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Yeti Forex Robot Review (H4 Trading)

Yeti Forex Robot is an automated trading system that promises to consistently grow their client’s accounts. The creators of the system believe that there’s more than enough money in the Forex market to go around, which is why they want to share their product. They feel there is no need for greed, and that more traders in this market should be winning trades. Today we will be providing a review of this robot and letting you know if it’s a viable trading system or not.

At this point in time, there is no information on the developers. They do not tell us who they are, or where they are located. Our additional research, via WHOIS shows that their server is located in Amsterdam and that the domain was first purchased in late 2019. From this we can assume they are located somewhere in Europe. This shroud of secrecy around the development team isn’t positive. They should be be much more transparent about their identity, so that we can verify that they are reputable traders. Otherwise, we are going in blind, and that’s not something we expect any of the Forex Robot Nation readers to do.

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Yeti Forex Robot Review

The Yeti Forex Robot website consists of a few paragraphs about their features, packages and trading results. The creators of the robot claim that their team used to be broke, hating their jobs and struggling. Which is why they feel they are the perfect group to help other failing traders turn things around. Now, with their software, they believe that traders don’t have to worry about the markets. They claim to “work for a long-term perspective for our and your future.”

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top features that they believe will sway clients in their direction. Here they are:

  • Advanced time management system
  • Anti broker module
  • Works with all brokers
  • 24/7 support
  • Trades all account types
  • Trades both 4 and 5 digit brokers
  • Advanced money management
  • Trades with ECN brokers

The main features of the robot really just harp on compatibility, which at this point is assumed to be the case with any best Forex robot. There’s really nothing on this list that separates this developer from any other. Just about every robot developer in this market can promise each one of these features.

Trading Strategy

Sadly, there is very little information provided about the Yeti Forex Robot trading strategy. They claim that the software guarantees stable profits of 5-10% per month on the H4 timeframe. Yet, don’t really ever go into detail as to the methodology of their trading approach. Many developers fail to provide this information, but without it, it makes our job very difficult.

They go into detail about their high spread protection system, and broke protection system, but these are both features. They are not fundamentals of their trading strategy.

Hopefully, after reading our review the vendor realized they missed this information, and add it in. Without knowing how a software works, it is very difficult to recommend.

Yeti Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $199-$999
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: H4
  • Pairs: EURUSD

For traders interested in the Yeti Forex Robot, it’s currently going for $199-$999. There are three packages available, that all basically offer the same thing, except with an increase in price for more licenses. The single license package costs $199 for 1 real and 1 demo account. The full license package costs $299 for 2 real and 2 demo accounts. The unlimited license package costs $999 for unlimited real and demo accounts. All of the packages come with a 60 day money back guarantee, lifetime support and no monthly fees.

Trading Results

The Yeti Forex Robot team provide a live Myfxbook account trading on the Alpari RU brokerage with a 1:500 leverage. The account is labeled “eurusd medium risk,” and it started on September 16th, 2020, which is just a month ago today. During this time, the software is showing a gain of 14.03% with a drawdown of 3.81%. The robot has only placed 13 trades, with an average trade length of 1 day.

We are definitely looking at a small sample size here, which makes it difficult to judge the robot. That being said, they boast a really impressive risk reward ratio so far. The average win is 23.31 pips and the average loss is -1.70 pips. The win rate is also 92% on shorts, but they have yet to take a single long trade, which may be part of their trade approach.

The results are effective so far, but it’s really too small a sample size at this time for us to take seriously. Small sample sizes are a part of the market, as you can see in our recent reviews of Point Zero Trading, Premium FX Bot and Forex Investors Alliance.


We are interested to see more information on the Yeti Forex Robot, and want to see how their software continues to perform. Yet, at this time we will not be recommending the service, as it’s too new, and too many elements are missing from their presentation. We hope that they will analyze our critiques and make the necessary adjustments to their sales page.

If you have anything you would like to add to our review, please do so now.

Yeti Forex Robot $199-$999
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


Yeti Forex robot claims to be one of the best automated trading solutions in the market. Providing sharp entries on all of its trades.

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Compatible with all brokers
Time & money management
Myfxbook results


Missing company information
No strategy insight
Small sample size results

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