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Point Zero Trading Review (PZ Trading)

Point Zero Trading is a Forex developer that creates indicators and expert advisors built for all versions of the Metatrader trading platform. Unlike most vendors, this group avoids “hype or false promises” and simply focuses on doing their best to create top-quality training tools. We won’t be able to review every single product available, as they offer 13 expert advisors, and 27 Forex indicators. That being said, we will take a look at some of their bestsellers, and get in general consensus that their overall approach.

The creator of the products is Arthur Lopez, a programmer, and owner of PZ Trading Ltd. He is located in Hong Kong, and the business is registered with the number 2531079. In order to get in touch with support, traders can open a support ticket or email


Point Zero Trading Review

Our first thought is that the Point Zero Trading website is slick and professional. This in conjunction with the 8 reasons they claim they are different from other vendors, makes the service unique and intriguing. Here are those reasons:

  1. Quality – Arthur claims to have more than 10 years of experience coding trading tools which gives them an edge over his competition. The website has been running since 2012, so he’s definitely been at it a while.
  2. Security – all of the products are coded properly to make sure that your trading account isn’t at risk.
  3. Uniqueness – every product is created from scratch, and is not borrow any 3rd party code.
  4. Flexibility – each trading program can be modified adjusted to the clients needs.
  5. No hype or false promises – we mentioned this one above.
  6. Free trading tools – Arthur provides both paid and free Forex robots and indicators.
  7. Free updates – once a trader purchases the software, they get free updates for life and all of the programs are updated regularly.
  8. Support that cares – they have a help desk that is reachable 24/7.


Each of the products provides traders with a long explanation of each strategy. It’s arguably the best part of the website. The Point Zero Trading products also come with usage tips, technical information and other important facts that the trader should know.

The strategy and overall methodology is strong. Also, the technical information, the frequently asked questions, the comments and the input parameters sections of each software does provide a fair amount of insight into each system. In just going through the comments, you can see many of the most common questions answered, and get a decent understanding of the system through there.

There is really nothing else we can request in terms of strategy, and considering the sheer amount of products, it’s impressive they’ve spent so long on each.

Metatrader Expert Advisors

The vendor currently offers 13 different expert advisers, all with specific trading strategies ranging from Latency Arbitrate to Open Range trading.

This section also includes a bunch of free expert advisors as well, for traders just starting out and unsure if they want to spend money first.

Metatrader Forex Indicators

The Forex indicator page is very similar, with 27 different paid products, and a whole whack of free ones. These indicators range in strategy from Harmonacci Patterns to Trend Trading.


The Forex indicators go from $30 to $399, while the Forex expert advisors go from $30 to $499. So, depending on how much you want to spend, there is a price range suitable for you.


The entire Point Zero Trading website is pretty solid and quite professional, the only area lacking is the trading results. Considering the amount of trading products being sold, it isn’t a big surprise that they are relying heavily on backtests, and only have a few Myfxbook accounts.

While we are happy they do have a Myfxbook profile, it’s quite apparent that their Myfxbook accounts can’t be trusted. All of the accounts are from 2015 over the course of a couple months, showing really crazy, unrealistic gains. One of the accounts shows a 116,000% gain in less than a month, and then it’s never traded again. It’s to no surprise that none of these accounts are fully verified.

This is definitely the area in which this group needs to improve drastically, and it’s the most important area as far as we are concerned. If they can’t provide results, then they won’t qualify for best Forex robot, or best Forex indicator ranking.


The presentation is good, the strategies are explained well, but the results are lacking. Once this area is addressed and resolved, we feel this will be a very big player in the Metatrader marketplace. Until then, please let us know your experiences, and share any results you may have with their products.

Point Zero Trading (PZ Trading) $30-$499
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Point Zero Trading provides many Metatrader based indicators and expert advisors without the fluff.

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  1. I saw that the PZ Trading site was up for sale. Considering how important that original creator is in all the development, it makes me worry about the future of the company.

  2. I personally purchased the Divergence Scanner and completely disgusted with the Indicator. The Indicator shows win and loss statistics which look great, some charts even show a 100% win rate. Only problem is the indicator repaints horrifically even on breakouts. This indicator should not be used for trading, for the inexperienced this indicator looks great, especially when loaded to a chart with show stats. I am really disappointed that Arthur could sell (Not cheap either). Buyer BEWARE, this indicator is not what it seems, trade at your own risk.

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