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Signals Review: One Billion Signals

One Billion Signals is a new trade alert provider that sends Forex signals through email and their mobile application that is compatible with both Apple and Android. Their app is built to help Forex traders win more trades through their Forex signals and market news updates. It’s important to note, that while the developers market their application is a free service, the signals themselves to come with a monthly charge.

The application is owned and developed by Merit Software Co. The vendor does not provide us with any information about their location, and at the time of this review their contact page is broken, so you cannot get in touch with support if you have any additional questions. This is a red flag, but not something I’m going to put too much weight into, in order to give this provider a fair chance.


One Billion Signals Review

This Forex signal provider is promising and 83% success rate on this 57 currency pairs, and 11 index CFD’s. They believe that because of this success rate, they’ve been able to reach over 50,000 Forex traders with the One Billion Signals application. The reason they chose to create an application, it’s so that they can help traders “to be closer and up-to-date with the market.” They feel that their application is unique to the signals space because it can help predict market movements and increase the trading accounts of the investors who rely on it.

Four reasons they believe everyone should use their service, is because it’s fast, secure, profitable and popular. This is all well and good, but I find that the sales page is a little bit fluffy, and doesn’t really get into the gritty details of their trading methodology or trading analysts. They do not tell us who the Forex signal providers are, nor the type of strategic approach they take when providing Forex trades to the community.

All they really tell us, is that their signals are accurate, filtered and that they wouldn’t send signals to traders that they aren’t willing to place on their own personal trading accounts. This lack of information is prevalent in my 15 best Forex signals tested and reviewed article, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a positive. It just means that they are providing the status quo, which makes them anything but unique.


  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $39.99/month
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: Undisclosed
  • Trading Results: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: 57 pairs, 11 index CFD’s

Despite providing many different pages and articles, the One Billion Signals group isn’t very upfront about many of the important aspects of the service. They don’t tell us their signal frequency, they don’t disclose any trading results, and even though they have a Forex strategies page that highlights many different market approaches, they don’t tell us which one they subscribe to.

In terms of pricing, there are 4 different options available. Traders can test the service for 10 days at no cost, or pay $39.99 per month, $99.99 for 3 months, or $299.99 for the entire year. It’s my recommendation that traders who are interested in this signal provider spend ample time using the 10 day free trial. Considering the website is not very specific in the information they provide, you really need to test the service to see what they are offering.

Trading Results

The One Billion Signals team promise and 83% success rate with their trade alerts. Yet, this number is not substantiated anywhere on the website, unlike our MQL5 review which does provide signal results. There is no trading proof, verified results or any sort of trading statement that can backup the claims that they are making.

There is a small results section on the website where they show pip totals they’ve accrused “over the last few months.” These results show a 223 pip gain in August 2017, +279 pips in September 2017, +190 pips in October 2017, +175 pips in November 2017, +325 pips and December 2017 and +277 pips in January 2018. As we are now in October 2018, it’s clear that the vendor has not updated these trading results in a very long time. Again, it’s worth noting that none of these results are verified or substantiated by any real proof.

Client Feedback

The only feedback I can find so far, is in the application reviews. With over 400 reviews, they currently have a 4.1/5 star rating, but most of the reviews aren’t very in depth. Today I’ll present to you one positive review, and one negative review that seems to stand out above the rest based on the amount of thumbs-up they’ve received.

The negative review comes from Muhd Azlan who says, “I tried their premium service for a month. Utter rubbish. Yes, there are good trades, but when you compile all the data from their trades on a spreadsheet, you realize that you have been losing rather than winning. A week of good trades doesn’t mean that they are good. Try them out for a month and their results will vouch for me.”

The positive reivew comes from Anton Kolev who says. “Most signals are strictly technical, just make sure there are no big economic events going on when you trade the signals and the results are very good!!!! Thank you guys for the profits!”

I’m not exactly sure which I should trust, and this balance on both sides leads me to believe that testing the signals via the free trial is still the best option.


I’m not totally sold on the One Billion Signals provider at this point in time. I appreciate the fact that they offer a free trial, and have a highly rated application that is seamless to use. Yet, with no trading results, no strategy, and no information about their analysts, I’m in no position to give a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

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  1. ONE BILLION Signals has no proper way following up the market, no proper expectations and no risk mitigation plan.
    Few profits but but overall it ends up with loss.

  2. I trıed theır premıum servıve for a month ,ıt was loss through out only a few wıns .They are lıke 20% accurate .ONLY a few wıns lıke 15 pıps then the rest are losses about 100pıps loss.When your trıal fınıshes they wıll sendıng notıfıcatıons of posıtıve results only but when you subscrıbe for premıum you wıll be be hıt by stoplosses everyday .ITS RUBBISH .I encourage those lookıng for sıgnals to look for better optıons .

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