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Signals Review: DD Markets

DD Markets Capital Markets Research is a Forex signal provider that’s been serving the community since 2014. They believe that transparency is of the utmost importance, and claim to have documented every single signal they’ve ever sent to their client base. Their “documentation includes screenshots of the progress of the trade,” and with this transparency, they have the best track record in the marketplace. As always, we will provide a full breakdown and review of this service and let everyone know if it’s truly a viable opportunity.

The vendor does not provide us with any information about their company, or location. With a signal service, this information is imperative, because if we don’t know who the signal provider is, it’s hard to develop trust or confidence. It’s important to know who is sending the trades, and what type of trading history they have in the Forex marketplace. All we are told, is that the service has been available since 2014, and it’s their goal to provide “genuine Forex signals with extensive market analysis.” In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website.


DD Markets Review

While it’s disappointing that we don’t know who the developers of the DD Markets service are, they do provide in-depth strategic analysis, which is rare and certainly something we would like to see more of from other Forex signal providers.

This service focuses on either technical or fundamental analysis with each trade signal. They provide “an entry price, protective stop loss order, take profit, risk ratio and estimated duration based on the time frame the analysis was carried.” They aim to achieve a 1:3 risk reward ratio, and have specific approaches for different pairs, as well as different market volatilities. Their methodology also includes a low risk approach, which has them avoiding unnecessary drawdowns. They believe that it’s better to take a loss, than risk large drawdowns for trades that aren’t likely to recover.

They believe that their current market strategy allows them to be more consistent than other signal providers like FX Leaders, or Piptionary Club. The service notes that many other providers put the onus on the trader to make decisions by providing multiple take profits with the trade alert. They feel that this is a major mistake, and it’s really only in place to take pressure off of the signal provider, by putting the decision in the hands of the trader. In their case, they only provide one take profit, because they want the pressure, and don’t want their clients have to make any decisions once the trade is placed.


  • Type: Forex signals
  • Price: $74.40-$138.70/month
  • Strategy: Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Signal Frequency: 5-8 per month
  • Trading Results: Not verified (but respected)
  • Pairs: Many pairs and assets

The DD Markets (Capital Markets Research) signal service that has two different plans. There is the global trade alerts plan, which provides traders with access to all of their published trade alerts on the website. Then, there is the “Forex (Spot) Intraday Strategies plan” which provides traders with direct access to their Forex intraday strategies. Neither of these plans are explained in much detail, but I believe their main service is the global trade alerts plan, and by signing up with this, traders get access to all of their Forex signals.

Both of the plans are pretty expensive in comparison with the rest of the marketplace, so they are likely trying to attract clients with larger accounts that are able to win big in order to cover the cost of their services.

Trading Results

The most important aspect of the service, according to the DD Markets team is their transparent nature. They mention the word transparency more often than any other word on the entire website, so it’s quite clear that this is the most significant aspect of their services. While their results aren’t verified, I do believe what I’m seeing on their website.

They don’t appear to be making outlandish gains or promises, and the results do seem in line with what can be achieved through technical analysis. I’ll show you a winning month and a losing month, that they provide on their website.

This is a good sign.

Winning Month

Losing Month

All of the trading results they provide are in their “trades performance” page on the website. They have trade reports going back to 2014, and the most impressive part is the fact that if you click on the instrument, it will take you to a full analysis of the trade, often with a video included.

What I like about this service, is that they appear to be completely transparent. They provide both winning and losing months.

Nothing about the service makes it come across as a scam as all the gains and losses are realistic and produced by the creators.

With this 2021 update, I will be moving them up my best Forex signals provider list.


The DD Markets Forex signal service is one of the more impressive displays we’ve seen in recent times.

I like their approach, and what they are trying to accomplish for their clients.

The only negative feedback I have is that they are expensive, and only provide 5-8 signals for an entire month. I’m sure this low frequency allows them to win at a very high rate, but it doesn’t satiate the needs of the common Forex trader, which are generally quite impatient.

I will likely start running some tests on these signals in the coming months, so check back in for those soon!

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

DD Markets $74.40
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


A Forex Signal provider focused on transparency and real trading analysis.

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Real technical analysis

Transparent trading results

Good support staff

In business since 2014


High price

Low signal frequency

No information about analysts

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  1. I was a member for a few weeks. They have about 3 losing months to date July 23rd. Yet if you go look at their page now(23.7.19) they only show trades going up to Apr 2019! Something peculiar about them not showing all those losing months, especially as they say they are transparent and all.
    DDMarkets are certainly having a tough time in the markets, which is why I left them. Now I am learning to trade by myself.

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