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Pip Splash

pip splashPip splash is a new Forex robot developed by the creators of Forex overdrive and FX flash. The software is meant to make quick profits in short periods of trading. The first thing we see on the webpage is a 20.6% profit in a 72 hour period.

Today I will go over the potential in my review and find out if this system truly can provide the quick profits that it expects.

Pip Splash Review

I’m going to start the review of this Pip splash by spending a little more time on the back test results that show this system in it’s first action. In this screenshot we can see that the software trades often with 22 trades in this period of time with a very low draw down. Out of the 22 trades 18 were winners and four were losers.

pip splash pair 1

Obviously we have to keep in mind that this is a very short period of time so there’s no way of us knowing if this is truly conducive of the Pip splash software and this is the type of results that we are going to get in the long-term.

Now I’m going to list the time frames and the pairs that this automated Forex robot trades:

  • M5, H1

So as we can see Pipsplash is a very active trading system, it trades often and with many pairs. One morning I have for systems like this is that Forex robots are hard to customize for more than one market or timeframe or pair. Not that this is a written rule but generally the success I have with Forex robots comes with systems that focus on less pairs because they can control more with less.

Pip Splash Final Thoughts

pipsplash pair 2I am currently not going to recommend the Pip splash expert advisor. While the developer has had success in the past I am not overly sold on the results for this $37 system. There are quite a few details I feel need to be worked out before money is spent on this system.

This doesn’t mean that I am totally condemning the Pip splash software in this review. I just think that we need a month or two of actual trading results before we can set our expectations. Please leave your comments below, I appreciate anything you have to offer.

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