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Profit Forex Signals Review & Results

Profit Forex Signals is a service that promises to provide accurate, proven Forex indicators and trade alerts. They believe that they are the best signal provider in the market since 2010, because they’ve provided more than 1 million pips during this time. Obviously, we will do a full analysis of their trading results, and let you know if these numbers are realistic, or just falsified claims in order to attract more clients.

The signal service is owned and operated by M&A PRO CONSULTING LLC. They are located at Cara Dusana St. shop 213, Trade Business Center, Dusanov Bazar-Dome, Serbia. Support is offered via email at or phone via +1-347-329-4354. The vendor also provides phone numbers for UK, Australia and RS, which can be found on the contact page.


Profit Forex Signals Review

There are 6 aspects that the Profit Forex Signals group wants the community to be aware of. These include affordable prices, reliability, verified performance via Myfxbook accounts, genuine testimonials, relaxed trading and 24/7 support in a multitude of different languages.

There are parts of the website that seem very professional, as they have included their address, phone numbers and come across as transparent. All aspects, which we expect from those that want to be considered as a best Forex signal provider. Yet, most of their marketing material is overly aggressive with promises and guarantees that are either hard to believe or simply unrealistic. The vendor makes promises of 10,000 pips per month, a 200% return on investment per month, and multiple other promotions that lead us to believe that the vendor is being deceitful.

350K Facebook Fans

In the sales page, the Profit Forex Signals team frequently pushes the fact that they have 350,000 Facebook fans, which they use as for the claim that they had over 10,000 clients. We find it very difficult to believe that these numbers are real, for a handful of reasons.

The main reason, is simple, the user engagement on their Facebook page is essentially nonexistent. Their last post which came on April 6th, has 2 likes and 5 shares. These numbers are obviously low. The average engagement rate per post on Facebook across all industries is .17%. By this metric, the posts being made on this page should be getting at the bare minimum, 6000 likes and shares.

These types of numbers lead us to believe that these fans are fake, and is being utilized to prop up the signal software that doesn’t have as many clients as they claim to.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $99-499/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 5-20/Week

The Profit Forex Signals service currently offers 4 different packages. All the packages come with a VPS, a copy trader, and trade alerts via SMS or E-mail. The packages differ when it comes to price, profit per month, and signal frequency.

The standard 1000 plan, goes for $99 per month and promises 1000 pips net profit per month from 5 signals per week. The professional 2000 plan, goes for $199 per month and promises 2000 pips net profit per month from 12 signals per week. The ultimate 5000 land, goes for $299 per month and promises 5000 pips net profit per month from 20 signals per week. Lastly, the pearl 9000 plan, goes for $499 per month and promises 9000 pips net profit per month from over 20 signals per week.

These promises are all extremely aggressive, so it’s best that we dig into the trading results portion of the review now.

Trading Results

The vendor provides multiple Myfxbook accounts, which is a positive, but none of these accounts are really in line with the promises and guarantees being made through website. First of all, the vendor only provides a single live account, which shows a gain of 14.76% since the beginning of December, 2018. This is a pearl account, which costs clients $500 per month and promises 9000 pips during this period. Yet, the results show that the account is -1343.6 pips since it was launched. Considering the account has been running for 4 months, it should be up +36,000 pips, not down -1300.

The trading results are simply not in line with the promises and guarantees being made on the website.

While we appreciate the fact that they provide Myfxbook accounts, these accounts don’t prove that the service can accomplish what it promises to.

Client Feedback

The Profit Forex Signals client feedback is quite disappointing as well. On FPA, they currently have a 2.174 rating over 92 reviews. Many of these reviews claim that the services are a blatant scam, and FPA itself says that traders should deal with a high level of caution when dealing with this company.

The client reviews are not a good sign at all, and not in line with our recent reviews of Forex Signal Factory, and Euro Scalper Pro.


While the website does show flashes of professionalism, the Profit Forex Signals service simply makes too many promises that they are unable to fulfill. Making grand guarantees are great if you can come through with some sort of proof, but without that, the service just looks like a scam from a snake oil salesman.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your remarks, experiences and contributions below the article now

Profit Forex Signals $99-$499/Month
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Profit Forex Signals is a Forex signal service who’s main trading results account appears to have crashed.

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SMS & email alerts
Free VPS
Trade copier


Deceitful practices
Poor client feedback
No proof of claims

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  1. My experience with the 99 euro package is totally unsatisfactory – 30% in 3 weeks always against the market, small gains big drow down. They send signals on the email that they don’t do it… They say that the managed account works in another way, they never use the stop loss. Their equty lines are absolutely false. They are truly fakes.

  2. The FPA reviews are horrible for this. I’m way too scared to even consider it.

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