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Trade Sigme

trade sigmeTrade Sigme is a new EA that claims to guarantee 20 to 40% profit and thousand pips every month. The developer of the system is Earl Casler a trader it says he’s been teaching this strategy for many years with great success.

Today will be providing a quick review in finding out whether this product is worth our time.

Trade Sigme Review

The trade Sigme Forex robot has been trading since late October so there is still not a whole lot of data for us to diagnose year. This system is unique in that it trades only the AUDNZD pair. This is certainly not comment for automated Forex robots but I do appreciate developers the try something new.

Now let me take a quick look at the results being provided by the developer Earl Casler and see what I can find out.

The results show a modest gain of 15% in approximately 3 weeks but alongside a larger draw down of nearly 30%. I’m going to give the system the benefit of the doubt to start but I don’t plan on purchasing this trade sigme right away as I would like to see it trade for a longer period of time.

If you would like to see me add something else to this review please let me know. I may see if I can acquire a copy of this software and start some of my own independent testing and that something you would like to see.

Please leave your comments on the trade sigme review below this post and let’s start talking.

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