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Stryke Trend EA Review (TrendX Trading)

Stryke Trend EA is a new Forex robot built to trade the EURUSD pair and safeguard profits while still taking advantage of volatility. The system trades 1-5 times per week “depending on market conditions,” and apparently took 9 months to develop. Today we will be analyzing the software and letting you know if it is a suitable expert advisor.

The robot is developed by a new group, called the Creative EA Solutions Dev Team ( They claim to be a team of “experiences traders and code engineers” that spend countless hours working on making their expert advisors profitable. There is no detailed information provided about their team so we cannot verify their reputation or skill set. The same goes for their location, as there is no address anywhere on the website. We would like to see more transparency in this area, as we generally want to know who is developing the services we plan to invest in.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email


Stryke Trend EA Review

The Stryke Trend EA sales page is made up of a single paragraph with a few details about the trading software. It’s not the usual type of sales page we see in this market, and it’s missing quite a few aspects. We generally want to see detailed information about the product, trading results, images, and even videos when necessary. In this case, none of this is provided, which makes it very difficult for us to determine whether this is a best Forex robot or not.

Our advice to the development team, since they are new, is to look around the market and see what other vendors are providing. The Forex robot market is long-running, which makes the traders in this market educated and interested in a full analysis.


While there isn’t a ton of information on the sales page, they do dedicate a few sentences to the Stryke Trend EA strategy, which is a good start. The robot trades the EURUSD pair exclusively, using a mid-scalper strategy. It aims to capture market moves, and trap the price in order for the trades to stay in profit. If there is a change in the direction of the market, the software will exit with a small loss and then re-enter the market quickly “with the strength of the new trend.”

The EA aims to place 1-5 trades per day, and comes with a template file which can be applied to MT4. It is also advertised as “very-tuneable,” meaning that there are a bunch of different features that can be tweaked to help meet the clients trading style. These features include an adustable stop loss and trailing stops to help traders lock in their earnings. The parameters discussed are very popular and can be found in our recent reviews of other robots like Onyx Scalper and Forex AstroBot.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $99
  • Strategy: Mid-scalper
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Pairs: EURUSD

Originally priced at $199, the Stryke Trend EA is now available for $99. Sadly, the sales page provides no information about what we are actually purchasing. We understand that we get the expert advisor, but the vendor doesn’t tell us what comes with the software and how many accounts we can run it on. There is real general lack of information on this website that is certainly hurting their chances at acquiring clients. They need to be more clear and up front about everything.

Client Feedback

We have been unable to find any real client feedback at this time. Traders will be able to leave their feedback at the bottom of this page.

Trading Results

As is always the case, the trading results are the most important aspect of any automated service. Yet, the Stryke Trend EA team fail to provide any performance numbers at all.

They make a claim of having a backtest “from January 1 2020 to July 31 2020 show this with a $3000 deposit turning into a $12931.31 total in that time, and when this has a winning streak it is awesome – it went 26 trades in a row for winners.” This is written poorly, and it isn’t backed up with any actual proof, as it’s just a sentence. The community is expecting much more from robot vendors in 2020.


At this point in time, we can’t recommend the Stryke Trend EA to the Forex Robot Nation readers. While we appreciate the fresh take this vendor is offering up, they are lacking in very important areas, especially when it comes to trading results.

Thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts below the article now.

Stryke Trend EA $99
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Stryke Trend EA is a Forex robot that trades 1-5 times per week.

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Good support
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Fresh take


No results
Limited strategy insight
General lack of transparency

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