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Forex Robots vs Manual Trading (Analysis)

What’s better? Forex robots or manual trading? 

It’s actually not that black and white. And in this video, I’ll show you that you can use manual analysis in conjunction with Forex robots to get both short and long-term results. Let’s get into it.

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Forex Robots or Manual Trading Strategies?

When using a manual trading strategy, you work on it, you learn it, you get better at it. And then you get a better performance. With Forex robots, You should be doing the exact same thing. This isn’t a signal service where you just follow the signal. This isn’t a managed account where someone trades for you. A robot can be customized. So you can use a robot in conjunction with manual analysis in order to grow your account faster and just perform better.

Now, in order to show you how to use automated trading and manual analysis together, I’m going to use the best Forex robot available Forex fury to show you an example. In the version four update of Forex Fury, came a setting called longs and shorts only. This is the best setting to show you how to use manual analysis with the Forex robot at the exact same time. So let me get into that setting and show you exactly how it works. 

Forex Robot Settings (Longs & Shorts)

To understand the longs and shorts feature. You first have to know what is a long and what is a short, a long is a buy trade. So you’re saying that the market is going up and a short is a sell trade. So you’re saying that the market is going down. 

This feature is fantastic because it lets traders have their own influence on market analysis. Let’s say you think that the market is going to trend upwards for a significant period of time. Then you can actually say, all right, let me set this on longs only. And then we are just going to do buy trades for that period. And this works really well. And you could do the exact same thing for cell trades as well. 

Let’s say you think that the market is going down, right? We’re going to go down, lower highs, lower constantly. And this is what we’re seeing. And so now we would say, all right, let’s go with the shorts only because we’re just going to be seeing sell opportunities for a while and this way, instead of focusing on just ranging markets or focusing on trending markets in both directions, you’re saying the market is going in one direction, I believe that for a month or two. So let me just do buys only let me just do sells only. And then I’m going to win a lot of those trades. 

Let me show you some market examples of this to let you know exactly how profitable this can be.

Manual Trading Examples (Analysis)

As you can see right now, I have a Euro US dollar daily chart right now. I always use the daily chart to determine the trend direction. And if we go in the past right now, we can see there are constantly major shifts and major trends. If you look here, this was a significant trend that started May 2014 and it started a huge downtrend. You would want to hit shorts only on a trend like this. If you were to do this for months, you would have nothing but winning trades because you’re only taking shorts. And if you put your stop loss deep enough, then you were just going to hit hundred percent winners during this entire period. Or you can do shorter. You can just say, Hey, look at this uptrend right here. You could actually follow this uptrend all the way from here to here. 

When the trend changes, maybe you take a loss somewhere here and then you switch it up. You go, all right, let me take a look at this trend. Let me see what’s happening next. And in this example is you say, Hey, all right, I took my loss here. Maybe we shift this into a shorts only. And then we ride this wave and we hit shorts for this entire period. And then, Hey, maybe you take a loss here. You regroup. You take a look at another pair and then you go, Hey, maybe let’s hit longs only. And you have another big winning streak. And there are lots of pairs that do this. 

Let me go into the back test. I’ll show you some results using this longs and shorts only strategy. And then you can determine some trends and try it yourself.

Robots & Manual Trading Combined

So I’m back on the Euro, US dollar, and I’m going to do a quick manual analysis. I’m going to use a wedge pattern. I did a video on this before I showed you exactly how you can use wedge patterns. And I’ll go through that very quickly right now. 

So you can see here, we are creating a wedge. There is consolidation within this wedge right here. You could see the price is bouncing inside of this wedge. And what happens is when we break this wedge, like we’re seeing right here. Now we have a potential uptrend. So at this point here we are looking for buy opportunities. This is when we would put the software on longs only because this is the daily chart. Now we’re looking at a long uptrend. And as you can see here, this continues in a long uptrend for a significant period of time until eventually you get into some sort of a range.

And then, so we would basically when all of this right here, and then you can see, we get into a range. It starting to consolidate the price within here. And at that point we’ll close our losing trades and we’ll move to a different currency pair. We’ll test a different setting, but this is exactly what we want to do. And so what I’m going to do now is show you this exact movement right here. What could have happened on my FX book verified results, let’s take a look.

So I just showed you the manual analysis right here using the wedge formation to determine an uptrend, then putting the robot on a longs only to only take buy trades. This is the combination of manual and automated trading. Now, if I go into the, My FX book, you can actually see the trading results for this account. It’s absolutely insane. It’s fantastic. And it’s exactly what we were expecting. 

Trading Performance

See what we have here is a gain of over 1271%. We have a daily gain of 4.62%, monthly 287%, because this is only a couple of months. It was just a couple of months we used it for this test. You could see if I went here and I just clear this. You can see that this is the only thing we’re trading here. We’re just trading a couple of months. That’s all we’re doing. 
And so if I go back into the, my FX book account, you can see it’s extremely high risk. The amount of lot size I’m using for this. You don’t have to use a seven and a half lot size. You can see here, I did use a very large lot size a 7.5, which is why the trades are so big, which is why the gains are so big. But that is exactly why we have a gain of nearly 1300% in just a couple of months. And this is all from the combination of both manual and automated trading.

You can go and look through all of the trades. You can see here, it’s win after win, after win, after win, after win. And it’s just, the account is just on fire, obviously, because the direction is going in just one direction. We’re just going up and we’re just taking buy trades and we’re using a really high stop loss. So we’re just picking up winners. And we do that because we’re doing our manual analysis on the daily timeframe so that we see a long-term trend. And then we’re just taking advantage of the long-term trend. 

You can see at the end, we do have the losses right here. And this is what I was talking about with the range trading. As soon as we got within a range rate like that, we decided we have to get out. Let’s close the trades, maybe move to a different pair, and just find a different way to be successful with this strategy. But you can see manual and automated trading, Clearly go hand in hand. If you’re doing the right things and the right analysis, you have to take this into your automated trading and you will be more successful. 

Conclusion (What did you learn?)

I hope this video showed you that you can use manual analysis and automated Forex robot trading at the same time and use them together to get better results.

You don’t have to sit on your hands with your Forex robots. You can actively look for ways to make them better and make more money. As you can see in the results I showed you, the test I showed you almost 1400% in just two months using some high risk settings, but in a low risk way, because I had determined the trend it was going in. And then used that trend by using longs only using the Forex fury software. 

If you don’t know manual analysis, if you don’t understand how to determine a trend, there are tons of resources on the internet. There’s other youtubers talking about bullish or bearish opinions on the market on a weekly basis. You can definitely use that information. You could use the information in Joe’s webinar here at Forex robot nation every single day. And if you have anything you want to add to the video, leave a comment below right now. And thanks everyone for giving me all the support on this channel for following me on Instagram, for following me on Tik Tok and for joining my VIP signal service that won 25% in the last two months. This month, we’re up just a few percentage points, but I think the last couple of weeks are going to be excellent. So join the VIP group. Don’t join the VIP group. Do whatever you want guys, let’s make some money. Peace.

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