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Lion Expert

lion expertLion expert is a new Forex robot by an unknown development team. The software is being sold for $129 and trades on the meta-trader for platform on the M5 and 1H timeframe.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know my initial thoughts upon coming to this website.

Lion Expert Review

One of the first things that I find quite strange is the fact that the line expert advisor developers aren’t able to center their website. This is very simple for even an unestablished website developer to handle. I’m not sure if this is the case on all browsers but on my the entire website is shifted to the left. This is a little unprofessional and is not a good first impression.

open trades

Secondly, we have the results for the lion expert advisor. These are quite dodgy. Despite the fact that developers of this system tell us that there software is not another Forex scam their results say otherwise. On the site they show us an account with FX choice limited that is been trading for 2 days. In this today. The software has made over $450. The problem with this is that there are open trades from almost 2 weeks ago and these trades don’t look to be actually active anymore. It looks like the results were put up on the day of launch and then the developers gave up and stopped updating.

Today I will not be recommending the lion expert because many of the things that I highlighted above. For $129 I expect the website to be immaculate and their to be lots of discussion about the strategy and the experience of the development team. The website is lacking a lot of the major areas that I focus on when trying to make a decision on whether or not this is a professional investment or not. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and concerns below the article. I appreciate you coming to Forex robot nation today and hope that you spend some more time on my website looking at some of my recommendations.

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