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Signals Review: Practical Pips

Today I’m looking at a new Forex signal service that also provides traders with access to a trading room and actively developed strategies, Practical Pips. Traders are promised accurate, high–confidence signals, sent directly via email and SMS. They believe that they separate themselves from other signal providers in this market by promising that they don’t use widening stops, hidden losers or inflated winners.

There doesn’t seem to be an about me page anywhere on the website, but in doing additional research I found that this product is connected to a man named Glenn Howell. Outside of this, we don’t know where the services are located, or the type of experience Glenn and his team has in the Forex marketplace. To get in touch with support, traders can email


Practical Pips Review

The front page of the Practical Pips website is quite barren, with just a few sentences about each of the services that they provide. They show the community that they provide real trades with real results, as clients are expected to learn their systems and follow along in their trade room. The trade room is a unique element, that isn’t provided by other signal providers, as it gives traders more insight into the trading approach of the signal provider, and educates the client base simultaneously.

The vendor believes that traders with all types of backgrounds and experience levels will be able to benefit from “a wealth of knowledge, ideas and resources available.” The website itself doesn’t represent these ideas very well, as the traders forums and discussions groups, sections of the site had very little action at all. The forums have just a total of 24 posts, and the discussion groups range between 5 to 6 members each. This lack of discussion insinuates that there isn’t a wealth of knowledge, but it’s possible that the majority of information is provided in the members area of the website.

I would like to see more information on the front end however, which is generally the case with signal providers, as I’ve noted in recent reviews of Smart FX Trader, Forex GDP and FX Profit Signals.


  • Type: Forex Signals/Trade Room
  • Price: $19/month
  • Strategy: Price Action
  • Timeframe: All Timeframes
  • Pairs: All Pairs

There are 3 types of memberships available for the Practical Pips signal service. The free newbie membership, which entitles traders to a 7 day introduction to Forex trading course, and provides access to a demo trading account with their recommended brokerage. The Pro membership which goes for $9 for the first month, then $19 every month after, providing access to the trading room, Forex signals, and trading strategies. Lastly, the account membership which provides everything that the Pro membership does, but instead of paying $19 a month, traders are required to open a live funded account with their trusted brokerage.

Trading Results

The producers of the Practical Pips product include an “our results” page built to show traders the recent performance of their systems. On this page they explained that they utilize a 4 hour trend trade, which trades “a basket of 5 currencies an attempt to ride price trends to the very end.”

As for the results, the vendor provides us with a JavaScript chart showing us an equity gain of over $8000 on a $10,000 account since 2015. None of the data is verifiable, as it’s just a chart, with no inclusion of specific trades, or trading statements for that matter.

This type of results presentation could easily be fabricated, or some sort of representation that is in line with a demo account or back test. There is really no way of knowing for trusting that this information is real. They need to consider utilizing statement sharing services in order to provide a much higher level of transparency when it comes to their trading results.

Practical Pips Client Feedback

While there are very few reviews, and the last review came well over a year ago, the for reviews I found all give the Practical Pips service a 5 star rating. All of the reviews are passionate, with some members going as far as claiming that 500 pips a month is a very simple and attainable goal.

Here are the 2 latest reviews.


The Practical Pips signal service comes across as professional and dedicated to making the lives of their clients easier by educating them and providing them with tactful Forex trading systems. My only concerns, are those that are frequent with most of my signal provider reviews. The vendor needs to do a better job at providing us information about their services, about their process and in the transparent nature in which they are reporting their trading results. When some of these issues are addressed, I will be more inclined to recommend the service to my readers.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this review, please leave your comments and remarks below the article now.

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