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Ultimate Forex Signals Review & Analysis

Ultimate Forex Signals is a new provider that claims their service only requires 5 minutes of your day, and will give you the ability to trade as a professional. They send out one email a day, at 12PM London time (7AM EST), with two trade alerts including entry price, take profit price and stoploss level that you need to set. This is a very straightforward approach, so traders who aren’t available during this time period to receive signals and place trades, need not apply.

The about us page on the website claims that the signal service is put together by a collection of currency traders that have been active since 2008. During the last 11 years, they claim to have gained adequate knowledge and experience which attributes to their consistently growing trading accounts. Now, they feel they are ready to help the community, so they’ve started the service.

There is no verified information about their whereabouts, or identities. In order to get in touch with support traders can email


Ultimate Forex Signals Review

The Ultimate Forex Signals sales page is direct, but it doesn’t provide much detail about the intricacies of their service, nor their trading methodologies. In fact, they provide zero insight into their Forex trading approach, and the rules or analyses they utilize when triggering a potential trade. They claim that the signals are manually researched, and that they use a reliable strategy they’ve constructed over the years built on the foundations of technical analysis. In our Forex signal reviews, we frequently come across vendors that miss key elements in the description of their service, and that’s no different in this case here.

In terms of the signals, the vendor stresses the traders only need 5 minutes per day to trade. These trades will have a maximum stop loss of 80 pips per pair, which makes for a total of 160 pips per day. On average, traders can expect to receive 40 signals per month, 20 EURUSD, and 20 USDJPY. It’s also worth noting that the signals will sometimes hedge with trades on the same pair running in both directions.

They do not offer automation of their trades, as they rely solely on email to provide them.

Signal Details

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: 100€/month
  • Strategy: Technical analysis
  • Signal Frequency: 2 per day

There are 3 plans available for traders interested in the Ultimate Forex Signals service. All of the plans are essentially the exact same in terms of what you get, there is just a difference in price based on the length of the subscription you choose. A one month subscription goes for 100€, a three month subscription 250€ and a 6 month subscription 420€. This price point is very high, as most signal services come in at around half this price. I believe that this vendor should seriously consider lowing their price, considering the fact that they only provide to signals per day, and they don’t offer many of the other distribution methods that cheaper signal service providers do.

There is no free trial for the service, which is in line with our recent reviews of LeapFX’s Power Trader, and Vladimir Ribakov’s Traders Academy Club.

Vendor Performance Results

The Ultimate Forex Signals team provides a results table that is updated at the end of every single month providing the amount of profits in pips earned for that month. The results go all the way back to November 2016, and during this period of time the vendor claims that they have earned 6111 pips in total.

As far as I’m concerned, the performance results are lacking in just about every major area. The vendor does not provide any account statements, Myfxbook accounts or anything third-party verified to prove that the signals are reliable. On top of this, the vendor doesn’t provide a trade by trade breakdown which would be very easy for them to organize, considering that they email the signals to their clients every single day.

There is no reason why the vendor shouldn’t have a verified trading account on Myfxbook. They need to prove that they can make money with their signals, in a transparent way, before this can be considered a viable investment.


The positive aspect of the Ultimate Forex Signals service, is its straightforward nature. The signals are sent every day at the exact same time, with the same instructions, so they are very easy to utilize. As it stands right now though, the negatives are weighing the positives as the vendor doesn’t provide us with any strategy insight, charges too much for the service in comparison with their competitors, and don’t have any verified third-party trading results.

Please leave your comments and remarks in regards to the review below the article now.

Ultimate Forex Signals 100€/month
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 50%
  • Trading Results - 50%
  • Client Feedback - 50%
  • Customer Support - 75%


Clear Signals


No strategy insight
No verified results
No introduction

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  1. My Response -Kindly see again performance page it is clearly mentioned date wise trades for each month with entry price, stop loss and take profits for both the currency pairs, Pls check this and reply if I am wrong.

    • You are right. If you click on the date at the top, then scroll to the month you can see a breakdown of the results. That being said, these still aren’t verified, and should be uploaded to Myfxbook.

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