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Welcome to the VIP Trading Room

Welcome to Forex Robot Nation VIP

This is my passion project, currently providing signals and educating hundreds of traders daily!

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First step, watch this video covering where to use the signals, how to use the signals and more:

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I provide both Forex and Crypto signals. 90% of the signals are Forex, but I highly recommend you use the crypto signals too since we win them at a very high rate. Take full advantage of VIP!

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Crypto Broker for Crypto Signals

In case you are using my crypto signals, you will need a place to use them. Kucoin is my #1.

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Free Trade Copier

You can now copy all the VIP signals directly to your trading account.

Updated 7/20/2022

I find the best way to use the Trade Copier is to focus on TP1, putting most if not all your risk here.

This keeps your win rate high, and your overall return stable.

To use TP2, I recommend manually watching the trade, for trade management purposes (I discuss in the VIP room welcome video above)

Setting Recommendation:

Lots TP1: 0
Lots TP2: -1 (this means it won’t open a TP2 trade)
Risk TP1: 1
Risk TP2: 0

This setting is for beginners, it opens 1 trade at 1% of the account size, which finishes at TP1.

Watch this video to learn how the copy trader works.

Frequently Asked Questions (About Trade Copier)

Thanks to our VIP family member Mark R. 🏆 for writing the majority of the FAQ!

What is the Forex Robot Nation Trade Copier?

The Trade Copier is software that takes signals from the VIP member’s area and copies them to the member’s trading platform.

How does it work?

VIP members install two pieces of software on their Meta Trader 4 platform. First, they install a Telegram connector, currently named TelegramToMT4. Second, they install the Forex Robot Nation Copier v1_00 in the appropriate folder. Complete installation instructions are included with the software download.

Does this need to be left open?


MT4, The TelegramToMT4 & Telegram itself need to be open in order to receive trades. All of these programs can be minimized, and they will still work.

You need to be a VIP member in order to receive trades.

What If I can’t leave my computer on?

There is no reason to turn off a computer in 2022. They are built to be left on.

But, if you want a separate server for your copy trader, or your robots, you can pay monthly for a VPS.

These are the two VPS companies I use:

Worldwide Clients:

United States Clients:

A VPS is just a computer on a high speed network. You can connect to your VPS from your phone or your computer at anytime to change settings, monitor results etc. The server stays on 24/7.

Installing files to a VPS is very easy, you simply login to your VPS, then you will see a desktop just like your own. You will be able to open the web browser on the VPS, go to websites, download robots, copy traders and install them normally.

When getting a VPS, you just need to make sure it’s Windows. Start on one of the lower plans, you can always upgrade later if you want to add more robots / copy traders on your server.

TelegramToMT4 Requirement

It is important to see a blinking cursor inside of TelegramToMT4, if you do not see this blinking cursor, it means that TelegramToMT4 is PAUSED. Simply, click your mouse inside of the TelegramToMT4 window and you should see blinking again.

TelegramToMT4 Crashing

One VIP member said the program was crashing because he forgot to add +1 for the country code.

After he did this, it stopped crashing.

How to use only TP1 or only TP2?

If you want the copier to open a trade exclusively for TP1 or TP2, simply put -1 in the Lots TP1 or Lots TP2 above.

In the image below, since -1 is in the Lots TP2 section, the copier would only open a single trade for TP1 at 2%. It would not open a trade for TP2, because -1 is in the Lots TP2 section.

Using TP1 only, is a low risk way of using the VIP copier.

Why is Forex Robot Nation Copier showing a sad face or generally not working :(?

Your chart should look like this, with a happy face.

You need to allow autotrading / live trading.

Go to Tools > Options

Then click Expert Advisors tab and Allow Automated Trading

Or Right click on your chart, go to expert advisors > properties

Then go to the common tab and tick Allow live trading

This will resolve the sad face issue.

How many charts do I install this on?

You only need to install the Forex Robot Nation Copier on 1 chart.

You DO NOT need to install it on every chart.

What to do with pairs that look like USDJPYi or EURUSD.HKT?

In these cases you need to add a suffix. This is shown in the video above.

So next to suffix you would enter .HKT or i

box color=”black” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]I can’t enter my password into Connector[/box]

If you can’t enter your password into the telegram connector.

Just simply type and press enter.

The password is just hidden for privacy purposes.

If you struggle with doing it this way then put your password in a notepad, then copy it (Ctrl + C), and paste it (CTRL + V) into the connector that way.

I actually had to do this myself, and it works.

Does this work on MAC?

Yes, the MAC installation guide is now included in the ZIP download file.

This installation guide was graciously provided by our member Joey G 💪

Why was it written?

The number one issue our VIP members face is “missing the signal.” So, we wrote this software to “copy and paste” the signal to their trading platform for them. It does this while they are working, driving, eating, sleeping, spending time with family and friends or watching Trade with Pat videos 🙂

Who is this for?

VIP members only who are serious about trading.

What does it cost?

Currently, it’s included with the membership. You’re welcome.

How do I get it?

Join the VIP group and follow the setup instructions.

Why do I have to be a VIP to get the software?

The Trade Copier is ideal for those traders who are trading multiple signals a day. It does not make sense for inactive traders.

Who is responsible if I lose money?

You are. You have always been responsible for losses, poor risk management and any other risky behavior in the market.

Will I get rich with this?

No. Many of our members use these signals to grow their accounts. Some, quite successfully. Even with the fantastic results our members see in the VIP group, it will not make you rich. Trading is a disciplined skill and only the most elite traders are able to become unreasonably wealthy by trading. However, if you want to grow your account and “earn while you learn” then VIP membership and the Trade Copier could be ideal for you.  


1) Check blinking white cursor on script
2) Check if that specific message was parsed corrrectly and visible into the script window
3) Check on MT4/MT5 if that signal was handled correctly

Solve problems

1) you have accidentally paused the script
2) internet connection problems or copier possible problem due to bad message format
3) if signal not arrived to metatrader, copier is very probably not installed correctly

If all 3 steps are ok, no reasons for not seeing trades opened rather than broker related or misconfiguration problems (like opening 100 lots with $100, set acceptable lot sizes / risk %)

The Trading Strategies Used in VIP (Strategy 1)

The Trading Strategies Used in VIP (Strategy 2)

If there is anything else you would like to see in here, any questions, anything at all. I will make specific videos for each.

I look forward to growing your accounts!

Much love.


  1. Hi, I had this for two months and wasn’t able to make a single trade it didn’t work for me prob because I didn’t know the suffix for Osprey fx or LTD. Does any one know what to use?


    How did you manage to run the telegram_connector.exe since it is only made for windows?! Thanks!

  3. Here is what i dont get. So most of the signals that win only hit TP1. The RR is always the same SL pips and TP1 pips. So I have a 100k account. Each trade i risk 1k. That means every SL will always be 1k. Every TP1 if i close all of it would be 1k win. That means you need to have more than 50% win rate. Now i can hold for tp2 but results show it seldom hits tp2 and if i hold all my trades of even half my trades at tp2 i run the risk of going below TP1 because you need some space before you put TP1 as your SL. So in the end you dont make as much as the summary shows. A clear example is when it hits tp2, you count the entire trade as if it was held until tp2. Unless there is another way to do, the math doesnt add up. What would solve this problem is if your SL was less than your TP1. Than TP1 RR would not be 1:1. TP 1 should be 2:1 than the results would make sense.

  4. Opened a trade on the copier with 0.8/0.2 % for TP1/Tp2 and both trades had the same TP on MT4.

    from the telegram:
    TP1 93.752 TP2 93.471 from AJ 11/3
    in MT4
    both TPs are 93.471

  5. The EA keeps getting detached from the chart. 2 weeks of subscription already lost.
    Kindly respond as to the likely cause of the issue and how to resolve it.

    • I’m not sure what this means, email with full images of your setup, logs, journals etc. I’ve never had the EA detach itself. You are not losing any subscription here, the signals can all be used manually. The EA is a free bonus that was recently added, it is not required for using our service.

  6. Hello Pat
    My trades aren’t being placed. I am pretty sure I missed something. But curious, could you provide template/setting that I can load into the EA that is exactly your setup? I want to follow exactly what you are putting into the telegram channel.

  7. Try connecting to the bot But not getting it to work is there a chat room that member go to get help from each other?

  8. My comment “Regarding setup of the copier” posted in the wrong place. I was not trying to reply to anyone else’s comment, I was trying to post a NEW comment. Will the moderators please move it to the correct place?

  9. Hi Pat,

    I installed the Telegram Trade copier software as well as the FRN Copier robot in the files folder in MT4. I have also installed the Telegram app on my computer. I paid for the subscription fee for your VIP Telegram channel and was added successfully to the group.

    The issue is that despite your VIP Channel sending out two signals today, none of them were picked up by the Telegram Trade Copier software, I have also ensured that the cursor inside the terminal is blinking and the terminal has successfully connected to my mobile number

    I would really appreciate your help in this regard.

  10. Hello Pat
    I have Meta5, can I set this up on meta 5?

  11. Hi Pat, I’m trying this out on a $50k demo account with 1:100 leverage. I’ve set the risk factor for TP1/TP2 to 1%. Two trades were opened and closed yesterday at 0.01 lots each which seems small… I am learning but I think the lot sizes should be much bigger than that right?

  12. I am not seeing the BE commands sent to MT4, they appear on the connector, but it does not execute in MT4. The buy stop and sell stop orders are working great just not the moved SL, any ideas?

    • I’m encountering the exact same thing. Going back on demo until I figure it out or it’s fixed. Lower down in the comments, on 8-15 Pat himself states that breakeven and manual exit don’t work correctly for him either. Hopefully a fix is dropped soon.

    • Good Morning,
      Yesterday I saw Pat’s video on the Swing Trade. I would like to implement it and make a bunch of $. Is there a way of setting an alert when the two emas cross. I don’t know how to set up this kind of alert up but it would greatly reduce the time looking at charts. Time that I don’t have.

    • Me too.. exactly same with Mark & Cody problems..

  13. Hi everyone, happy testing the copier, working well so far. I am looking to update my settings so that both TP1 and TP2 orders have their SL set to breakeven once TP 1 is set. Can anyone offer some assitance?

  14. I only use Telegram to be a part of your VIP signal group and somehow my phone number was banned. Is there another way of receiving the trades while I wait for Telegram support?

  15. Goodmorning,

    Im having trouble installing, the software, im already a member can someone please help me.

    The path trhoug app data, sends me somewhere i can’t find the final files

    after the terminal file, there is no QA8619…… folder

  16. Hi,
    I am using the robot on a demo account to start. In the settings I have the following:
    2% Tp1 and 2% TP2
    Lot1 is 0
    Lot2 is 0
    But the trade opened this morning is 4% on TP2.
    What could I have been done wrong?
    By the way, is this the right place for questions?
    Best regards

  17. I got following message from the TelegramtoMT4

    “Warning:telethon.client.users:Telegram is having interal issues PersistentTimestampOutdataError: Persistant timestap”

    I adjusted everthing. I also get the Signal message it received..but then not trade is starting in MT4. The face is also happy…

    What can I do?

  18. Hi Pat, I installed the trade copier as instructed. The EA is running on a chart. I was able to connect my telegram account to the connector successfully. However, the cursor is not blinking and I didn’t receive any signals. I tried clicking inside the window and it’s still not blinking. Please advise. Thanks.

  19. How can I save the trader copy setting I set I set them save and it always seems to go back to default when I open to modify and when it trades

  20. I have everything connected. Smiley face on chart. Cursor blinking and receiving signals, however, the trades aren’t being placed. Am I missing a step?

    • Try going through the troubleshooting on this page.

    • Did you got through the process of adding your phone number to the prompt in the MT4 to Telegram connector? It should send you a pin number (on your phone) to connect. If you did that and it then stops working I found deleting the text and session file documents in the the data folder restarts the process and got my connection working again.

    • I’ve had the same. It’s a matter of suffix. See the suffix that your broker shows on MT4 and add it to the EA inputs. The suffix was “+” with my broker

  21. Hi Pat, thanks for great signals and an excellent EA! One feature request that would make a great bonus would be a daily equity drawdown limit that could be set in % and reset every day at a certain daily time? This would help greatly with prop challenges and even managing risk on a personal account. Especially when using both TP 1 and TP2 on trades. For example if TP1 and TP2 is set to 0.5% meaning 1% risk on a trade and you have 4 trades open (8 tp points) you have 4% risk for the day, but sometimes the signal is to leave trades overnight and new signals come through the next day then you might have 6 to 8 open trades and 8% risk which is more than the challenge rules for daily drawdown should all signals go south even if very unlikely. Now having this feature will mitigate that risk by allowing all open trades to be closed at a set % of
    daily drawdown. This would be amazing and add a lot of value to an already excellent trade copier!

  22. THX for a great 1st week in VIP!

    I’m still figuring out the best way to use the signals but I love your strategy.

    Will you do any US30 / GOLD?

    • Yes, I’m watching US30 a lot lately, getting a feel for current conditions. As for gold, I’ll watch the charts this week and see if it’s worth adding. Thanks for asking Dante, and welcome.

  23. Hi Pat,
    Why did you remove my comment taking issue with the way you report % gains? I was not rude and I did not insult anyone. The fact that you felt you needed to remove that comment just screams red flag. If this is the way you conduct business, can I kindly receive a refund.

  24. Hi Pat. I take a bit of issue with the way you report the gains. The % gains you post can never realistically be achieved when there is 2 x profit targets. Just saying you need to manage you trades is not a valid answer. Even if you were to open just one position and close a portion on TP1 and the trade goes to TP2 you would not be making the percentages that you guys are claiming. And by using your signal service for a while now, it does not seem to have a very high success rate which means the best you can hope for is about BE or just above BE. You are however always welcome to prove me wrong with regards to the % gain claims.

    • I am certainly open to suggestions. Currently we use market standard reporting. Well actually, market standard uses 3 take profits. We have done polls in the past, and the majority of the members always side with the current process. If you have a better way, we can ask our members to vote on it.

      • Thank you for taking the time to respond to my message Patrick.
        Don’t you think it might be a good idea to include real world gain % at the end of the results if someone was to split the risk 50 / 50 or 75 / 25 between TP1 & TP2?

        Just a suggestion and would def set you apart from others.

      • I know what he’s saying. You post profits for tp1 and tp2 both risking 1% each. But when you lose, you lose 2% not 1%. So the results don’t make sense to me either.

        • I’m open to doing it a different way.

          • this weeks results

            TP1 results risking 1% per trade
            EURCAD 0.8%
            AUDUSD 0.75%
            NZDCHF -1%
            USDJPY 1%
            EURNZD -0.7%
            USDCAD -1%
            CADJPY 1%
            TOTAL = 0.9% gain

            TP2 results risking 1% per trade
            NZDCHF -1%
            EURNZD -0.7%
            USDCAD -1%
            EURCAD 1.7%
            TOTAL = -1% loss

            add the totals together it equals to -0.1% loss. not 1.9% gain like on the telegram. please correct me if I am wrong.

          • Hi Marc, I’ll have to check with the team, but it’s possible. There’s a lot of discussion about this right now. We’re considering removing TP2 altogether but the problem with this is that then we aren’t giving our clients the ability to manage multiple targets and get more profit from trades. I prefer to give the idea, the analysis, and have the members use that to their advantage. That can be avoiding a trade altogether, or monitoring key levels to exit early, or extend a trade by trailing it. Every trader should be considering the analysis, and playing a role in the process. This is not a managed account service.

          • Thanks for the reply Pat. I see now that it can get dicey posting results when everyone manages the trades differently, not sure what the right answer is on this one. I appreciate what you and your team are doing, I love the fact that I can catch all the trades with the Telegram hookup while I’m sleeping.

          • That is very correct…it’s the problem of having TP1 and TP2 …we must be transparent to be diferent from others….when hit SL …it will be entire risk ( 1%) …when we hit TP1 …it’s 50% of the lot ..then only other 50% will hit TP2 …not the entire 100% of the lot. Results is very diferent. My sugestion is to use only one TP !! that will be clear and transparent like water !!!


          • I can definitely look into using a single TP, but as traders, we do like to manage multiple profit targets. I’ve done it like that for over 10 years. So if you’re trying to learn how I trade, this is how I trade. I’ve seen other groups post trade ideas, and don’t update results at all. That could be a way to go to, if clients prefer / can’t agree on one way.

      • Please do NOT remove TP2! If you trade for TP2, that’s how it SHOULD be shown.

        As to the results, I would like to see you report it exactly how YOU took it.

        If you took two positions, and got TP1 on the first, then TP2 on the second, I would prefer to see it reported exactly that way. This is how you seem to trade in your videos, and I am a big fan of take some now and hold some for more. If others prefer to hold everything for the bigger target, or take it all at the smaller target, that is up to each individual; but for the public record, I would most prefer to see you report YOUR results exactly how YOU took them and got them.

        If you took two positions, and got TP1 on the first, then stopped out (or broke even, or took partial manually) on the second other half, I would prefer to see it reported that way.

        If you took two positions, and got stopped out on both of them, that’s how I’d prefer to see it reported.

        If you took only one position, and closed everything at TP1, or then held everything until TP2, that’s how I’d like to see it reported.

        Exactly how YOU traded it, and exactly what YOU got. I’ve observed you posting what you are doing with managing a trade, and we all learn from that. After all, we are all here to learn from you 🙂

  25. Hey Pat,

    Had some tec issues at first (my errors not following directions properly) but all working well now.

    First day and in profit so all good there!!!

    Quick question though. For the moment, I would like to run a demo account and a small live account and have both running on the VPS.

    How would you recommend to set this up?

    Thanks mate.

  26. It seems like cancelled signals are not copied to the MT5 and results in losing trades.

  27. In the telegram post when it says cancelled do I have to cancel the order ?

  28. Hi Pat, I’m not seeing how to resubscribe with the bot. Also I don’t see in the bot where it says information to click. Please help.

  29. Hi Pat, I recently joined the vip group and noticed that trades are updated in the telegram as long as they are in profit but when there is a loss they are shown rather late or not at all. There is a audusd trade that was a loss but not shown in the group.
    Unfortunately this is pretty common in signal groups from my experience but you seem legit so I don’t want to believe that you are just as them.
    Please update losses too just as fast as the wins would you be so kind. Thanks

    • Hi Emil, often the losses occur when we are sleeping, as the winning trades generally push faster, so they are reported faster. This is not a conspiracy or a concerted effort to show losses late.

  30. I’ve been observing the trades for the last ~45 days, all of them are trend continuation trades, the RR is always the same why is that? it’s always 1:1 for TP1 and 1:2 for TP2, why don’t we see different trade setups? catching bottoms or tops on using multiple indicators and multiple support/resistance levels, if so we should see a different RR definitely.

  31. Hey Pat.
    A couple days ago I installed everything on new Hankotrade MT4 platform and got it all working with Telegram running as well. Then I decided to set it up with VPS. Did the setup with that one and all good too. Both had smiley face.

    I then turned off auto trading on the local MT4 and changed accounts.

    Then I saw that no trades had triggered. It still looks good and I have checked all the settings etc.

    Suggestions please.


    • Hi Trev, just slowly troubleshoot with the FAQ. All information is available there, nothing is hidden.

      • Hey Pat.

        Ok shall do.

        I have gone through it already briefly and followed your video of course. I really thought that maybe it didnt like me setting up and running for a bit on both local and VPS. So if thats not the case then most likely I have done something dumb as both dont work!! So its got to be me!!!

        I am in Australia so will miss trades without it.

        Thanks for the service by the way. I have looked at signal services befor but figured I would learn nothing so its really good that you are teaching and showing why its a potential trade.

        I have been learning for a while and have success backtesting a couple different strategies but fail on forward testing every time…frustrating!!

        Just to clarify a couple things though please:
        1. Is it ok to have the copy trader working both local and VPS at the same time?
        2. Do I have to be logged into the correct account or just have MT4 running?

        Cheers mate!!

        • Hey Pat,

          The prob was that I did not leave the telegram to MT4 running.

          However, now that I have it open, the curser is not blinking.
          There is a user warning: “the session already had an authorised user so it did not log in to the user account using the provided phone (it may not be using the user you expect)
          Telegram signal reader, waiting for message…
          Connected to Telegram.”

          Suggestions please?


  32. I’m trying to install the copier on my mt4… however,  it keeps dropping out.  I my experts log, it says the copier has been removed 

  33. Brother how i can i run telegramTomt4 exe if i use macbook??

  34. Been in VIP for a little over a week. Seems all the signals come 12-5am MT time while I’m asleep haha. Is this normal? Virtually 0 signals during the day so far…

  35. Hi guys, I’m new here and set up the copier. Does anyone know how I can risk .50% per trade on TP 1 only? So far I changed the setting to .50. for risk factor. On TP 2 do I put in -1 or -.50?

    Thank you!

  36. Hi Pat, can you check on the last post of your telegram VIP, GBPCHF hit stop loss a while now and NZDCAD did hit TP1 and TP2. Or I’m incorrect?
    Thank you for work BTW, much love!

  37. Update: everything seem to be working well except for breakeven signal, the close signals work, the breakeven signals never works.

  38. Hi Pat
    I think we all appreciate your work and enthusiasm in the forex world.
    Well only three weeks in VIP and it’s been unlucky and not great so far but I’m in for a year so it’s far too soon to make an opinion. Yesterday’s trades on 9th I did think the SL were way tight. Maybe a useful setting in the copier would be minimum SL. If you were 50 pips it wouldn’t change but if you were 10 I could try setting to 20. Because I prefer a bigger SL.
    And I do wish you would account for the two trades if they lose. If you were linked to myfxbook you couldn’t just say we took two trades if they both win but we only took one trade if they both lose. Results would be a bit less but accurate.
    I did get the manual close today in the copier, first time, maybe because the pair name was mentioned in the message which it wasn’t before.
    ATB and we’ll look forward to winning streaks…

    • Ya don’t worry Howard, we’ve had losing streaks before. We backtest our strategies and return to profit. Earlier this year we had a bad month, hundreds of clients left. Then we went on a 5 straight month winning streak making up all the losses and gaining much more. Those that stuck with us, benefited greatly.

  39. Pip Tolerance functionality does not work.
    Please fix it.


  40. hi pat,

    the copytrader on mine sucessfully places trades and correctly set T/P, S/L. However it doesn’t seem to act on manually closed messages, or messages that say to change S/L positions.

    Is this an error or are these actions not covered by the copytrader?

  41. Hi Pat

    I have downloaded your free trade copier, however when I run the Telegram connector, I don’t receive the code on my mobile. I am using the correct format with ‘+’ as prefix. I even tried using 00 as prefix, still no luck.

    The downloaded version is FRN-1.01-3

    Could you please advise?

    Many thanks

  42. Hello Patrick,

    Thank you for the trade copier..
    I have have been able to open the TelegramToMT4 connector and connect to my phone, it is only not blinking. I physically need to click on the page in order to see the signal come in.
    Do you know what I am doing wrong?

  43. Hi my mt4 broker time is GMT+1 (UK) and yesterday the 2x GBPNZD were placed at 11.07 at 1.94450 and both hit SL at 1.93940 before then going on to hit TP1 and TP2. However on your chart both trades never hit SL – so i assume were entered on the leg up. Buy stop/buy limit? Were my trades entered too early? Any GMT offset i should be setting on the copier bot – if so i can’t see such a setting?

    • Hi Rik, the trades didn’t trigger until after the SL, as shown in the image we provided with the signal. It triggered for some clients, but I don’t see what I can do about this. We are not brokers, we are not manipulating.

  44. Hi,
    I am a newish VIP member. Saw the last signal last night
    EUR/GBP was supposed to close at breakeven. Telegram running as usual but this trade was not closed.
    Anyone else having this issue? Was the wrong codes sent to telegram and it failed to close the trade?

  45. Telegram BOT, he unsubscribe me form VIP group. I bought subscription last week.
    Where is the problem?

    Thank you.

  46. I just want to say thank you!

    Using your signals I passed my funded account challenge.

    Now to quit my job.. lol.. soon 🙂

  47. Hi Pat,

    With the weekly results it seems you report TP1 but only report TP2 if it gets there. Does this mean you have 2 trades open? Of this is the case and the trade goes against you straight away and ends in SL shouldn’t you be reporting 2 x SL trades in the weekly report? How else can you claim both TP levels?

    Not trying to catch you out or accuse you of dishonesty I’m just trying to understand as I have the EA opening 2 trades at the moment (1 for each TP level) and when they go against me I have 2 losses.

    Also, is there a way of setting the 2nd trade (TP2 level) to change the SL to break even when TP1 is hit?


    • Hi Joshua, this is discussed in the first video on this page about trade management. It is reported as one trade with good trade management. We do not claim / add both TP levels. The assumption is the trade was managed properly and allowed to reach TP2. This is the market standard. If there is a better way you feel of doing this, you are welcome to email me. Trade management is important.

  48. Hello I have done all necessary steps and see that trades are not being placed . Not sure what could be wrong . Can you get back to me on this.

  49. Hey Pat. Will both the EA and Telegram to MT4 run on the MT4 VPS if the laptop is off? My laptop has to be powered off when I am not working 🙁

    • Yes, a VPS would be required to copy trade overnight in these cases.

      • So I can use the one on MT4?

          • Regarding setup of the copier –

            I did not see this spelled out anywhere, but if you entered the phone number wrong, and the window closes, then double-clicking the Telegram_Connector_v1_00.exe just reopens the window with the wrong input and closes it again. I couldn’t get it to let me input my phone number again to try it a different way.

            What worked for me was to go into the Data Folder > MQL > Files and DELETE the TelegramToMT4 folder. Then copy/paste it in again from the original downloaded .zip file. THEN go in and double-click the Telegram_Connector_v1_00.exe again, and it opens fresh and waits for input of the phone number.

            And I don’t know if spaces or dashes or parentheses would cause any problems, but for country code of +1 and for a phone number for example of (201) 555-7777 what worked for me was to type it all out with no spaces or dashes or anything. Just +12015557777 exactly like that, and it worked fine.

            Then it sends a numerical code (mine was 5 digits) to your Telegram, and asks you to enter the code you received. There is no “password” just that code is what it wants rather than a password.

            When it works, mine then said

            Telegram signal reader, waiting for message . . .
            Connected to Telegram

            and then the flashing cursor.

            Hopefully helpful —

  50. Hi Pat,
    Lot of settings available in copier like trailing stop etc …. What do you personally use and recomand?

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