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The Grade Money Review (EA & Course)

The Grade Money is a development team that currently offers a Forex trading course, an expert advisor and a free telegram where they offer trade signals. The goal of the group is to “help people live better, do more and become financially free.” They want to contribute to the market by helping beginners better understand the process of growing wealth through trading, drop shipping and marketing. This is quite an odd intersection of topics, and certainly makes the service come across as a group of marketers, and not Forex traders. We will cover this, and much more in our review today, so you know if this is a viable service or not.

The creator of the services “Hamza,” an 18-year-old self-proclaimed entrepreneur that claims to have learned Forex at the age of 16 while he was in college. He tells us that he “racked in” huge numbers during college, and that he wants more people to “live the luxurious lifestyle,” which is why he has developed affordable Forex trading courses. There is no information on the location of the developer, but he can be contacted via the contact form on the website.


The Grade Money Review

My initial thoughts on The Grade Money services aren’t overwhelmingly positive. The story about Hamza making huge profits, and teaching himself how to trade Forex effectively in a single year comes across as far-fetched. It takes most traders many years to develop their trading skills, and have the ability to put that knowledge into a trading product. Sure, it’s possible that Hamza is just a genius, but based on the fact that this website is also catering to drop shipping, marketing and crypto, leads me to believe he is a salesmen first. This isn’t a major issue, as salesmen often have solid products to sell, but generally I prefer Forex products from real Forex traders, which I’m not sure Hamza is.

Hamza’s About Us Page

The website comes across as a catchall, and not focused enough on one topic.

The Details

  • Type: Forex EA / Trading Course
  • Price: £200 or £1,000
  • Strategy: Martingale
  • Trading Results: Not Provided

Depending on the package that you are interested in, the price varies from £200 for the trading course, and £1,000 for the expert advisor. These prices are quite high, so hopefully the vendor provides adequate proof that his products are viable.

Forex Trading EA

As part of the product line, The website sells a Forex expert advisor for £1,000. This system is martingale-based, and promises a profit of 50-80% per month, with a drawdown of 8-30%. The developer provides no other information about the expert advisor, but just goes into a brief explanation about what a Forex expert advisor is, and what benefits traders can expect from an automated trading product.

There is no verifiable proof, that the product performs as it does. The vendor is not providing any trading statements. Considering Hamza claims that the software is winning 50-80% per month, he should be able to provide us proof of that number via a Myfxbook account. You simply can’t compete with the Best Forex Robots in the market, when you don’t have verified results.

This EA is certainly overpriced, as the development team fails to deliver any real information about the product. It’s also worth noting that martingale EA’s are the most dangerous out of any strategy, which makes this a high risk trading product from the offset.

Trading Package

The £200 trading package by The Grade Money group provides traders with live trading webinars, video explanations, news updates, market movement updates and access to the community. Outside of these bullet points, the developers failed to provide any detailed information about the course, and their offerings.

The material provided by the vendor is lacking greatly. When selling a trading product, a vendor needs to check off multiple boxes in order to prove that the system is worth purchasing. These boxes are simply not checked off at all. Other Forex courses like Traders Academy Club, and Falcon Trading Guidance at least give some information about their offerings.

We don’t know what we are getting, and there is no proof that what we are getting can make us money.


The Grade Money website comes across as an incomplete sales project. There are multiple products, but none of them are explained in much detail, or provide any real proof. The vendor claims high winning trades, and tells us that he’s been winning in the Forex market since he was 16. If he wants us to recommend his products, that he’s going to need to show us his Myfxbook accounts, and prove that he is a successful trader like he claims to be.

Until then, if you have anything you want to add to the review, please comment now.

The Grade Money £200 or £1,000
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 50%
  • Trading Results - 50%
  • Client Feedback - 60%
  • Customer Support - 70%


Looks professional


No results
No strategy insight

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. He has changed his name multiple times and most recently changed it to ForexWorld EA.

  2. His site has been taken down and now he changed his telegram group name to “WorldTradingRoom Free Chat”
    And he deleted all previous posts and stolen videos.

  3. I just spent £1,000 on the EA and signals. I was really worried but since the last 2 weeks I’ve made over £8k from a £3k deposit! I’m extremely happy and he helped me out a lot. I would recommend it ! The signals also made me £400 this week. You guys need to stop listening to fake reviews and instead actually make the effort to learn instead of thinking you can justify leaving the ea on huge lots and losing

  4. This is for everyone who has been scammed by this person. I have reported to the police so far nothing has happened. I am sure the police will be able to track him if they know there are many like me who have been scammed. Can we as a community do something about it and make an example of this person.

    • Hey Harris,
      First of all if you had issues why didn’t you bother emailing or at least messaging me on Telegram? Secondly, an issue we have with clients is they never learn how to use our signals or the EA properly and they end up losing money. We are purely an education platform so I can seem to understand your issue?

      What is your telegram so we can actually speak. If not email me or telegram @GradeMoneyFX

      Ok you reported to police but you haven’t really explained how we have “scammed” you. We gave you access to our signal chat, we gave you access to our analysis chat and also gave you the EA. Unless you don’t have the latest EA I understand your issue but message us first isn’t it mate.

      Message me if you actually want to get something sorted.

  5. Complete SCAM, im warning anyone who takes his EA. It is a 2016 EA complete scam which will just mess up ur trading account. If i could give negative ratings i would love that . SCAM SCAM SCAM, the local authorities should have this guy for luring peoplr and he himself is some 17 year old behind a computer scamming. Therez no team or whatever else BS he sells you, STAY AWAY

  6. Go on Telegram and look up GradeMoneyFXRIPOFF and see if that’s the person you to give your money to.

  7. Hey all,
    Hamza is a fair guy and his robot is real and his signals are great!!

    Keep in mind Hamza has been trading for 3 years and he has built up his accounts. It doesn’t happen over night!!!

    If you use proper risk management you will be fine

    The greatest traders in the world have loosing trades no one can be 100%
    If you don’t want to loose money don’t trade FOREX

  8. Since I am a intelligent person, I wont call him a scam. I know the definition of scam and that’s not him, HOWEVER he IS a RIP off. He charges a lot of money for a EA that simply does not work well. He will try and accuse you of losing money, but in reality the EA is terrible. I tried it with a demo and live account for months and it struggles to break even on both. The pair it performs best on is GBPUSD, but even then like I said it struggles to break even. I followed the instructions to a T. I used risk management(.01 per $200) and like I said, it doesn’t work. I recommend everybody to stay away from the EA. Check his signals and trading course(unreleased as of now) and see of that’s of value, I haven’t tested his signals yet because he hasn’t earned my trust, he never replies when you ask for help, and he will REFUSE to give you a refund after PROMISING to give you on if you dont make money with the EA. I’ll test his signals on demo and leave a review then. Like I said, STAY AWAY FROM THE EA.

  9. So after months of contemplating on trying the grade money, i finely decided blets let’s give it a shot.
    Grademoney was hard to get hold of i give you that, he usually responds with one word answers which made me more sceptical.
    But i thought ill try it out.
    Eventually deposited £470 into the broker and he trialed some trades on his vs for me. He said there would be few losses while he tweaked the ea to my balance settings. which I felt uneased of. There was a loss of £63, and as you can imagine as a new trader i was getting anxious. He assured me he will payback the losses and not to worry.
    True to his word he paid me back via skrill with £70. Thats when i truly believed him.

    He was helping me make profitable trades, upon requesting the ea he sent it within a day or so. He was monitoring my actions and immediately told me to stop the ea, as i was using high lot sizes. He advised me not to rush, and has been giving me profitable signals where theres approximately 100 odd members in.

    He is not a scam as most people have wrote here, I was fortunate to get response fast from him. I can appreciate others may have had different experiences.
    My only gripe is he hasn’t been responding as much, but that i can understand with the amount of people sending him messages. Definitely need a pa.

  10. Nothing about him says professional. I like many others have purchased the EA, tried it on demo AND live with amazing risk management( .01 lots)and recommended settings and the RA has done nothing but lost money. The pair it does best on is GNOUSD but if it moves to violently then the EA just craps out and enter stupid trades. I’ve contacted him for refunds and advice and he continues to ignore me. Yet when my friends contact him and call him out on his terrible customer service he says “I can buy you and your whole family” and “your mum has cancer”. I wish I could share screenshots. Honestly dont waste your time with the EA. I’m giving his signals a chance to see if he can trade, but as far as the EA…PLEASE do NOT purchase it.

  11. He’s a scammer. Sent him money for the EA months ago and still nothing. He kept putting me in groups that are for “EA” clients but has never actually sent it. Screw him.

    • Scam and a thief, advertised refund if loss you loose money then comes up with any excuse not to refund you then blocks you on all social sites ????????????

  12. GrademoneyEA User

    My friend purchased this EA and sent it to me & I have been using it for some time. If you would like it, please reply with your email and I can send it to you for free.

    (Before I get into this I would like to say that Hamza, the seller, is an idiot.)

    The first month or so I ran this software everything was great, it was making about 3% daily on average and everything was fine. But the problem – and this problem is the case with all Martingale softwares, is that if this bot makes a mistake, and a trading pair happens to go in the wrong direction, and keeps going in the wrong direction, you are screwed.

    About a month in the market made some massive movements in the wrong direction and my bot lost $1,600. This $1,600 has just finally been recuperated so I am one of the traders who has overall “broken even” (as I was making the consistent 3% daily I was putting $500 more in the account per day so much less was made than could’ve been.) I’m currently at 6,220 USD in the account with -150k drawdown which is scary because if the other 3 trading pairs decide to make a similar movement my account could be blown.

    3 of my friends also use this software:

    1 of them has used the recommended settings but his (thankfully small) account was blown. He was not using a VPN so his ping was very high although I doubt that could have been a large part of the fact that this martingale algorithm simply continued making larger and larger trades when it kept on losing and eventually blew his account.

    1 of them, due to Hamza being an idiot and not giving any advice or having a detailed guide (probably because he doesn’t want to admit when he’s losing money) tried tinkering with some of the settings and made a lot then lost a lot. I believe his account was blown but I can’t be sure.

    1 of them has been running the account for a few weeks and I believe has made 30%. But like my situation you have to be careful because you never know if the market might decide to make a large movement again.

    I, myself, have more or less broken even.

    I am not a professional trader, but I would not put more money than you’re willing to gamble on any martingale software and definitely not into this bot, because you are risking everything. I am on the fence as to whether or not I would recommend this bot quite honestly.

    On a side note this has ruined my sleep and health stressing over this because when your trades are in the negative with this bot, it can really get horrible. I may wait until my equity is back above 6k USD then pull out.

    • Grademoney Ea User2

      Thanks for this review, as you have said hamza is not serious. I tried the robot on a 1000$ account and it blew it. My question for you is that is the pdf file sent with with robot the same as the robots settings or not. Secondly if it is not then we don’t have the same robot if it is then we do have the same robot and sincerely I lost everything I was so pissed I asked for a refund and he said I don’t offer refunds. If you see this please add me on Snapchat: Aalli415 let’s talk more. I really need to understand what is really going on and if there is a way to actually make profit from this thing. Hamza never replies me, doesn’t explain anything is just a sales man trying to make money.

    • Ok. First of all the EA isn’t supposed to be handed out and the EA can detect that so it won’t trade properly. Second of all I am using Justin’s EA from GradeMoney and it’s great. You need to risk low amounts and then it’ll be fine. Don’t rush to make money. Be consistent and use lower lots. Best of luck!

    • Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

      Firstly, I wanna swear by Allah that what I’m saying is the truth. Wallahi this is what happened. Alright so here is my experience. Firstly, before I even get to the actual EA. I just wanna say that GradeMoneyFX or Hamza takes days or even longer to even reply. Like if you bought the software and sent him payment, he would reply days later. After finally buying software, I had to literally BEG him to please send it, please send it now, please send it now. He asked me for email and I would write my email. Then after a couple of days, he would ask for email and I would write again. He did this 3 times. Finally, he sends the EA to my email and a guide to go along with it. I followed the directions and setup everything. I set it up on two accounts. One on a live account and another on a demo account. I followed the same risk settings as were written in the guide. In both accounts, I gained very little and then it blew both accounts. I’ve heard the same from everybody I talked to. This EA does not work at all. Do not buy it. Its a waste of your money and time. It’s not just a scam, but the fact of how the customer is treated is also very bad. Allah knows the truth and how he does business. He will take care of this on the Day of Judgment. I’m done going after him. I’m willing to give way more info if any of you have questions.

      Jazakallahu Khairan

      • I spent 400 gbp on this crap, if one day i find this humza may God have mercy on his soul. I have saved telegram chats from him and he refuses to refund me.

    • Could you please send me the robot so i can at least try it on demo account please? my gmail is and please let me know in the title of the email that this is the grade money robot. Thanks anyway man i appreciate the offer!????

  13. Well… at first I thought he was scammed after I send him money, total of EA. He kept saying he will sent it for about a week or so. But finally today, he finally sent me the files of EA and the instructions to setup everything. THIS IS NOT A SCAM. People says scam because they never buy the products, or willing to make the move and not being patience with him. I waited a week so I guess it’s worth it. I’m going to test it on my small live account and see how it goes for a week or 2, I’ll give you guys updated! Also there’s 110 members on his EA accounts. He also, gives out signals as well. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT SCAM, I PAID $1,000 FOR IT AND I RECEIVED HIS PRODUCT***

    • Keep us updated Im interested in trying it but I stil dont know, because if he is making millions is very pushing when it comes too “did you send the money yet? you ready too send the money” etc so yeah.

    • Thank you for the feedback. If clients won’t listen to my risk management and do 0.4 lots per EA trade and blame me when they margin out.. I try my best to help. If you are using the EA, instead of leaving negative reviews calling me a scam, how about emailing me and asking for help and learning that forex isn’t a get rich quick scheme

      • Grade Money EA User 3

        It took you long enough to see this thread brother. What do you mean blame and not ask questions am I a joke to you, I literally have proof of questions asked dated from February that you haven’t answered concerning the Ea. I never thought forex was a quick cash scheme but with the right help I thought I could make something off of your Ea which is why I saved for it but wasn’t expecting much. Even still you made me feel worse, you never replied questions , you didn’t offer refunds, I lost money to the bot and then you say you try your best, whatttt brother?. Sorry if I don’t believe you but it’s really not just fair of your part . Good luck to you brother and keep enjoying your money, you have made it and literally crushing others as you progress.

    • hi have you good result with EA ?

  14. Jonathan Bartsch

    Total scam guys… Everything you stated is true! Stay away.

  15. This guy is a scammer . He uses stolen videos and screenshot of other people to promote his so called EA that is fake.
    He claims to have a 10 Million GBP account , and to be a Top earner due to his own trading and EA but when You ask him a question he can’t even answer it. When You ask how safe is your EA , his answer is “very safe” . What does that even mean. He refuses to give an investor password or share a full detailed statement with his name on it. He refuses to share a myfboox or Bluefx link. All he does is only answer questions when You say you want to buy his EA , then he jumps as if he never had earned even 1 dollar in his life.

    On top of that he uses excuses as “don’t waste my time if you are not serious” , for him serious means , pay him right the second and shut your mouth. Claims to be a trader , yet all his does all day is post videos and bank screenshots (stolen one) . Where does he have time for his trading ?

    Be careful , as he hides names and broker and server names on the videos he uses , never ever showed his own name.

    It is not because someone has a website that he is legit .

    After finding this forum and seeing people were scammed , I did hit him up and send a screenshot and when I did so , his true face came to life.
    He started insulting me and my family , saying that and I quote him “woman don’t deserve to make money”
    that I am dumb, that I can’t even afford £399 (while I never discussed discounts or asked anything about price lol) etc..

    I am dumb for unmasking him ? I think he is the dumbest scammers of all times.
    When he started to insult me and say all kinds of things , I told told him I had taken screenshots of everything , when I said that , he deleted every of his chats , hmmmm I thought he had nothing to hide.
    I have submitted a case to the cyber police as he is a serial scammer that needs to be stopped and I have submitted all screenshots as well .

    He claimed to have made a withdrawal from Ic Markets of 500k to his Lloyd bank , yet after deleting the chats of our conversations, he posted a comment on his telegram group , saying it was his client’s withdrawal, his friend who has a hedge fund…. Lies all over the place.

    This guy is a piece of shit that try to scam innocent people.
    He claims to have a 10 Million account yet has the worse poverty consciousness there is.

  16. Could anyone maybe share the ea with pdf instruction? :/
    I‘ve purchase it, but still no mail and no answer from this guy.
    I would also test it with real money account!

    Would be so great, otherwise I lost 399 pounds. 🙁

  17. I paid as well he sent me the EA with different instructions setup from the EA.. totally a scam.. then he does not respond to your text or anything

    he is {GradeMoneyFx} on Telegram app …. he has to be stopped for not being creditable and legit… before he get hurt playing with people money with the right person

  18. Guy is a damn scam i paid for the package and he never sent me the ea by email etc. Via skrill so im contacting them for fraud refund.
    I have photo proof too.

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