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Bird Forex Signal Review + Rating

Bird Forex Signal is a new service that wants traders to stop spending their time, and start using their trade alerts. They feel that they don’t have to be smarter than the rest of the market, but as long as they are more disciplined, their clients will succeed. This trading approach, combined with their dedication is the reason why this trading group promises and 80% success ratio. We will obviously analyze this number is more detail in the trading results section of the review.

The vendor provides no information about their whereabouts, or trading history Forex marketplace. Considering this is a Forex signal service, they should be giving us more information about who they are. It’s very difficult to trust a signal service, when you don’t know who the traders analyzing the market behind the service are. Hopefully this information is provided in the future, because it is very important.

In order to get in touch with the support staff, traders can fill out a contact, as a direct email address is not provided.


Bird Forex Signal Review

In order to receive the Bird Forex Signals, traders are required to download Whatsapp or have an active email address. They feel the best way to receive the signals is via Whatsapp, because this type of notification comes with immediacy.

While the website comes across as professional, the overall presentation is lacking in any real depth. We really don’t know anything about the signal provider, or what type of methodologies they are utilizing in order to determine viable opportunities. In order to qualify for the best Forex signal ranking page, the service needs to provide basic information about who they are, and what they are offering. Sadly, in this case, this isn’t happening.

The vendor doesn’t provide any information at all. They just promise and 80% success rate, and hope traders will take their word for it, and sign up. We are quite disappointed by the promotion at this point.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $20/month
  • Strategy: Trend Reversal
  • Signal Frequency: 9/week

There are 2 plans available for traders interested in the Bird Forex Signal service. There is a 15 day free trial, and then a $20 per month premium version. With the premium, traders are promised 800-1500 pips per month from 9 signals per week. Each signal comes with entry price, take profit and stoploss. There are compatible with all brokers, delivered by whatsapp and provide trades based on a trend reversal strategy.

The vendors do not elaborate on the trend reversal strategy that is mentioned only in the pricing section of the website, and nowhere else. Explaining the strategy would go a long way in giving us much more, service, as there is very little else to go on.

Trading Results

Considering the majority of the website is barren, the Bird Forex Signal trading results section is of the utmost importance.

Sadly, the vendor doesn’t provide us with any verified trading results. Instead, there is a table where the results are updated manually by the signal provider. None of these results are verified, and they could easily be manipulated by whoever is running the website. We were certainly expecting a lot more from a vendor claiming to provide 800 to 1500 pips in profit per month. The results table doesn’t even show the date of the trades.

As far as we’re concerned, this type of trading result is antiquated and should be left in the past. In order to develop more trust with the community, this signal provider needs to upload their trading statements to Myfxbook, and prove to the community that they can win trades.

They are not alone in their lack of results as you can see in our recent reviews of Profit Forex Signals, and Pips Alert. Yet, this doesn’t make it an acceptable practice.


At this point in time, we see no reason to recommend the Bird Forex Signal service to any of the Forex Robot Nation readers. This is obviously a very new service, which means they have lots of room to grow, and the sooner they start the better. It’s clear that the vendors need to provide much more information about the service, and verify their trading results. There is potential here, but there is really no reason to pay $20 per month for potential.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Bird Forex Signal $20/month
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Bird Forex Signal is a Forex signal service providing trade alerts via Whatsapp.

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Good support
Whatsapp compatibility


No verified trading results
No introduction to traders running the service
No detailed analysis of their trading approach

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