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Trade With Pat VIP Signal: Weekly Report #4

Hey guys! This was a banger week with a gain of +4.32% in the VIP room. With an incredible win rate of close to 70%, we won 4 trades this week and some of them were huge wins. Continued the momentum of the last week and made it a big one.

Let’s recap through the week how my biases worked and how the trades were called out. 


Our Forex Signal Market Bias

As I said in last week’s report that my bias for US Dollar is bullish and it had broken a key level of 102.785 this worked perfectly and USD continued its bullish momentum throughout the week and closed at 103.432 with room for even further movement to the upside.

EUR/USD huge win

Started the week with this huge win in EURUSD in line with my bias and a perfect supply zone trade. After a small consolidation, the price took out recent highs, and then a liquidity grab pushed it aggressively to the downside creating a supply zone. Sent a sell market order on the pullback the price fell all the way below smashing my bith take profit levels.

I made over $2500 in this trade and the community secured over 24 pips and 1:2 Risk: Reward. A beautiful trade and an amazing start to the week. 

Here I break down the whole process and thought behind the trade, watch: 

Had another win in EUR/GBP on the same day using the same supply zone strategy as the previous trade. A huge push to the downside created a supply zone and then had the selling opportunity at 1.09482 after the pullback. This trade also shot straight to both the TPs.

There was an execution issue in this trade and some of the members could only secure half of the pips due to spread so we claimed it as a 1:1 R: R winner instead of 1:2. Complete transparency here in the Best Forex Signal group ✅ 

Although lost the free signal EUR/AUD on Monday but that is a part of trading and I make it up for this loss in the free room later in the week stay tuned for that.

Second day of the week GBP/USD provided an incredible win in line with the bullish bias on the US dollar. The price was trading in a range and broke it to the upside to sweep sell-side liquidity and then dropped hard. 

This was a NY session trade and the afternoon spread widening at the crossover kills a perfectly good trade so decided to close it manually. Still made a sweet gain of over $2100 and the VIP room made +29 pips. 

Had a couple more slow trades in between one of which was a loser and closed the other one at breakeven. Was still up for the week and looking for solid trades to finish the week strong.

Huge Demand Zone trade:

I still had a bullish bias on the EUR/AUD pair and on Thursday there was a recent aggressive push from the 1.69130 level creating a demand zone. Once the price retraced back to that zone I sent a buy stop order at 1.69365 in the VIP room. It was a beautiful win of +66 pips for a risk: reward of 1:2

Watch here the breakdown video of this trade:

This trade was also sent in the free signal group and it made +33 pips for the community.


Finished the week on a positive note and an overall gain of +4.32%(+85 pips) charts worked perfectly for me.  

Looking ahead:

Going ahead in the next week, US Dollar is still likely to maintain the bullish bias as long as it is above a key level of 102.785 and we will be trading around that bias.

Japanese Yen is trading at this year’s low and there is no relief in sight anytime soon. 69.05 is a key level and it has broken that level successfully. It is likely to continue the downward move which will provide us great trading opportunities.

I also have a new writer reviewing prop firms, you can check out my Rocket 21 Review and my Clarity Traders Review if you’re interested.

This week went as I expected and I will keep pushing it hard to close the month strong. Come join over 1700 happy members in VIP.

Watch my most recent video where I use two FREE TradingView indicators to increase my win rate to 90%:

Much Love ❤️

About Vipul Rathaur

A trader with more than six years of experience, Vipul is a discretionary trader and uses multi time frame analysis for his analysis and price action for his trade signals. Believes that risk management is the secret to making it in this world. He trades major Forex pairs, Indices, and Commodities.


  1. Hello ot was a great week . Thanks for the signals . My question is about equity management and how you’re calculating those lotsizes ?I appreciate a video answer for this question thanks

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