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TulipFX Review: Rocket EA

Today I’m looking at new trading software developed by TulipFX, Rocket EA. The last time I reviewed a trading system from this company was all the way back at the beginning of 2011, so it’s quite nostalgic to be back at it again. It’s certainly a pleasant surprise to see any company still kicking in the Forex robot market. So let’s get started and see if we can grow our investment account with the self-proclaimed “leader in algrorthmic trading.”

TulipFX is a trademark of Carlington Corporation N.V, and is located at Kaya Richard J. Beaujon z/n, Wellmstad, Curacao. Traders can get in touch with the team by emailing or on skype, username For all Forex robot reviews and ratings please go here.


Rocket EA Review

The Rocket software at first glance looks to be a grid trading system with increasing lot sizes. This EA requires a high leverage to open multiple orders and plays heavily into volatility in an attempt to end with a basket of trades in profit. This type of strategy has the probability of blowing an account at some point in time, so it’s important that traders regular withdraw earnings so they are caught with their pants down.

Obviously if you are risk averse, this is not the ideal Forex trading strategy for you. For traders that are interested in risk, I recommend attempting to double your account and then withdrawing some profits to ensure you end up in a positive position.

The robot is referred to as high risk, high reward in many circles.

As for trade frequency, we are told that “Rocket will trade at least once during its daily trading window, and depending on market conditions, it may actually trade several times.”


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $749/1 payment or $92/monthly
  • Strategy: Grid Trader
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Pairs: GBPUSD


The vendor is currently running 1 account, which can be seen here.

TulipFX Review

The developers of the Rocket EA are also behind the releases of KingFisher, JuiceFX, and the retired Kangaroo EA. The Co-Founder of TulipFX is Sander Keulen, if you are interested to learn more about him, you can access his LinkedIn page here.

The company has been around since 2011, and claims to have over 26 years of combined experience in trading. They provide both expert advisors and managed accounts, but I really don’t recommend managed accounts from any company to any of the Forex Robot Nation readers. In my opinion, it’s just too difficult to trust anyone to manage your accounts.

That being said, the TulipFX web-site is very professional, and I’m happy to see companies actively developing Forex tools for long periods of time.


So, as of right now I’m going to provide a 3 star review for TulipFX’s Rocket EA. There are certainly going to be traders interested in this trading software, but for the most part the Forex Robot Nation readers are much more risk averse. This type of strategy is certainly built for traders that can handle big swings in either direction.

If you’ve tried this EA, or you are interested in sharing your thoughts about it, please leave your comments and questions now.

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