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Bunch of New Forex Robot Releases

Bunch of New Forex Robot Releases

Looks like after a bit of a slow period at the start of the year that things are really starting to heat up.  We have been testing a lot of systems and it seems like there are even more new forex robot releases to come.

If you are looking for some winning forex software keep your eye out on this group of new systems hitting the market.

So lets take a look at some of these new forex robot releases and tell you a little about these forex products and what can be expected.

Coming out on Thursday March 24th, really watch out for this system.  This is an accurate profit generating signal program.  There is very little information available about this system but make sure you check our review above to see what the forex community believes.

Then we have the latest system from Bill Poulos.  There are a lot of people excited about the portfolio prophet trading system.  See what people have to say about Bill and his systems in our review above.

This is a new forex robot release from Rita Lasker.  She is known for putting out good programs with a solid support team to back them up.  This one comes out on March 22nd so watch out for it as well and see the review above for more details.

This new forex robot release really shows a lot of potential.  There is already a lot of results posted on their page and people are feeling pretty high on this one.  See what the community thinks in our review.

Really early, not much information here yet but another system that is starting to raise eyebrows.

That is it for now, if you are looking for a top system see our best forex robots tested.  If you are tired of trading on your computer, get a vps, a forex vps.

Make sure that you always check back in with forex robot nation for all the latest news on new forex robot releases.

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