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Signals Review: Forex Lens

Forex Lens is a Forex signal service and innovative trading room with managed account possibilities as well. This development team believes that their group of experienced professionals understand which trading strategies are most profitable. They want the community to know that they can stop analyzing charts today, because they are team “will find high probable trade setups and send them to you with the exact entry price, stoploss, and take profit targets.”

The Forex Lens INC. group are located at CF Toronto Eaton Centre, 250 Yonge St. Suite 2201, Toronto, ON M5B 2M6. They can be contacted via phone at 1-888-673-9567, or email at In doing a search for business in the CF Toronto Eaton Centre database, they do not show up as a registered store. It’s unknown why that is, but it’s very possible that the vendor is not being forthcoming with their real location.


Forex Lens Review

As you can see there are many ways to take advantage of the Forex Lens service, but let’s start with taking a closer look at their Forex signals, as this is what interests me the most. According to the sales page, traders can access the signals with a $14, 14 day free trial or pay $57 per month. With this payment plan, traders get access to an average of over 800 pips per month, with a 75 to 80% success rate, from 5 signal providers and over 1500 members served.

In my short analysis, I’m having a very difficult time believing that this Forex signal service has over 1500 members. There are zero client reviews anywhere on the Internet, and while the Facebook page shows over 12,000 followers, their posts at most only ever hit 1 or 2 likes, which leads me to believe that these aren’t real followers.

In terms of experience, the vendor claims that their signal providers have over 40 years of combined trading experience. They list these providers as AtomFX, GauntletFX, Bravo FX, BladeFX, and De Crypto Markets. These are all aliases, so we don’t really know who these signal providers are, but we are at least told the type of trading approach they focus on, with half of them being intraday traders, and the other half being swing traders.


  • Type: Forex signals, managed accounts, trade room
  • Price: $57/month
  • Strategy: Intraday/Swing trading
  • Signal Frequency: 1-6 per day
  • Trading Results: Unverified
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

The breakdown of the Forex Lens signal service is quite difficult, because the sales page is convoluted. As noted above, there is a list of different analysts that provide the signals to the community. Yet, on the same page, when you scroll down there are a bunch of different providers listed with their strategies and trading approaches. It’s really hard to know what you are getting when you sign up, which is also the case in my recent reviews of Pattern Sniper, One Billion Signals and Zero to Hero Forex Signals.

When it comes to price, traders can access the signals on a tryout plan for $18 per week, a standard membership at $57 per month, a 3 month membership at hundred and $47 per quarter and a yearly subscription at $537.

Trading Results

There doesn’t seem to be a section on the Forex Lens website dedicated to trading results. In doing additional research, I came across a Myfxbook account for their managed account services, that is showing a gain of over 260%. Although, this account seems to have stopped trading nearly 5 months ago. This account was certainly showing some impressive gains, but I don’t see any correlation with the signal service, as the account details tell us that this account is managed by Jon Morgan (Captain Jon Quenta), who is not one of the specified signal providers.

Hopefully there are some other trading results that I just haven’t come across, and if this is the case I imagine the vendor will provide this to us as soon as they see the review.

Managed Accounts

In order to qualify for the managed account services, traders have to either register with FX choice or Vantage FX. Then, traders can access the trading profile from inside the broker and apply to the managed account. The minimum deposit is $500, and there are performance fees of 25% to 30% depending on the size of your trading account.

Trading Room

The trading room comes with 3 daily live trading sessions, 2 for Forex and one for crypto trading. In the Forex trading sessions, John help traders analyze the market and provides trading ideas for all of the major currency pairs. In the live crypto session, the signal provider talks about major market news, and utilizes technical and fundamental analysis to analyze all of the most popular crypto currencies.


It’s apparent that the creators of the Forex Lens service have a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to the Forex marketplace, and crypto currencies. You can tell this by making your way through some of their YouTube videos, and long trading sessions. That being said, the developers need to provide much more in terms of trading results, transparency and clarification when it comes to their location.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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  1. Their trading room is 100% made of other signal providers. They steal signals from other traders and sell them as their own on their Telegram channel. Definitely report those.

  2. Michael Thompson

    I joined their managed account program called Dragon FX in January of 2019 and have made about 12% on my investment. Their system is pretty aggressive but it seems to understand market conditions well. The bonus with Forex Lens is that they do not take any profits/fees from your account unless you make profit for the month. I would recommend their managed accounts for sure, havent tried the signals so I can’t say.

  3. Forex lens MAM service is an absolute joke, the promise of a return is an absolute loss. The first individual who had control of the account, Forex Lens admitted the trader had not followed the required risk. So this trader was taken out the picture, but to the clients detriment we all lost money. Forex Lens then offered to compensate people by putting Dragon FX in place to recover clients money, but I must admit this was an absolute abysmal idea, trades in profit are closed at loss and stop loss or take profits do not even exist. How can clients profit? Not with Forex Lens they can’t.

    • I’m in this program since a few month and almost lost everything. They are telling me to be patient because I will get back the money I invested and profit will come soon. They say it is normal for an aggressive program. I’m starting to think this is full of crap!

  4. They are honestly the best signal service out there. I went through over 10 services before i found them.

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