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Forex Kangaroo EA | TulipFX Review

Forex Kangaroo EA | TulipFX Review

Today we have a new expert advisor that is hopping up on all of us.  Really, yes really, we are going to be looking at a system known as the Forex Kangaroo EA.

It may make you want to bounce, but this forex software is actually worthy of a long look.

There are a few things off the bat we like about the Forex Kangaroo EA. This is that it is not associated with the forex product assembly line which seems to run through clickbank and does not follow the traditional sales page look.  TulipFX believes to be a different type of forex robot development group and we surely hope this is true.

The second thing we like about the Kangaroo EA is that it has great forex results.  Just look below and we have some posted for you to check out right away.

These are certainly the type of results that would have us hopping like kangaroos, but lets discuss a little more about this ea and the potential it offers our forex trading accounts.

The kangaroo ea results were started on the 15th of September and the forex equity curve shows just solid growth. Along with the system you get the following benefits:

  • 60 Day Guarantee
  • Solid Support
  • Free Updates
  • Proactive News avoidance algorithm

We really like what we see from the Forex Kangaroo EA from TulipFX.  It has a lot to offer and there looks to be no issues with giving this one a shot.  All the signs that we usually see that turn us off an EA are not here so if you want to bounce around like a kangaroo go ahead, we won’t stop you.

We will be trying kangaroo ea very soon, if you have any interesting information about this review or product feel free to leave a comment below.  We will be adding to the forex kangaroo ea review every once and a while so please check back for more updates as well.

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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Mark, not sure what your beef is but there’s no more monthly fee for using Kangaroo since July 2011. My licenz was extended, no problem.

    The EA has been performing nicely, but the stats you are showing are outdated.


  2. Hey,

    If you were a previous subscriber to the Kangaroo EA, lost money with it, and thought maybe the discontinuation of the monthly subscription would perhaps entitle you to trade it again, DON’T.

    Don’t even bother sending an email asking about it. Never mind you paid around $200 initially, then maybe lost a couple/three months subscription fees on it. Not counting how much principal you lost on top of that.

    They won’t bother answering it.

    Very professional approach Ozzie, Dutch.

  3. Yes I agree this EA is the best, I bought a copy in February started off on 0.35 lots and now up to 0.46 lots it has made me just over $1800 AUD I’ve also only had it trade only once this week but that’s ok. I like the new version 6.0 the back tests are more profitable. It is well worth buying this EA!

  4. This is the best EA on the market hands down. It has been running on my live account for over three months and has not had a losing week (possibly day, cant be bothered checking). It has been running on the “out of the box” settings at risk level 5 (recommended). There have been quite a few updates on the standard version as people have let the Tech. support know of certain misfunctions (none of which I have experienced) and the EA has changed form a little since the 1st release. The point is that this EA is alive and updated when needed. I have had one question that I wrote to the support for and got answered almost immediately. The EA is smart and has a news filter so that it does not trade at high level sceduled news releases. During Japans earthquake crisis the support emailed and informed the users that it would be wise to turn off the EA during such events. The EA trades about 2-3 days a week but when it finds a market it likes it will trade regually. It has little draw down opting to close trades at a small loss then reopening in the opposite direction or reopening at a better price hence it normaly makes one or two small losses then has a larger take profit. This week it has made 4 trades all round the same time: -2.9 pips, 7.4, 18.5, 22.8 total 45.8 pips up, a very typical outcome. It traded only one day this week but I have seen it trade up to 3 days and often more than one period during the day. There is a monthly payment for this EA but considering the results, support and updates it is a small price. This is A1 and you best feel lucky I am sharing this review with you because this is a hidden gold nugget…. (ps I am not affiliated or marketed at all for this EA it is just an honest review and like I said u best feel lucky I shared it with u 🙂

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