but this gives traders that option.

In order to use the service, traders are expected to deposit funds within this platform, but I’m not exactly sure to which broker. Then, after the funds are deposited, traders can place the trades in the platform.

So, it’s really a one stop shop. As, you get the education, trade ideas, signals all within the exact same platform that you are placing the trades. This is definitely the main benefit of the service, and for someone that’s not doing well in their current platform, it could be the answer.

In the platform, traders can make many changes to their trades visually, by simply dragging the lines on the chart before placing a trade. The following adjustments can easily be set:

  • Risk % (trade size)
  • Stop loss
  • Take profit
  • Expiry time (set a time you want the trade to exit regardless of result)

The expiry time function would actually be something many binary options traders would appreciate, as there aren’t a ton of platforms that offer this natively like Smart Charts 2 does.

In this image, you can see how simple it is to click on the stop loss, take profit, or entry point and drag it to a position you prefer. In offering an option like this, it makes it easier to visualize the trade process.

E-Learning Platform

For traders looking to learn how to trade, the Smart Charts 2 platform provides this opportunity as well. Greg Secker provides “74 videos and 250+ pages of E-Learning resources.”

All of the videos are in clear HD, and are very easy to follow. You can tell by perusing some of Greg’s YouTube videos that he’s a strong speaker, and a great teacher.

That being said, you should watch a few hours of his YouTube videos to see his teaching style suits you before you sign up, given the large price tag.

It would be nice if Greg provide a couple sample lessons as well for our perusal. Even if it’s just a portion of his “Summary of Introduction to LFX” or “General FX Market Behavior,” it would give us a better idea of what to expect.


It’s clear that Greg Secker is a knowledgeable trader, and that his Smart Charts 2 platform is an effective alternative to MT4/MT5 platform. Yet, at $1999, it doesn’t come cheap.

At this price point, I would really like to get some client feedback here at Forex Robot Nation before I make a final judgement call. I do believe that there is value here, but I want to see some verified trading results to put me at ease before making my mind up.

Please leave your thoughts and comments about this new take on the Smart Charts platform. I look forward to hearing from you.

Smart Charts 2 $1999/year
  • Pricing
  • Strategy (Lessons)
  • Platform
  • Feedback
  • Support


Greg Secker’s Smart Charts 2 is an extension of his long running Forex products, Learn2Trade and the original Smart Charts product. In this package traders get access to videos, a trading platform and many different tools to help traders place better trades.

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Complete platform
E-learning videos
Well known trader
Multiple tools and training


No verified results
High price point

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