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Signals Review: Forex Signal Factory

Today I’m reviewing a new Forex signal service built on the foundation of live and profitable professional traders, Signal Factory. The vendor claims to provide a “bridge between professional Forex traders and retail traders that are looking for real-time advice.” They believe that they are different from other developers, because every single signal provider this part of the service trades the signals with their own personal money, on their own live accounts. They believe that this is the best way to keep the providers motivated and invested in the signals they are providing.

This review is for both Signal Factory, and the Forex Signal Factory telegram group. Scroll down to the “Update” section of our review for information on the free telegram group, premium signals, and managed account service.

The website provides us with no information about the developers, the signal providers, or the location of their head offices. In doing additional research on their Facebook page, I found a contact number +44 20 8068 1786, which leads me to believe that they’re located somewhere in North London, UK. This information should be provided by the vendor, and hopefully it’s added to their light sale page at some point in the future.

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Signal Factory Review

According to the web site, the Forex Signal Factory service is completely free, and being utilized by over 45,000 traders. These numbers are likely coming from the amount of social media followers they’ve accrued, with over 13,000 on Facebook and over 78,000 on Twitter. Unlike most free Forex signal services, this service is actually 100% free. I’ve looked all over the website, and I’ve found no money grab, no upsell, no email request or anything of the like.

The developers claim that they are annoyed by other services that claim to provide free Forex signals, but then force traders to open accounts with Forex brokers that they are obviously associated with. In this case, they promise that traders can use their existing trading account, and that they won’t have to pay any additional commission per trade, which the introducing broker frequently gets as a commission for new client recommendations.

In regards to the signal strategy, there is really no information explaining how the signal providers analyze and approach the markets. Obviously, this is information that I frequently seek in my reviews, and even though this is a free service, it’s still something I expect to see.

The signals are completely free, unlike the most recent signal providers I’ve reviewed, Forex Profita, JKonFX and Trends2Trade.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: Free
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes

This is generally the part of the review where I would discuss the Signal Factory pricing structure, but I must mention again, that this is a free signal service. It seems like the best way to access the Forex signals, is to sign up with a Twitter account, and then follow along with their tweets.

They seem to be posting signals very frequently, with anywhere between 10 to 20 signals per day. Each signal comes with the entry price, the time of the trading GMT, as well as the recommended stoploss and take profit levels.

Trading Results

The Forex Signal Factory team doesn’t provide a results section on their website, which is definitely detrimental to my personal analysis of the service. It’s clear that the vendor is transparent with their free signals, because they have every single signal they’ve ever provided listed on their Twitter account. While I appreciate this, there is no way that I’m going to go through the 97,000 signals they provided since 2010, in order to figure out if this is a viable service or not.

The best thing that you could do if you are interested in this service, is to go through the tweets for the past couple of weeks, and personally analyze them to see if they’ve been providing winning trades or not. Indicates that this is too much work, you could always just started using the free trading signals on a demo account, and then analyze these results. That is likely the best course of action, because going through thousands of trade signals and back checking them with old market prices would be extremely tedious.

Hopefully the vendor finds a way to organize all their signals, and provide us with some win/loss data for their trading results.


It appears in 2022, there are a handful of different services claiming the name Forex Signal Factory. Given that all of these services are all using the same name, I will continue to use this single review to discuss all of them.

The most recent signal service using this name is a telegram group with an impressive 34,071 subscribers.

Unlike the original “Signal Factory,” which provides completely free Forex signals, this service comes with a price tag. Traders can pay 800 EUR for access to their premium membership plan. This is for a lifetime membership that does not expire. The premium plan comes with all of their complete signals, including stop losses, as they frequently hold back the SL’s in their free channel.

This group also offers account management, where they will manage accounts on a 50:50 sharing basis. They will only manage accounts with a minimum starting capital of 10K USD.

There is no information provided about who the analysts are, which is something I would certainly recommend finding out before you sign up. Never use a managed account service where you don’t know who is placing the trades on your behalf.

In terms of trading results, there don’t seem to be any verified trading results on Myfxbook or FX Blue. In order to see their trade results, you can go to the telegram and analyze them one at a time.

As a free source, they are one of the best Forex signal providers, but they aren’t our top choice for paid signals.

That being said, it’s still good to see that there are some vendors in this market, willing to provide free Forex signals.


Considering that the Forex Signal Factory service is a free one, it’s hard to logic any formal complaints. While I would certainly like to see more in terms of strategy and an organized approach to their trading results, I can’t really hold this against the vendor. They are providing the community with free Forex signals, and asking for absolutely nothing in return.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please leave your comments and questions below the article now.

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Forex Signal Factory is a free signal service providing very frequent signals.

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Free signals Very active service


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  1. factory signal scam 100% (green channel ) he take my money and so other member , i can give the proof , stay away himm i swear with all my life

  2. Hi!

    I’ve used their service as well and have had lots of trouble. It got as far as I hade to pay the money @Christopher FX demanded to have an outside shot at getting my money back.

    It stsarted with me buying their VIP services, which was a waste of money as the same signals was sent to their free channel. Then I told him that I’ve lost nearly $200 on their signals and he suggested I invested in an msanaged account, so I did after a few days thinking if I wanted to take the risk or not. I invested the minimum of $2000, which later grew to $18000. A few weeks after I signed up, he needed a service fee of $1200, so I paid up again a few weeks after that he wanted $800 to withdraw half of my profits, so I paid(even though I’m at this point was more or less certain it was a scam, but I was in to deep to let go)before he withdrew my money I had to pay their 30% profit charge of $2700.

    A month later I still havent seen my $9000, had to take out a bankloan to get all my bills paid. @Chritopher FX says the money is still pending, I’ve asked him to contact te bank to sort it out as I’ve given him all the info he needs, but nothing have happend

    Yesterday he contacted me and said I hade to deposit more money, for the account to be activated again whereas I told him that I expect them to start trading my account again as I paid evey fee he wants for 2021. My account haven’t been traded since 23rd April

    This is deffo a scam and should be labeled as such on this site as well

    • Hi Matt, really sorry to hear that this happened to you. This is the classic scam technique. They claim to have made a bunch of money, and then need you to pay in order for them to release it. Thanks for sharing your story.

      • Trustworthyness

        Hi Patrick!

        The fact that you guys haven’t removed this provider from your list of recommendations, makes me lost trust in your site

        • Hi Matt, I do not have a list of recommendations. I have only a rankings list, but understand the Forex Signal Factory ranked at #4 on that list is the free twitter signals provider. They just happen to go by the same name.

  3. Forex signal factory
    No longer offer free signals. Now charging 450 euros for signals.

    FX premiere appears to have 5* rating & excellence with trust pilot. Also they are only signal provider. Signals from over 50 sources.

    • Hi Archie, thanks for the update. You can see our review of FX Premiere here with client comments too.

      • I did an experiment with the managed funds on the Telegram service calling themselves “signal factory” and found them to be an absolute scam. There’s an admin account going by the tag @Christpher FX. Minimum payment is $300 USD in Bitcoin paid into a wallet using coinjar. That’s when the circus starts. They’make claims of 800% profit plus. They ask an additional $250 “network fee that allows you to be able to withdraw your profits”. I’m not kidding. After five days there’s a claim that your $300 has been turned into $2500. Then there’s a claim that in order to access your profits you have to “upgrade” your account at a cost of $350. That’s when I drew the line and called them out. I pointed out that there had been no transparency about any additional costs. There was a bizarre exchange with @Christopher FX which ended with him/ hey saying “Allah Will judge”. Don’t waste your time.

  4. I’m not having any real success with these signals anymore.

    Is anyone winning with these? Is it just me?

    • Based on the comments Del, you seem to be part of the majority. It appears that the free Forex Signal Factory service isn’t meeting the expectations of our readers in 2020.

  5. Over the last days down 700 pips
    You’d be better off going in the opposite direction in fact I might try that on a demo account

  6. Another clown in the city… Drawdowns of 900 pips to make 20 pips profits!!!
    This is a sick guy trying to make the money out of victims and I am 100% sure he doesn’t trade himself.
    A big big scam!!!

  7. These signals are no longer good – I averaged the last 100 or so signals and its a 30% win rate at an 80 pip upside and a 40 pip downside. The 2:1 ratio is nice, if the signals had a 55% or better win rate. Do the math for yourself – all the calls are on their twitter page. Now you know

  8. Onadiran majeed olayiwola

    Good morning sir, Am Onadira Majeed Olayiwola by name please I want to make payment for is by I can get how to make payment
    I need your assistance in order to make my payment thanks
    This is my detail
    OnadIran majeed

  9. Thanks for your review. I also bumped on them and did a simple arithmetic of how many pips they have lost vs gained over a period of 15 days. These are the numbers

    CLosed SL – 2600 PIPS
    Closed TP – 3,760 Pips

    I felt the number of SL hit were a bit too high. Considering that fact all their SL are -40 pips while TP is +80 pips. Risk to reward of 1 to 2.

    Not bad though for a free service, since you stand to gain a few pips at the end of the day.

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