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Signals Review: Forex Rupees

Forex Rupees is a Forex signal provider promising a VIP service that offers profitable trade alerts in real time through telegram messenger. The developers of the service tell traders that they will “increase your profits by getting the hottest market opportunities before everyone else!” The website also includes fund management services, subscription plans, articles, trading tips, broker recommendations, and trading tools.

The vendor provides an about us page, but this page doesn’t actually provide any information about the vendor whatsoever. It is unknown who the creators of this service are, or what type of experience they have in the Forex marketplace. There is a claim on the website that they have 10 years of experience, but without introducing us to any of their traders are analysts, it is difficult to trust that this information is trustworthy. In order to get in touch with support, traders can call +1(315) 988-4450 or fill out a contact form on their website.


Forex Rupees Review

While the about us page is quite disappointing as it doesn’t provide any information about the Forex Rupees developers, it does provide detail about their trading methodology, which is very important. First, they tell us that each trade comes with an entry-level to initiate the trade, target levels to take profits, a stop level to manage the trade risk and a confidence level that they attached to each trade. The confidence level comes in percentage form, and is a number they used to gauge their personal confidence in each signal they provide to the client. This is certainly a unique feature, and not something we’ve seen in other Forex signal reviews, as most vendor wants to seem confident in every trade. I believe that this is a benefit, because it is a little added insight into the thought process of the analyst, and allows traders to have the final say before placing a trade.

In terms of methodology, the vendor claims that each of their “expert analysts covers multiple asset classes,” and uses technical analysis in order to monitor the markets. They give a brief definition of what technical analysis is, telling us that they use “areas of support and resistance, trendlines, patterns,” as well as other variables to determine profitable entry points. This type of trading approach is very common in the Forex market, as it can be seen in our reviews of DD Markets, and OmniForex Signals.

Personally, I would like to see a more detailed analysis of their strategy, as telling us that they use technical analysis is fairly vague.


  • Type: Forex signals
  • Price: £20 – £160 per month
  • Strategy: Technical analysis
  • Signal Frequency: 2-3 per day
  • Trading Results: Unverified
  • Pairs: Currencies and commodities

The varying prices for the Forex Rupees signal service is just based on the length of membership, with steep discounts for long term members. Whether traders sign up for the silver, gold, platinum or supreme package, they all get the exact same service. This service comes with intraday signals, a promise of 1000 2000 pips per month, 2 to 3 signals per day via telegram for currencies and commodities.

The team also offers a 15 day free analysis period. There isn’t much detail as to what this offer pertains to, but I assume that this is a fully functional free trial. Considering the vendor doesn’t provide us with any information about their Forex analysts, and vague information about their strategy, I suggest that this is the best way to proceed.

Trading Results

There are two separate results pages on the Forex Rupees website. The signals results page, and the performance page. On the signals results page, there are screen shots of Excel spreadsheets, showing the amount of pips won and lost on a daily basis, organized by the asset. These trading results show monthly gains of anywhere from 614 pips to 4276 pips. These numbers are certainly exorbitant, but they are not verified by any 3rd party, as they are not hosted on a Myfxbook account, or any statement sharing service. Thus, the vendor could easily be manipulating these results to show us whatever they want.

The performance page includes a 3 1/2 minute video on YouTube, which is meant to show us the four-year live account history on their Myfxbook account. This is very strange, because they could easily just give us a link to this account and let us peruse it on our own. Their account by clicking on different aspects send highlighting different areas to show us that the account is functional but there’s something very manipulative happening here. At the top of the video they have intentionally left out the URL of the Myfxbook account. They would’ve had to erase this manually, because the navigation bar is never blank by default.

We can see that their account name is clearly ForexRupees, so we should be able to easily follow them by going to their account page, or searching For them on Myfxbook. Yet, neither of these methods work, which really doesn’t make any sense, because it means that the account doesn’t exist, and neither does the user.

There is something very strange happening with these results, and an explanation is certainly needed from the vendor.


While there are positive aspects to the Forex Rupees signal service, the strange trading results manipulation is something that I can’t remove from the forefront of my mind. Before I make any recommendation, it’s imperative that the vendor clears up what’s going on with these results, and provides us with access to this mysteriously non-existent Myfxbook account.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions or remarks below the article now.

Forex Rupees £20 - £160 per month
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 50%
  • Trading Results - 50%
  • Client Feedback - 50%
  • Customer Support - 75%


Brand new
Some strategy insight
In depth website


Vague strategy insight
No verified results
Strange results

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  1. I haven’t been able to find their Myfxbook data either.

    The video they show us seems like a magic trick!

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