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With thousands of products flooding the market on a daily basis, here at Forex Robot Nation we sift and sort through every single system available to provide you with expert advisor reviews that you can trust. An expert advisor is a script developed in MQL4 or MQL5 coding language built for the MT4 or MT5 platform. This script is then connected to your Forex broker on either a live or demo account, where it will automatically trade the markets and either win or lose you trades based on the expert advisor you choose.


This is where we come in, as we’ve reviewed over 600 experts over the course of 8 years, which makes us the perfect resource to help you determine what is the best Forex EA, and how it can help you grow your trading accounts.


We have tested and analyzed commercial paid systems, and free expert advisors so that there is no stone unturned. Our investigations sort through performance results, trading strategy analyses, real client feedback and additional features like money-back guarantees, bonuses and customer support promises.


It’s quite apparent that there is no perfect expert advisor, or holy Grail that’s going to totally transform your MT4 trading account, but there are experts providing stable and reliable growth. Here are the top two rated options at Forex Robot Nation.

#1 – Forex Fury

#2 – Forex Steam

If these don’t suit your needs, or you just want to peruse more expert advisor reviews, please feel free to read the most recent analyses we’ve completed now.

Power Flow Forex Expert Advisor

Power Flow Forex expert advisor is a new 100% automated trading system that was built to be insensitive to market conditions and provide constant profits. The developers of this software claim that it is easy to use and it has been designed to return stable profits. Today I’ll be providing a review to see what type of technological advances this …

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FX-Bit is a new Forex robot that looks to be providing us with a sophisticated martingale strategy. The software trades on 8 different currency pairs and uses market analysis to ensure that I can be traded on all pairs. Today I’ll be providing a review and try to find it in depth analysis so that we have the power to …

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Advanced Scalper

Advanced scalper is a new expert advisor that claims to provide a Forex scalping technique that is very futuristic and will change the way many people think about this type of strategy. For hundred $75 traders can now access the software and get one license. Today I’ll be providing a short review to let you know my thoughts about this …

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Original Investor Forex EA

Original investor is a new Forex EA that uses a breakthrough strategy that attempts to make five figure profits. The system is being sold for $200 and it will provide traders with a simple daytrading strategy along with Forex signals. Today I’ll be providing a review on this new product and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand what it …

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Pip Stackers EA

Pip Stackers EA is a Forex robot that is starting to get some attention recently. The developers believe that this is an automated solution that will help consistently increase Forex accounts. Today will be providing a short review on this software that claims to have been earning pips for the past three years. Pip Stackers EA Review This system can …

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Trade Sigme

Trade Sigme is a new EA that claims to guarantee 20 to 40% profit and thousand pips every month. The developer of the system is Earl Casler a trader it says he’s been teaching this strategy for many years with great success. Today will be providing a quick review in finding out whether this product is worth our time. Trade …

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Pip Splash

Pip splash is a new Forex robot developed by the creators of Forex overdrive and FX flash. The software is meant to make quick profits in short periods of trading. The first thing we see on the webpage is a 20.6% profit in a 72 hour period. Today I will go over the potential in my review and find …

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Forex 3000 Dollars

Forex 3000 dollars is another automated Forex robot being brought to us by Rita Lasker. Rita has been developing systems for a couple years now and generally she releases a new Forex system every 2 to 3 months. Today I will go over some of her history but mostly I will review the new product and let you know my …

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Forex Profit Bot

Forex profit bot is a new Forex robot trades only one time per month on average. This is obviously not a scalper which is something the developers of this product and feel necessary to point out. I will consider adding this system to our active Forex robot tests. Let me start to review this product and let you know some …

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Crisis Killer

Today I’m reviewing crisis killer, a new Forex robot that is starting to gain a lot of attention so I feel it necessary to provide an honest review. The release date for this product is Tuesday, July 9 at 9 AM Eastern and the software will cost $40. How Crisis Killer Works This is an automated Forex robot so all …

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