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V12 Trading Review (3500+ Pips)

V12 Trading is a new Forex signal service claiming to provide “simply the best trading signals out there.” They claim to hit targets of 3500+ pips per month, and tell the community that their members are in the top 5% of all Forex traders. These are some pretty elaborate and exorbitant claims, which means it’s very important that we take this review seriously. Today we will be providing a full analysis so that all our readers understand the viability and potential of this service moving forward.

Launched in late 2019, it is a mystery who the developers and trade analysts behind this service are. They do not provide any information about their whereabouts or history in the Forex markets. In order to trust a signal service, we need to see much more transparency in this area. As we’ve mentioned in the past, the last thing we want to do is receive trading signals from someone who isn’t qualified to be sending them. This information isn’t difficult for any vendor to provide, and we won’t sign up with any signal service without it.

To get in touch with support, traders have to go to the vendor’s free telegram channel. There doesn’t appear to be email support available.


V12 Trading Review

The V12 Trading website doesn’t go into much detail about their service at all. We appreciate the efforts they have made, but for the most part the content is thin, and leaves us wanting more.

They claim to be a group of experts with 6 years of experience that provide trading signals with a win rate higher than 88%. While there are many claims, none of them seem to be substantiated with any real proof. If they truly have 6 years of experience, we would like to see that in some way, whether it’s through results or reputation.

The presentation feels like more of an ad for the BDSwiss brokerage, than it does for a signal service. Until they flush out their content, and give us more details, they won’t be rated in the best Forex signals page.


Much like the rest of the V12 Trading website, there is limited information when it comes to their overall methodology and trade approach. The only aspect they make mention of is their “pip locking” feature. This basically states that there is a moving SL with each trade, which needs to be adjusted as the trade goes from TP1 to TP3. So, they provide multiple take profits, and when the signal hits TP2 the SL needs to be adjusted to lock in earnings, and the sames goes for when the signal hits TP3. It’s essentially like a manual trailing stop, and while we do appreciate this feature, it is not a true explanation of their strategy.

They need to provide more detail about their actual trading approach, especially considering the fact that they haven’t proven their reputation or history in the markets. This isn’t uncommon, but it’s something we take issue with when dealing with many different signal providers. You can see this is true in our most recent reviews of SV3 Trading, Pulse FX Signals and Live Traders.


  • Type: Signals
  • Established: 2019
  • Price: €49/month
  • Strategy: Pip locking (undisclosed)
  • Trading Time: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 4-12/day

For traders interested in the V12 Trading signal service, there are three packages available. All packages are exactly the same, except there are discounts for longer term contracts. The 1 month plan goes for €49, the 3 month plan goes for €119 and the 1 year plan goes for €349. All of the plans promise an 88% success rate, 2000-7000 pips per month and 4-12 signals per day.

Trading Results

There is a section of the V12 trading website labeled “our past results,” but it only consists of images. These images don’t paint a true picture of the trading service, and do nothing to substantiate all of the claims that they’ve made. Really, they shouldn’t be making claims at all if they can’t back them up with verified trading results.

If they want to compete in the signal market, they will have to upload their trading accounts to Myfxbook to prove that the service is viable. It’s just not possible to compete in this market without doing so.


While we appreciate the efforts that the V12 trading team has put forward up until now, they have a lot of work to do still. We need more information about who they are, what their strategy is, and proof that the service works as they say it does on a verified platform. When all of these expectations are met, we will revisit this review and consider a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this review, now is the time.

V12 Trading €49/month
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V12 Trading is a Forex signal provider promising to hit 3500+ pips every single month.

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  1. BIG SCAM i lost all my capital, he give poor signals BE CAREFUL INVESTORS !!

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